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Keyword Spy Reviews

An excellent keyword research tool has been created by the KeywordSpy founders, which will tell about those keywords that are being used by the client’s competitors for advertising their business. These keywords are used to increase the ranking of a particular website on the various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and so on. It is a completely web-based tool that will make it easy for the users to gather, create, and compare keyword ad campaigns. This software will act as a catalyst to boost your website’s ranking and traffic. This tool is capable of indexing affiliate keywords, PPC keywords, organic terms as well as organic phrases.

The software provides a huge collection of keywords database that is stored and can be searched in any manner. The database of  KeywordSpy is daily updated in order to increase the client’s keyword research experience. By writing queries with the KeywordSpy tool, you can get competitive data in large amounts, which can be used to obtain further benefits. There is no doubt that KeywordSpy is an official keyword library available online. Keyword research is a valuable activity which yields high returns in the field of search marketing. This software is the best for those who opt for pay-per -click method of advertising.

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What is Keyword spy?

A keyword spy is a tool that exposes the marketing secrets of your main competitors and the secret formulas that your most successful competitors are implementing. With this tool, you can actually search for any domain and get information about all the places they've shown up on Google. This will also give you an insight of all the keywords they have bought on Adwords, any of their ad variations for the last 13 years, and eventually, every organic rank.

Additionally, you will learn how to connect with the domains and also find traditional and online lead methods, email, phone, social media, and address that you cannot find anywhere else. I know you also want to pinpoint some of your main competitors and know what they are doing to stay on the list. Keyword spy will search for a competitor and give you some information about the keyword they ever Bought on Google and all the ad tests they have run. This ensures you have all the information about the mistakes they make and everything they do to be successful.

You also have to search for a competitor and download their PPC keywords. With this tool, you don’t have any download limits. The tool also helps you to see how many clicks they get and the amount of money they pay for each of the keywords.

With the tool, you can as well monitor every domain bidding on your Adwords and watch out for emerging competitors and also get their strategies. Additionally, you will research competitors' SEO keywords, spy on your SEO competition, keyword Group analysis Tool, and eventually check competitor backlinks by keywords.

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Benefits of KeywordSpy Tools Pro

KeywordSpy Research

The section of the research focuses on general and competitor market research. Keying the domain name gives you an overview of the adword keywords of the competitor, their ad comp, and organic keywords. A crucial feature that gives this tool an edge is support for from many countries. Many tools provide research for Canada, the UK, and the US.

You will realize that this tool will keep the interface simple. The tool is bland but you drill deeper by clicking on one keyword and proceed to find competitors gathering field data to work with.

KeywordSpy Top Lists

This section can be a crucial resource to analyze sites through PPC campaigns to figure out the best players in the engaged industry. Perhaps some strategies can get replicated to amplify the success of campaigns. Note that estimated budgets may be overestimated or underestimated depending on your site.

KeywordSpy Affiliate

This is not available in basic plans but is a must-have for users of PPC with the main focus on affiliate marketing. This research tool will put its focus on the affiliates. This tool will give you ideas on the tools that top affiliates are promoting and keywords they are targeting to rake in profits. It sells a different info product to assist marketers to make money with search marketing efforts.

KeywordSpy Tracking

Tracking is a different PPC game part for mastering keywords you are close to getting after collection with the assistance of the research tool. Essentially, you need to look at using two sets of tools to gain a lot from KeywordSpy. Analyze keywords daily and keep tabs on three major search engines on a daily basis from the paid and organic standpoint.

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KeywordSpy Tool Main Features

Keyword Spy is armed with plenty of features. Below is a concise discussion on the best features:

  • Identify Your Competition – it’s a distinctive feature of Keyword Spy. As not many keywords tools offer such service. Keyword Spy allows you to discover your online competition.
  • Research and Track Your Competition – researching and tracking your competition is a time-consuming effort. But, Keyword Spy allows you to do it easily.
  • Identify Affiliates for Your Website – who are the potential affiliates for your website? Keyword Spy allows you to discover them. Keyword Spy explores popular networks, such as Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction, etc., then finds and tracks affiliates.
  • View Your Competitors’ PPC Ads – which ads are your competitors publishing for certain keywords? Keyword Spy allows you to view your competitors’ PPC ads.

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KeywordSpy Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

  • Research – the pricing for Research starts at $89.95 per month.
  • Tracking – the pricing for Tracking starts at $89.95 per month.
  • Professional – the pricing for a month in Professional plan is $139.95.

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KeywordSpy Conclusion

This tool is perfect for success through your affiliate marketing, but it is also important to understand about competitors’ keywords campaigns.

Tools like KeywordSpy are not 100 sure to success but they help you to go for 100% success when you fully utilize your own capabilities and get help from competitive analysis So finally after reading KeywordSpy Review now you can have free trial before you buy.

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