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Whether you are an SEO Professional, Digital Marketing Agency, SMB or Brand, looking to increase your traffic or to monitor your site's evolution, this SEO software will provide you with best in class digital marketing strategy analysis and insights for your business.

Last year alone, cognitiveSEO has helped over 11.000 SEO Professionals & Agencies recover and improve the rankings of more than 36.000 sites.

How Will cognitiveSEO Help You?:
- SiteAudit that detects all the SEO issues of your online business 
- Cutting-Edge Link Audits. Easy to Understand
- Identify & Prevent Unnatural Link Penalties
- Instant Backlink Checker and Site Explorer
- Assess Your Competitors' Link Strategy
- Identify Valuable Link Opportunities
- New/Lost Links Email Alerts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox
- Cutting-Edge Automatic Unnatural Link Detection
- Fastest Disavow Using the cognitiveSEO Link Navigator
- Real-Time Penguin Monitoring
- Desktop, Mobile & Local Rank Tracking on All International Markets
- Uncover The SEO Visibility of Any Site
- Get Instant E-Mail Alerts for SERP Changes
- Benchmark Your Competitors' Rankings to Outrank Them Easier
- Whitelabel the Entire Toolset and Schedule Customized PDF Reports
- Take Advantage of a Fully Customizable Digital Marketing Dashboard
- Audit Your Content and Identify Its Efficiency
- Spot Your Site’s Strengths and Weaknesses Using the Side-by-Side Comparison


Just when you thought the field of SEO and link building tools couldn’t get any more crowded, a new tool is launched. With so many great competitors out there, you’ll have to come up with some remarkable features if you want to stay afloat and I think cognitiveSEO managed to do this.

After two years of development, cognitiveSEO was launched in beta in 2010. The soft release was at the end of 2011 and the final release followed early 2012. This carefully planned launch strategy has allowed cognitiveSEO to build a well-tested tool, that includes several unique features that were suggested by beta users.

Ready review from GroupBuyExpert customer:

1. I love the Content optimization because it helps me improve my content to please the search engines and to rank better even with competitive keywords.

Their backlinks checker is one of the most powerful one to determine what backlinks I should disavow. I have tested the big ones on the market, and Cognitive SEO is as powerful than Ahrefs on this one (and it found 50% more backlinks than Semrush). No more guessing!

And their audit tool is really efficient, explaining in clear words what I have to do, even about my internal linking, which is a very important information for me.

2. what I like about cognitiveSEO are the content optimizer and the keyword tool. In the keyword tool, you can compare your content with other websites (based on ranking) in terms of how far you have to go and that is easy to understand because there are scores that are clearly shown. In addition, content optimization clearly shows that most of the content on the web is not optimized, this is an opportunity for you.

3. Cognitive SEO is a fantastic SEO tool for me and my Team. It covers the main and most important core areas for search engine optimization including domain (url) analytics, anchor profile, backlink profiles, toxic links (profile) keyword planning, content research AND content explorer which makes this tool unique on the market. One of the highlights is the content explorer. It is extremely user friendly and helpful. You definitely will not regret it.

4. Good set of core metrics drawing largely from Majestic SEO (but far beyond just Majestic's metrics), keyword classification, and risk algorithms. Good analysis quotas for link numbers and total reports (FAR better than Link Detox/LRT). Also many other useful SEO tools for keyword research and content optimization.

Currently Cognitive SEO is both cheaper and better (more features, tools, and metrics) than Link Research Tools/LinkDetox which makes them the best option on the market for link risk analyses, at least for experienced SEOs. As a second tier analysis tool, it far outclasses the basic link index/data services like Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz/OSE and already integrates some of these services' data.

5. It is a tool completely focused on linkbuiilding, both outgoing and internal links of a web, leaving aside everything else as ranked keywords (more typical of SEMrush) or organic traffic (more typical of SISTRIX). It is different from Majestic. With it you can know the speed of entry of your incoming links.

6. Cognitive SEO is by far one of the best SEO tool. It has made my life easy. With the help of cognitive SEO, I can stay ahead of my competitors, keep my link profile clean, explore more link building opportunities, spy on my competitors :). Their latest content optimizing tool is by far one of the best discovery in the world of SEO ( content marketing). I will highly recommend this tool to everyone who to excel in the work of SEO/ content marketing.

