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What Is AccuRanker?

AccuRanker, founded by Henrik Jorgensen and Christian Pedersen in 2013, is a rank tracking service that helps monitor the positions of your pages in Google (and other) search engines for various keywords.

While there are countless platforms on the market that perform the same task, many of these are restricted to infrequent updates and inaccurate reporting, especially with the rising costs of maintaining such a service.

If you haven’t guessed by the name of this one, AccuRanker’s unique selling proposition is real, accurate reporting — meaning your pages are actually in the positions stated at the time of checking, not just “thereabouts”.

Alongside accuracy, AccuRanker also offers fast, on-demand position updates, with the ability to refresh your positions multiple times a day for any number of keywords. This is arguably one of the biggest appeals of this platform, and something I personally use on a regular basis.


AccuRanker Main Features Reviews

Here are some of the top things you can do with AccuRanker: 

Free AccuRanker SERP Checker 

Accuranker’s free SERP checker is available for anyone to use, regardless of whether you have an account with Accuranker or not. This tool allows you to see Google search results pages for you selected keyword in any country, and any location, making it the perfect tool for anyone who is working on local SEO campaigns.

Its shows you paid ads, as well as organic results, and you can see results for both desktop and mobile. You can also view questions being asked in relation to your keywords. The results are available in seconds, and you can have up to 5 searches a day for free, without an account.

The reason this tool is so important is that Google usually only shows you location-specific results, so if your agency is based in the USA, you will only see search results on Google corresponding to your current location. If you are working on behalf of a client based in another country, you will want to see their own local search results, which is where Accurancer swoops in to save the day, allowing you to view live, accurate search results for anywhere in the world.  

AccuRanker Keyword Tracking

Of course, AccuRanker wouldn’t be able to stick around if their best features were free. The core AccuRanker tool is keyword monitoring with extremely accurate results. 

It’s easy to use this feature too. Enter the keywords you want to track, select the location, the search engines, and you’re ready to go. 

You can refine even further to include mobile vs. desktop, create tags for keywords, and even set goals. For example, you can set a notification once your keyword hits a certain ranking. Best of all, you can import your keyword list directly from Google Search Console and other third-party tools so you don’t have to spend hours manually inputting everything. 

AccuRanker Analytics & Reporting

Accuranker provides you with automated reporting features that allow you to create insightful reports for your clients. The reports can be completely customized using the simple drag and drop system, so only the required information is included, creating a streamlined report that is easy for the client to read.

All of the reports you create can be white-labeled, and you can include your own logo (or your client’s logo) as well as adding your own branding and text.

You can have automated and customized reports sent to your clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which means you only need to create your report template once, and then you can sit back and focus on other areas of your campaigns without having to worry about constantly sending reports.

This is yet another reason why Accuranker is perfect for agencies, meaning you save hours of time each week as you no longer have to manually create reports to send to your clients.

accuranker google data studio

AccuRanker Third-Party Integrations 

To enhance AccuRanker’s accuracy, even more, you can integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, API, Adobe Analytics, and many other apps into the service. 

Doing this will get even more in-depth data for your site, including the number of visitors per keyword as well as information about landing pages. Connecting third-party accounts is easy, and there are plenty of walk-throughs to help you if you face any challenges or want to explore new ways to do more with this data.  

AccuRanker Competitor Analysis 

All savvy SEO strategies know that it’s not just what you that’s important but what your competitors do too. AccuRanker competitor analysis features not only help identify your main competitors, but it also analyzes their onsite content. You can use this to refine your strategy, connect with potential influencers, form partnerships, and more. 

To use it, just enter a competitor name, and you’ll see how well you’re performing against it. AccuRanker will also generate a list of the top 10 competitors for all your keywords so you can see exactly where you are and how to beat anybody currently outranking you. 

AccuRanker Google Grump 

The Google Grump feature is a clever feature that lets you know when there are changes or unrest in Google’s algorithm. The grumpier Google is, the more fluctuations there will be in rankings. You can use the filters provided to look for changes in different locations and on either mobile or desktop devices.

You can sign up for email alerts, so you are always notified of any changes that might affect your SEO campaigns.

This clever tool works by tracking 30,000 randomly selected keywords, and monitoring them for changes and fluctuations, calculating the average number fluctuations across the top 100 results per keyword. The results are then split 50/50 between desktop and mobile.

The top 100 rankings are looped and compared to the rankings from the previous day, and any changes are subtracted from their position the day before. The average is then worked out by adding up all of the differences and dividing the total by the number of results (usually 100) to provide a final index number per keyword.

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Pros of AccuRanker

  • Organizes all of your data neatly in one place
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Clean design that is easy to navigate
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Shows you where you rank for each keyword, and lets you know if you have made it to Googles ‘featured snippet’
  • Lets you tag your most important keywords
  • Professional white-label reports
  • Automated reports
  • Lots of integrations
  • Refresh at any time to get accurate data
  • Fair pricing
  • Good for both brands and agencies
  • The specialized tool created specifically for rank tracking
  • 14- day free trial
  • Trusted by over 20,000 agencies and brands

accuranker pricing

Cons of AccuRanker

  • Refreshing the data can be quite slow
  • Only tracks rankings, so you would still need to use other SEO tools
  • The smallest package, which allows you to track 500 keywords, has limited features and no access for API, although this would probably not be a problem for smaller businesses

accuranker cons

AccuRanker Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code​​​​​​​

$49 for 500 keywords (includes limited functionality) – However, for entrepreneurs and small business’ this would be ideal, as it only excludes API access and limits the number of users who are able to log in at one time.

$79 and upwards depending on keyword requirements (Includes full functionality)

All plans can be upgraded, downgraded or canceled at any time, without any cost.

Ability to save up to 20% of their yearly plans, which means that the $79 plan is actually $71 per month.

Major discounts for those looking to upgrade their plans, if they require more keywords to be tracked, an example:

  • Tracking 2000 keywords – Priced at $116 per month (yearly plan)
  • Tracking 4000 keywords – Priced at $197 per month (yearly plan)
  • Tracking 10000 keywords – Priced at $359 per month (yearly plan)


If you’re looking for a way to shed some of your reporting workloads, then AccuRanker is the tool for you. The setup is quick and easy and that doesn’t take away from the fact its reporting system is very extensive. You have the ability to tailor reports to each of your clients and it only requires that one initial setup. AccuRankers ability to integrate with various third-party tools and Google services makes for a very powerful reporting tool that also provides these same results on competitors. So whether you are reporting for various companies or just want to analyse your own results, AccuRanker is worth a shot.

You can sign up for Accuranker here and try it out for 14 days. Or if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me.

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