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For both product manufacturers and Amazon sellers, Algopix provides meaningful information and analysis to make the most relevant and beneficial business decisions. Advanced options allow determining the possible profit from Amazon activity as well as give a precise overview of future selling activity and market situation.

What is Algopix?

Algopix is a software business in Israel that publishes a software suite called Algopix. The Algopix product is SaaS software. Algopix offers a free version. Algopix includes online, business hours, and 24/7 live support. Algopix is eCommerce software, and includes features such as benchmarking, and statistical analysis. Product pricing starts at $7.99/month. Alternative competitor software options to Algopix include LocalClarity, Pricewatch by Omnia Retail, and Qualtrics Research Core.


Algopix Benefits Reviews

Generate Product-Related Insights Across Marketplaces

Algopix can help pinpoint and understand the advantages and disadvantages of selling their products on different marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Thus, Algopix provides them with all the valuable product-related insights they need across marketplaces.

The product market research platform provides the level of demand, possible profit, and associated expenses for a product in each marketplace. Users can access data about the market prices of products, allowing them to find out if buying and selling a product on a particular marketplace is a good decision or not. Algopix processes and analyzes all these data points and automatically suggests whether users should sell the products in the marketplace.

Competitor Analysis Enablement

Algopix makes it easy for users to conduct competitor analysis. The platform enables them to verify how many sellers in a marketplace are selling the same products they have. They can check if the sellers are fulfilling and shipping orders for those products using FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon and if the products rank high in Amazon’s catalog as well, thereby permitting them to analyze and assess risks.

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Access Sales Performance Data

Algopix comes with a feature called Sales Estimator that can assist users in making better decisions as they source products. This feature gives them essential sales performance data like an estimation of how many quantities of products are sold each month and how much revenue is generated from product sales. As a result, businesses will be able to avoid keeping excess product inventories and sell products that are more profitable.

Optimize Ad Spending

Marketing managers and their teams can take advantage of Algopix’s capability to generate Google AdWords insights so they can launch more effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns. Algopix gathers data on product searches and recommends phrases that site visitors and online shoppers can use as they search for products. The average cost-per-click and estimated cost-of-acquisition associated with each search phase are provided by the platform as well. This way, users can formulate better marketing plans and use their marketing budget wisely.

Algopix Pricing And Discount With Promo, Coupon Code

Pricing for Algopix software will vary depending on the type of plan you opt for. Algopix offers four plans, and the main difference implies the number of analyses you want to conduct each month. 

algopix couponAlso, a seven-day Algopix free trial offers you access to all the features of a basic plan. Once the free trial finishes, you will be able to subscribe to a more advanced plan to get access to a restricted version.

Algopix Reviews: Pros & Cons

Algopix Pros

  • Algopix will provide invaluable information such as expense breakdowns, recommended selling price, etc.
  • it provides relevant marketing insights from an integrated Google AdWord analysis
  • Analyze 200+ products at once in a bulk analysis
  • a quick analysis of products in eCommerce environments
  • Greater brand recognition than BridgeTrack (estimated)
  • Offers more frequent discounts and promotions than BridgeTrack

Algopix Cons

  • Software tends to run a bit slow

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Now, we want to share with you about some reviews from member who used Algopix

  • Algopix is a platform that supports 7 Amazon marketplaces...You can basically research any product and it will show you sales volume, demand level and expected profit for that product - also very convenient is their expenses analysis
  • Generally, for Product Research, you can use a tool like Algopix to simultaneously search a product on all regional versions of Amazon, eBay and Walmart.
  • Some of the ways you can use Algopix for Product Discovery and other key metrics related to the product.
    • Product Discovery Tools – Instantly search and find products with the highest demand, competition and profit margins.
    • Bulk analysis – Analyze up to 3,000 products at a time
    • Sales estimator – Insights into expected monthly sales volume for a product

Though you would need a seed product to search but you can get good ideas on how to effectively use it for finding newer and more profitable products.

  • With Algopix, you can make smart choices and reduce your confusion. You can create a business strategy based on facts and data geared towards a better chance of success.
  • Make smart choices-know what to buy, where to sell, and at what price to sell it — all with the help of one simple tool.
  • I would recommend a Product Research Tool Algopix that lets you search a product on all regional versions of Amazon as well as eBay and Walmart.
  • You can try out Algopix. It's product research tool lets you search a product simultaneously on all regional versions of Amazon, eBay and Walmart. You can get metrics like competition, sales volume, profit margins etc for each product.
  • 2 key ways you can use Algopix includes:
    • Product Discovery Tools – Instantly search and find products with the highest demand, competition and profit margins.

    • Sales estimator – Insights into expected monthly sales volume for a product.

Final Thoughts

So far, Algopix does a great job by carrying out diverse, precise Amazon research. As for the product’s utility, it is complicated to doubt it. Building on this and other Algopix reviews, one can say that the price you have to pay to get access to such a complete range of products is indeed satisfactory. Algopix offers everything you need in order to succeed with your selling activity, meaning that there is no point in searching for an Algopix alternative.

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