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What is, A.K.A Email Hunter, is an email hunter tool that helps marketers find the contact information associated with any domain.

This is ideal for companies that use cold emailing as a way to fill their pipeline.

Furthermore, Email Hunter can be used to verify emails and do bulk tasks.

They’ve also recently integrated campaigns which allow you to perform outreach directly through the tool versus uploading the contacts to aother CRM.

It’s a convenient and affordable lead generation tool that every business should have in their arsenal. features

This is what the dashboard looks like when you first log onto Email Hunter:

hunter io

You have all of your tools on the top navigation and the search function right in the middle.

There’s lots of white space and it’s really easy on the eyes.

Here’s a run-down of the main features you’ll gain access to when using this email hunting tool. search tool

I find myself almost exclusively using the search tool, but I’ll dive into the other features in a second.

The search function is amazing for finding the decision makers in a business to start a conversation and get your foot in the door.

Imagine you want to find the VP of sales in a prospecting company. You type in the domain and it will give you the individuals name, position, email, phone number, and even social media links.

hunter io email finder

Next up, there is the email finder feature. This is pretty similar to the search function, except that you’re entering an exact name and domain to discover if it’s real.

I jokingly looked up Joe Bob at Google and apparently, he’s a real person.

What Is Hunter.Io’s Pricing? isn’t cheap.

As of 1/1/2018, charges $39/1,000 requests for their annual plan and $49 if you want to pay month-to-month.

A “request” is when Hunter successfully finds an email for a website, a verification that an email is deliverable or not or a search for an email based on a name and company.

Because has been around the longest of the email scrapers, it has the deepest database of emails and the greatest amount of community trust.

This gives Hunter some authority to demand a higher price point vs. some of its newer competitors.

Overall, I think the pricing is a bit high, but the value delivers is significant given the amount of data they also provide with each email (more on that later). Also, outreach is incredibly important to the overall success of a business. facilities that, therefore is probably worth the price of admission.

Is Hunter.Io Reliable?


At this point in the review, I’m going to start getting into the actual performance of the tool based on the criteria I outlined earlier.

This section will focus on the reliability of the contact information generated from the web scrape that performs.

Ideally, you would want Hunter to be able to pull the best contact email address for the website you prospected. By “best”, I mean the email address of the person that is most likely to take the action you want.

For example, if I want to get links to a new article I published, I would need to find someone with the authority to change content on the website.

This key person might be the owner of the website (if it’s small), a managing editor, the author of the article or someone else entirely. Once captured, I would need to email that person and ask for the link.

Now might pull email addresses for this fictional target website, but they might not pull the BEST email address.

Therefore, I might end up emailing some random person who couldn’t care less about my cool new article and my outreach campaign promptly dies in a fire.

That is bad.

When it comes to outreach, there are many places where it could potentially break down and reduce your conversion rate. Gathering the right email is critical and is something a tool needs to be capable of doing.

That being said…

I thought a simple test of Hunter’s ability to capture the RIGHT email address could be a fun idea. This is by no means a scientific experiment but gives some insight into how well Hunter gets the job done vs. having an assistant manually cherry pick the correct email address from the target.

See below for the details of the experiment.

Experiment Overview

The test was performed as apart of the normal outreach process for a client of mine.

He recently published a really great linkable article here that was scheduled for outreach.

This provided a good opportunity to do some outreach on it to measure how often produced the “best” email using its bulk email finder.

Mind you I also used my custom built email minifier to sort and filter the results to get us to the best emails as quickly as possible.

See below for the exact steps of the experiment.

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