7. We started using it after detecting a huge negative SEO attack. It helped us not only to take control of backlinks and recovering from periodical attacks, also helped us improving the contents and giving ideas analyzing contents from other website. Good website application usability.

8. Integration and analysis of the data from other sources - key selling point in CognitiveSEO for me is how visual is the data and how you can go from diagrams/trees/charts to raw data. Disavow generator is really nice, competition comparison too. Also they've just added content analysis tool which kicks ass! I can throw away few other tools and use only this one for most of my SEO needs.

Nowadays there are a lot of large tools, integrating a lot of features that everyday SEO expert needs - you're probably aware of MajesticSEO, Ahrefs, Moz, etc. but Cognitive is one, that gives you access to all this data and more, and i have a feeling, that it's a bit underrated by s SEO community. If you're looking for SEO tool, that works FAST, is reliable, supports many countries and will analyse data for you - give it a try.

Did i mention API? You can access the data programatically and add Cognitive to your automation workflow - which could be very useful and save you money on integrating the data yourself.

9. I did trials for a few SEO services and CognitiveSEO was the only one I considered becoming a paying customer for and it wasn't remotely close. Generally what I love most about it is that it's simple to use and intuitively gives me everything I could want in a product like this and then some. And there's a new keyword tool that optimizes content you write for keywords. That, which wasn't even there during my trial, is an amazing tool that basically is worth the price of admission itself. I feel like this product is going to work so well for me in beating my competition I almost feel bad for them. Almost.

10. CognitiveSEO's strength lies in its ability to deliver complete, in-depth data in an easily understandable manner. Its tools are equally simple to use, and covers a wide array of disciplines in SEO. Right now though, I'm really loving their new keyword tool & content assistant feature. If only its uses were unlimited! <3 Anyways, I've I found that it's very, very effective. So much so that our team has decided it's worht a review on our site as soon as our testing is officially complete.

11. I started using this tool after I realized that I need to put in place a backlink strategy in order to improve our visibility, and I love the fact that it offers very detailed reports about pretty much everything - from keyword ranking evolution to data extracted from Google Analytics. It's a great tool to analyze the links that you and your competitors have.

12. I was using two separate products for keyword tracking and inbound analysis before a friend recommended CognitiveSEO. It really reduced costs at work and I am happy that I have these two components in the same place. Now I can monitor rankings on both desktop and mobile, keep track of backlinks and organize them by type. Not to mention the other perks that Cognitive has related to the two above.

13. Content optimizer and keyword tool give you all possible help in the creation of great content. List of Keywords you already used, Keywords you should use, keywords you should use more often, alert for keyword stuffing and content ideas via questions that people asked. What you need more?

14. the acccurate rank reports and the link clouds helps a lot to detect the competitors link cloud and develop the same profile or a better one to beat competitors

15. Using Keyword Tool & Content Assistant from CognitiveSEO a managed to revive some old content pages that where strong on backlinks but the content was outdated. So now I recover old content using their tool.

It was easy for me to decide the content that worth recovering because I could easily analyze the backlinks in the same tool.

16. I use cognitive SEO on a daily basis. The competitive link analysis is great. It also has the ability to check broken/bad links. You can set up campaigns and follow all the links that your client currently has or has lost. You can follow competitors back links as well. Being able to find unlinked brand mentions for your brand.

With the competitive analysis you can compare your site to competitors and see what common domains you share and where your competitors may have links that you do not. It also shows places where your competitors may have content published.

Another feature is the back link explorer. You can enter any website and see all the back links for that website.

17. Cognitive SEO Tool is one of the tools that launched my business into Full Time, I am looking to hire staff now becuause of what this tool can do. Never has been a time like this to get into SEO Consulting I use along with SEMRush for my SEO Full Time Business Now. Before this tool came out I was on page 2-4 on average. Now CognitiveSEO is a Solution to Keep in your Toolbelt. CognitiveSEO Represents 50% of my SEO Toolbox.


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