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Adplesity Push lets you trace Push Ad Campaigns which features push campaigns from across 80+ countries including all major ones. Gives access to traffic from 10+ top push traffic sources. Access to hidden campaigns running on 90+ mobile carrier traffic covers 100+ affiliate networks and lets you download landing pages with images, CSS and JavaScript.

We're going to look at push traffic opportunities by using power spy tool at Adplesity Push. After we logged in to our account and what we noticed is we've been running a lot of asia-pacific countries like Malaysia Singapore Philippines. It's great to learn how to run push traffic. Let me tell you why? Because the CPMs the cost per thousand impressions are relatively low the payouts are also low, so not necessarily to make tons of money. 

However these countries usually have quite a bit of scalability, you can easily make a hundred bucks per day profit by running these type of offer. For us, it's mostly just to learn the processes of push and then obviously move into the clear one gos where the real money is to be made. However I'm going to show you some of the trends in
push traffic right now using this Adplesity Push spy tool 

In this article review, I will show you some tier 2 tier 3 countries to show you what is working. Keep in mind this is only one of the various push traffic spy tools, and ofcourse there is a wide range of different things and tools you can use in order to create your push traffic campaigns such as Anstrex push spy tool.

We're running right now in Malaysia, so let's have a look at Malaysia as the picture bellow

Now, you can see what it brings I want to translate the Antonis scriptures into English so I use this button and then which is wait it will automatically filter on the newest ads. 

Now, We're in the filter by keywords section so we just wait for everything to load up perhaps. 

So there's a variety so these are just launched probably today is the newest ads right.

So we may win money probably business opportunity, cash on delivery, cool air, a game Bitcoin maybe perhaps, Bitcoin nutri, news some adult related stuffs, some more nutri ads... and you can see the picture above, there's a clear pattern.

This is a missed call when a sampson so that would be a sweepstake,

And there's a variety of different adult related ads

And also a lot of Bitcoin ads and as you can see in the picture bellow:

However, we don't necessarily want to look for the newest ones, you actually want to use for either running the longest or receive the most traffic at this picture: 

Obviously went and AD receives the most traffic it means that it's working well, here is the picture show the ads receive the most traffic:

So again, in the picture above, there are Bitcoin, Iphone... and something withdraw money ads, some a loading game, your business consulted, and then they use like a she's pretending to send a voice note interesting angle. 

You can see the top 10 publishers where the traffic is coming from, mainly prepare a lab that's very time portion of EXO click then adsTerra as this picture:

Let's see what what the lander looks like, so it's redirecting is it going

So it's Malaysian native language in the landing page bellow:

I don't know what they speak that but it's about options, so this must be either crypto or binary related funds as the tutorial, so that's what they run with this at your business consultant interesting. It's not something I would be interested in running myself but I just like to see what is available ads in Malaysia. So for this,  in Malaysia, it's clearly Bitcoin some casino and sweepstakes.

Adplesity Push made feasible for startup geeks, enthusiasts, bloggers, and digital professionals by clubbing all features at one place. This is considered as the world’s best Ad spying tool that keeps an eye on rivals data and gives precise information to enhance the businesses. Moreover, it saves your efforts in search of the best ad campaigning tools.

The Push application was launched in May 2019 to help merchants beat the contenders by stealing the products, sales, advertisements, landing pages data made available in 82 countries. Also, you can apply filters such as keywords, URLs, publishers, campaigns to sort out best in the growing world. 

Comparatively, they collect large amounts of data using filtering options for each product. Also, this is the only service which shows what ads to run on websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores to 10X the organic traffic. 

Further, they make use of artificial intelligence and generate the reports instantly. The good thing is that the user will be given you access to monitor and filter searches using the latest trends, keywords, devices, country, language, and more. Despite, they are offering a wide range of services by supporting Push ads, EvaDav, RichPush, Exoclick, LeoCash, PropellerAds, MGID, Datspush, Adsterra, Mgid, Propeller ads, and Admaven.

Get real-time affiliate ads data from hundreds of CPA networks with a single click. And the landing pages are downloadable in ZIP formats. Most surprisingly, you can generate high-income and rank top among competitors with the available features like ultra-fast search, mobile, and desktop push campaigns.

Overall, Adplesity Push software runs the most profitable campaigns that boost the traffic steadily, and the key features help you take better decisions by analyzing market value for your business. 


I'm so happy I bought this.

I'm so happy I bought this. The original price is at $149 per month!! This price here is a no brainer. So far everything works fine for me. I payed via paypal and received my login details quickly. I love this site already I hope they will operate for ever!

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