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What is BidVertiser?

BidVertiser is an ad network that focuses on banners, pop under and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile. The ads that they publish are comparable to the ads that AdSense publishes in terms of how they work and generate revenue for publishers. The revenue for publishers is a mix of CPC, CPM and CPA where their propriety ad-server optimizes each ad for maximum revenue in real-time.


How does Bidvertiser work?

It’s working is similar to all the other ad networks, as BidVertiser acts as a middleman between the publishers & the advertisers.

Unlike the other ad networks that charge a fixed fee/rate for displaying ads, the name “BidVertiser” itself suggests that the advertisers have to place a bid, & then the ads of the highest bidder will be chosen to be displayed on your website.

After you place the ads on your website, BidVertiser will then pay you a commission only when a user will click (CPC) or view the ads for a specific duration (CPM) or does a conversion like a signup/a sale (CPA), etc.

They generate a lot of revenue from their clients/advertisers and share a little amount with the publishers. But, ad networks provide a hassle-free experience & are quite popular among the publishers.

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How much can you earn from Bidvertiser?

Do you think that BidVertiser could give you or anyone else a decent amount of earnings?

Because to get a meaningful income, you’ll need a high-quality website with high traffic. And for that, you require at least 30K monthly visitors or 1000 daily visitors on your site.

That’s not all the geographical location of your visitors also matters. If your site gets major traffic from lesser-known countries, then you’ll not see any decent earnings.

As the CPC or PPC rate of all the ad networks differs in each country & continent. Usually, visitors from the North American & European regions are more valuable & get the highest CPC rate.

But, now how many visitors will click the ads?

Let’s assume from 1000 daily visitors if 1/100 of them click the ads, and your pay per click rate can be anywhere between ($0.01-$0.50) or can be even less/more. So, BidVertiser may give you around $3 to $150 per month.

Plus, BidVertiser uses CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) & CPA (Cost Per Action) methods.

Don’t get much excited as the actual number of visitors who’ll click “BidVertiser Ads” are very low, or probably negligible for some sites. It will not matter if a site is of high-quality, or not, the CTR will be very low. More likely, someone will click the ads mistakenly.

Do you know that BidVertiser gives your website a quality score?

With a segment of 10 levels, they’ll rate your website & give you a score from 0 to 9, saying 9 represents the highest & 0 the lowest. Based on this score, your rate of commission & exact earnings will be determined. So, the advertisers bid & pay according to this scale.

Does this kind of inequality happen on any other ad networks?

Not at all, if your website is good enough for them, they’ll approve it or reject if it’s not, and will give everyone an equal rate of commission.

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Bidvertiser Payment Methods

The current payment methods for publishers on BidVertiser are as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Bank Wire

Earlier, they also gave the payout options of Payza, Western Union & Bitcoin, but they are currently NOT available.

BidVertiser offers payments only in USD (United States Dollars). So, Cheque payments are issued only to the users of the USA and Canada. The users of other nations can opt for PayPal or Bank transfer.

You’ll have to choose one payment option where BidVertiser will issue automatic payments monthly with a minimum requirement of $10 as a balance for PayPal, $100 for Cheque & $500 for Bank transfer.

If your account doesn’t meet the minimum payout balance requirement, then the earnings will get rolled over for the next month until it becomes eligible for a payout.

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Pros of Bidvertiser

  • Automated approval process: BidVertiser doesn’t put publishers on hold. The approval process is automated. If the publisher qualifies the minimum set of requirements, he/she will get the approval email instantly. Using BidVertiser’s dashboard, publishers can create layout and start seeing ads.
  • AdSense compatibility: BidVertiser works well with AdSense. Since AdSense is a contextual ad network and BidVertiser enables targeting, using these two networks together should provide the best of both. In short, running AdSense and BidVertiser together should improve bid pressure, fill rate and ad revenue.
  • Low payment threshold: If a publisher chooses to be paid via PayPal or Bitcoin, the minimum payment threshold is $10. This makes it easy for small publishers to monetize their web property at an initial stage of the business.

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Cons of Bidvertiser

  • Till publisher don’t have advertisers, it will be getting general advertisers in Bidvertiser which means per click earning is on the lower side.
  • The Content to Ad Matching isn’t excellent. So ads may not be relevant to the content, so it doesn’t get very high CTR ( Click through ratio )
  • There are very few advertisers who target regions outside of US in Bidvertiser. So earnings for outside the US traffic is too low.

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Overall if you are not getting approved by Google Adsense or Your account get banned by Google Bidvertiser will be a good option for you to generate average revenue from your traffic.

Please share your comments or queries to us on We will as soon as try to reach you and reply.

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