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What is FeedbackExpress ?

FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers manage their feedback communication with buyers.

Messages can be triggered when an order is placed, despatched or delivered or up to 10 weeks after the event. Messages can be filtered by fulfilment type, item condition, SKU/ASIN and shipping location.

FeedbackExpress can exclude orders where delivery is late, and ask for product reviews after positive seller feedback is left.

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FeedbackExpress Main Features Reviews

  • Email Templates – These provide you with a basic email and all the points you might need to cover through the email that is, Customer Service, Seller Feedback or Product review with spaces left to be filled with links to the respective pages required by the customer to fill in a response.
  • Phone Alerts – When a customer leaves a response the user will get a phone alert informing him of the response and whether it is positive or negative, through this the seller can easily react accordingly and improve the customer’s experience.
  • Seller Feedback – The feedback you get through FeedbackExpress can be checked, as it shows you all the responses and also shows which of those is a result of the emails sent by you.
  • Email Filters – This feature helps the seller filter who gets the email, e.g. you may choose if the delivery period is too long or if the buyer has already left feedback not to send the email. You may even choose at what time of day and after the order is confirmed, dispatched or delivered the email will be delivered to the buyer. Depending upon the requirement of the seller that is; seller feedback, customer service, product review.
  • Blacklisting – Customers who leave a negative review can be blacklisted that is a follow-up email will not be sent to them.
  • Payment Plan – The FeedbackExpress has a specific plan with respect to each user’s needs.
  • Multiple Marketplaces – It supports 10 Amazon marketplaces.

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Pros of FeedbackExpress

  • It can help the seller get higher feedback responses thus increasing sales by gaining the customers’ trust. It can boost the seller’s product sales.
  • It provides on-time alerts to the seller thus helping the seller improve the customer’s experience with ease.
  • It also helps the seller see which emails from them are doing well and getting responses, are being opened or are causing unsubscriptions.
  • Customers are automatically thanked for their positive feedback by Feedback Express while asking for a product review at the same time.

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Cons of FeedbackExpress

  • You can’t send multiple emails in the same email category.
  • Some of the users reported small issues with the platform.

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FeedbackExpress Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Feedback Express does offer 5 different plans, which all of them does offer Email Support, do cover Amazon Marketplaces EU, UK, Canada and US, and do have 24/7 monitoring cover.

  • 1,000 Emails: €20
  • 2,500 Emails: €35
  • 5,000 Emails: €49
  • 10,000 Emails: €69
  • 25,000 Emails: €99

feedback express pricing


You do need quite a positive seller feedback in order to get great rates all over Amazon statistics (and be nearer to acquire the Buy Box with higher profit margin), that is why you should keep a close follow-up of the kind of feedback you are receiving.

The review requests will be easier to keep track, as well as having a quite good profile of who are the right customers to ask for, which products will be better to claim for a lot more feedback, and at what time the requests should be made.

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