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To break through in the highly dynamic online marketing arena, you need every advantage. Nowadays, there is no digital marketing without Spy Tools. Spy Tools enable you to see what your competitors are doing. With any luck, you can tweak their strategies a little and experience the same level of success. The market is chockfull of Spy Tools. Actually, the problem is not if you can find a Spy Tool; the problem is which one you should choose.

To help you along, today we will review one of the best Spy Tools in the market; Adspy!

Social media is the greatest platform to promote business. Facebook is the best or right way to promote your business brand through advertisement and spy your competitor's ads. It can help you to track their competitor's ads in an effective manner. Adspy is the largest searchable database of Instagram and Facebook ads in the world. Using our unparalleled array of data and innovative search functionality, uncovering the ads that you need to see becomes a simple task.

There may be some of you who would be looking for an ad intelligence software whether for competitor research or for other marketing purposes. So far, Adspy is the largest searchable database of social media ads in the world. And here are some features that you can take advantage of when using this tool:

  • 32 million ads and growing every day

  • Mobile ads

  • 7 million advertisers tracked daily since 2016

  • 180 countries

  • 80 different languages

  • Search by ad text, URL, landing page URLs, comments, affiliate networks 

  • Filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes

  • Set when the ads was created or seen by users

  • Search by technologies used, for example search all ads which use Shopify on its landing pages

  • Affiliate offer scanning in all URLs including landing pages and redirects. Comprehensive system using residential IPs and real browsers to avoid cloakers


Adspy is arguably the largest Spy Tool in terms of Ad Database. It has close to 76 million Ads spanning 198 countries. These Ads are posted by over 12 million advertisers in 88 different languages.

With these numbers, you know that every Ad that is worth seeing will be displayed on Adspy.

Comprehensive data from social media sites puts you in control of the fastest developing advertising platforms on the internet. Global coverage lets you assess the world’s trends without compromise. Exhaustive search and filter features will uncover the ads that you and your company need to know about, and the simple interface will help you discover them with ease.

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A massive database such as Adspy presents a problem of its own; finding what you want easily. For this reason, you need an equally powerful Search and Filter Tool to make it easy to search through the Ads. Adspy’s search and filter tool are the most advanced. It allows you to filter your searches through Text, Age, Gender, Landing Page, Affiliate Offer, Likes, and Device Used among others.

With Adspy’s Enhanced Basic Search, you can search for pretty much anything. You can search by Ad Text, Advertiser’s Name, Number of Likes or Type of Device. After the results are in, you can filter by Last Seen, Impressions or how long the Ad has been running among others.

In a nutshell, Adspy Enhanced Basic Search can be as simple or as complex as you want. Adspy enables you to cleverly place Keyword Searches into social media comments. This way, you can spy on how customers react to certain Ads. We all know the importance of targeting in digital marketing. In essence, you want to reach the right audience at the right time in order to get conversions.

adspy, ads spy, facebook ad spy

Adspy helps you see which demographics your competitors are working. This is important in revealing if you are targeting the right audience.


When it comes to pricing, Adspy is super simple.

There is a single package at $149 a month for unlimited access to all Adspy features. You pay $149 monthly to enjoy all the bells and whistles that come with AdspyAdspy rewards you with Free Credits once you sign-up. The Free Credits are their way of giving a Free Trial. Use the Free Credits to get a feel of how Adspy works. So what are you waiting for!

Adspy is a giant in the Spy Tool business. You will definitely get your money’s worth if you get on board.

adspy, ads spy, facebook ad spy

Now, we want to share with you about some reviews from ads spy apps:

  • You can buy Adspy account at cheap price from this Adspy group buy service, only $19.99 for one account. it works great!
  • May be on the contrary they will get more creative. It's the same as to be afraid of computers in general. One worker can be thousands of times more productive than 100 years ago but that only leads to more creativity, freedom and increased quality of life.
  •  You could search for Shopify ads that are gaining momentum in the last weeks. Or on the contrary are created long time ago and are still running
  • One tool that you can use for social media listening is Adspy which can assess who an ad is trying to target based on their location, gender and age range among other varieties of search and filter capabilities to target the social media ads that you're looking for.
  • We have a lot of people who share one account. But note that the amount of views is limited to 100k per month. Additional views are at $50 per 50k views.
  • You can use to check out on other Instagram ads in the same niche as yours that have gained a lot of likes which is a good metric that customers are looking for that kind of product which can help you gain a lot of followers and engagement.
  • Use our Adspy for searching competitor's ads on Facebook and Instagram especially if you want to monitor ads across countries. You can either search by ad text, URL, landing page, comments, affiliate networks, or filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes, etc..

However, as we earlier stated, it’s a competitive market for Spy Tools. Do your research and find the best one for your business. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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