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In order to build a successful advertising campaign, a spy tool is a must. Because if you don't use spy tools, it's like running ads with a blindfold on. 

You will easily lose a few thousand dollars, it will be difficult to make money when advertising uses the wrong traffic source.

If you use the wrong traffic source, you will fail, no matter how good your offer or landing page is.

If you want to be successful, minimize your predictive thinking as low as possible.

Especially nowadays, thanks to the Corona event, millions of people are looking for part-time jobs at home, so the affiliate becomes more competitive.

If you want to stay on top of the game and make big money in the affiliate industry, you need to really understand this environment. And spy tools will help you do that.

Many people say spy tools are too expensive, up to $ 250 a month.

It's not that expensive, that investment will save you dollars, help you avoid silly advertising errors, and reduce unnecessary risk. However, if you don't have too much budget, try using our Adplexity Groupbuy service.

This is a complete guide to using spy tools, suitable for both newbies and experienced people.

If you have a team as an affiliate, you just need to send it to new employees to help them speed up their learning.

In this article, I will focus on my favorite tool, Adplexity, you can use it to spy on Native, Push, Display, Mobile, and eCommerce traffic sources.

Adplexity was created by a group of successful affiliates who also created the most professional affiliate community

In this article, I will list the basic and advanced spy advertising methods.

Basic and advanced methods will be mixed. Because I wrote the article just now to re-enumerate my knowledge, I hope nothing is forgotten.

Before you get started, you'll need to purchase Adplexity tools . You can click here to register.

The main content of the article:

  • How to follow an affiliate, follow his footsteps on Native ads.
  • How to find popular niches and offers on a specific traffic source.
  • What is the most effective traffic source for the offer you plan to promote? Give 3 examples.
  • How to find a landing page for a profitable offer. What type of landing page is suitable for CPA offers.
  • Which advertisement is making big profits for affiliates? Use the URL click link to find out.
  • Which offers are being promoted on a particular website, or a specific placement / zone ID - in native ads.


You can track an affiliate's footsteps, find all of his ads, see which placement ads are showing.

Step 1. Find an affiliate worth spying on. 

Do not spy on what other newbies do, look for professional affiliates to see how they are doing.

Log in to the Adplexity tool, filter the ads in the past 7 days, choose the traffic source (I choose RevContent).

Then in the upper right corner, you should sort the ads by the amount of traffic received - "Received most traffic".

Then look at the ads in the niche you choose, I'm choosing the Lead gen, so I just focus on the lead gen ads. 

This is an advertisement from RevContent, targeted at black people in America.

Step 2: Click on the campaign link, go to the landing page, find the affiliate ID on the URL. Often called the aff ID.

After I clicked the link in Adplexity I found this landing page, I clicked on the CTA button and was redirected to the offer page.

On the link of the offer page, I looked at the address bar and saw the ID of that affiliate, in this case it is aff = 1561.

Now that you have an aff ID, you need to return to Adplexity, and in the menu above, select “BY ADVERTISER”, then in the Search in section select “All Of The Above”, then enter the link you just found. then press search.

These are all ads from affiliate with ID aff = 1561, but if this footprint is not 100% accurate, then you need to expand your search.

In this case, I could add the paragraph “aff = 1561 & sub = MFRB_Auto_Native” for a better, more detailed result.

So you have seen all the ads this affiliate uses, you need to find out which is the best, oldest ad.

Because if you keep getting other people's ads to run, you will hardly make money.

You need to sample ads you find, get ideas, then create similar ads yourself, upgrade the best ad templates to run your campaign.


The choice of traffic source is very important.

No joking, I spent $ 35,000 testing 30 unverified traffic sources.

Most of them are not profitable, after losing $ 33,000 I found a source of traffic with a bit of potential.

That is the price to test untested traffic sources. I believe you don't want to spend $ 33,000 like me either.

98% of affiliates will randomly choose a source of traffic, then run ads for offers that have proven profitable.

So how do I know which offers are effective on a traffic source? Which niches should be strengthened, which niches should be avoided?

You need to use a spy tool.

Because out of 10 traffic sources, 9 will not reveal to you which offer is promoting well on their traffic source.

I am looking at the EvaDav traffic source to see what types of offers match that traffic source. Simply select your traffic source from the menu on the left side of Adplexity.

