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AdPleSity Adult Reviews

As you may know, adult traffic is one of the most lucrative alcoves in affiliate marketing. Adult entertainment websites can monthly get more visitors than typical retail sites or social media. That’s, apparently, because fruit tastes sweeter when it’s forbidden.

When you decide where to publish your ads, you should keep in mind that the porn business is worth dozens of billions of dollars. And that’s, partially, thanks to advertising.

However, you should also understand that adult traffic comprises not only porn sites but online dating sites, apps, and platforms as well. Anyway, what is beneficial for affiliate marketing in this niche is that rules here are less strict and the traffic is just enormous. But how to use these pros? Here are some clues.

Today, we will talk about an incredible Spy Tool; AdPleSity Adult!

adplexity adult review

What is AdPleSity Adult?

AdPleSity adult is a doorway into the lucrative market of adult entertainment. You will gain access to Adult popup traffic sources as well as insights into Adult Ad Exchange.

If you are still struggling in generating a passive income via affiliate marketing, You need to change your vertical to “ADULT”

It's a $100 billion industry and hence have a huge budget in online advertising, Most of the top CPA networks are now only focusing on adult, dating, matchmaking, romance type of campaigns due to high payout and a huge audience.

Working in this niche is not as easy as others. One needs lots of strategies, spying and a budget for testing offers with paid traffic.

Most of the top marketers in this niche do not use free traffic sources. They simply pick a good campaign and test it on numerous paid native and push traffic sources using an affiliate tracker.

Optimizing adult offers on paid traffic sources is one of the most proven earning methods which is being used by thousands of affiliates. It enables a huge ROI on your budget.

The adult affiliate industry is not only limited to mainstream adult, but it also included adult games, dating, apps, hookups, matchmaking, eCommerce, etc.

The best way is to use premium Ad Spy tools Like AdPleSity Adult or Spyover to search thousands of successfully running ads in the adult niche and you can also download their landings and creatives to make your work easier.

adplexity adult traffic

What Makes AdPleSity Adult Different From Other Tools?

AdPleSity Adult is one of the tools which let you track the latest trends in the market. It will ensure that you get a full inspection on what your competitors are following. The tool works best for those who are looking for a unique marketing strategy.

So, instead of spending your time and money on research, you can always look for AdPleSity Adult. The tool is the best when it is compared to the competitors as you get in-depth data analysis and filtering option on a single adult campaign.

If you want to know about the marketing campaign which your competitors run, you can look for AdPleSity . You get to know what type of marketing is running well for your competitors. Instead of doing research and consuming time, you can search for AdPleSity which saves your time and money. For complete feedback check AdPleSity Review.

adplexity adult ad network

AdPleSity Adult Main Features

  • It will help you to find a successful campaign faster
  • Collect a wide range of data
  • It reads the consumer behavior and makes sure you will see the exact ads
  • To run a campaign is not an easy task, but there is an easy chance to get your adult campaign easy and secure. AdPleSity ensures to help you with the Adult content and attack.
  • Let Us Look At The Features AdPleSity Adult Provides
  • The tool helps you with the top data collection on different adult campaign
  • You get an option to analyze campaign from 70 different countries and over 120 carriers.
  • Best spy tool on banners like JuicyAds, TrafficFactory, Report, expansion
  • No risk to set up the tool and is easily understandable
  • You get to see all the campaign being targeted on popular devices like Windows PC, Mac, iPhone & Android Phones.
  • You can find affiliate ads with just a single click
  • First ever Spy Tool which has carrier spying features
  • There are no cons for AdPleSity Adult, but few users find the price a little high. But when it comes to the features it provides, you will find the value much worth.

adplexity adult pricing

AdPleSity Adult Pricing and Discount with Coupon code

AdPleSity offers different pricing plans based on the seven tools including: Mobile, Desktop, Push, Adult, Native, Ecomm, and Carriers each with different features as follows:

AdPleSity Adult $ 199 per month, per user

  • Display web ads data (10+ ad networks)
  • Data from all major devices
  • Popup ads data
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Chat and email support
  • Download landing pages with one click

adplexity adult coupon

AdPleSity Adult Review: Pros & Cons

AdPleSity Adult Pros

  • Search by keyword, publisher, advertiser, affiliate network
  • Finds ads that promote affiliate offers
  • Uncovers profitable campaigns
  • Six different tools tailor made to different business needs
  • Download landing pages with its dependencies
  • Find successful campaigns in seconds
  • See campaigns running in more than 80 countries
  • Offers information on over 100 affiliate networks, and millions of products
  • Promotes affiliate links and ads
  • Best ad spying tool for laptops, mobile, and desktops
  • Searches data over many stores and products
  • Fast download speeds
  • Supports browsers like Windows, Safari, and Google Chrome
  • Suitable for digital marketers, advertisers, affiliates, and publishers
  • Tracks competitors’ ad campaign data on desktop, mobile, native, ecommerce, and adult traffic sites

AdPleSity Adult Cons

  • Pricey
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Needs improvement on customer support


I tried some group buy for

I tried some group buy for aplexity adult, but none of them work like this. Also, support is excellent. I will buy more adplexity service from you and another group buy tool in future.

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