Here's how to use Adplexity to find the Best Nich / Offer for your traffic source:

1. Adplexity Native Login.

2. Select sort ads for the past 30 days in the menu on the left.

3. Scroll down to find the traffic source - called Traffic Source, choose the traffic source that you want to play ads.

4. I chose EvaDav, wait a while for it to show ads, then arrange in order to receive the most traffic - received the most traffic.

5. You will then start analyzing the ad. You can let it translate your ad into English for easy understanding.

6. I see ads for weight loss for men, ads for virtual money, ads for playing Adsense .

After analyzing the information, you will learn how to play weight loss ads on EvaDav, virtual money ads, Lead Gen ...

You also know what tactics to apply and how to be effective.

You can also repeat this process on other traffic sources. Then choose an offer and start testing.

Adplexity is a spy tool on Native, Mobile, Desktop, Push ... But if you want to know about spying on Facebook, give Adspy a try .


Example 1: You have the URL link of the offer page.

In the Adplexity tool, click on BY ADVERTISER in the menu above. Then in the box “Search in” select “all of the above”.

For example, the offer I choose has the link

Just enter the offer URL in the search box, then select "all of the above".

Once you see the information appear, you need to arrange the data obtained in the last 30 days.

As you can see in the image below, this offer is run primarily on RevContent (80) and (17).

Since there are a lot of ads found on RevContent, then it's fine to test this offer on this traffic source.

Better yet, you should rely on their ad angles to create new ad content yourself. To avoid ad duplication.

Example 2: You have the name of Offer 

In case you do not have the domain name of the offer and only know the name of the offer, this can be done.

This situation still happens, especially in case of a time difference with the affiliate manager, they are sleeping and you don't want to wait 6-8 hours to wait for them to wake up and ask for information.

In this case, I'll give an example of an offer called: Keto Pro Ex

Enter Adplexity, click BY KEYWORD from the menu above. By default, the search in place will automatically fill in "on the landing page". You just need to enter the name of the offer in the search box, and press Enter and you're done.

And so you will see hundreds of ads for that offer, and lots of related information.

According to information I got from Adplexity, this offer is advertised very popularly on iPhone and Desktop Window devices. MGID and traffic sources are the best places to run ads.

Products sell well in UK, CZ, USA, FR and DE. 

If you want to test offers in many different networks, you can look at the Affiliate network area. As you can see: In addition to Max Bounty, there are two other networks with this offer: Oasis and Viking Clicks.


Where more people see the offer running, the better its potential.

Example 3: Use a broad keyword

This is not my favorite, but will also write it down for your reference.

Let's say we want to promote a financial offer, in the Leadgen format.

You know, there are many offers that promote Bitcoin very profitable.

But we don't know which traffic source to advertise. So what to do?

Use the Adplexity tool with broad keywords. You can check some keywords such as: Bitcoin, Crypto, Investment.

I entered the keyword Bitcoin and saw a lot of data about landing pages, angles, advertising images ...

That is just one keyword. And I also want to know which traffic source to advertise is appropriate.

So I keep looking at the left column for more information.

As shown below, you can see that people are advertising a lot on Desktop devices. Then there is the iPhone.

Primarily advertised on RevContent, Mgid.

UK, DE, BR, NL, PH are the 5 countries where this offer type is being advertised the most.


So, what kind of landing page should be used to promote CPA offers?

If you don't know what type of landing page to use for a niche, then Adplexity can help.

In this example, we'll find a landing page promoting Dating products - on the Push ad format.

Let's say we want to run ads on a Push traffic source called Zeropark . 

So, after the affiliate manager tells us that GEOs are converting well, we will use spy tool to see what kind of landing page other people are using at that GEO.

1. Sign in to the Adplexity Push tool.

2. Sort the ads received in the last 7 days, arrange the ads received by the amount of traffic decreased - Received most traffic. Use the menu on the left, and the top menu.

Here is the result that I got. But it's not over yet.

Next, on the left menu, we need to search by GEO - geographic area. Portugal, for example, then look for ads about Dating.

Open each ad, review the landing page. I often find 4-5 best landing pages, then give it to developers so they can edit the landing page , remove the malicious code, and add tracking link.


Here's a great way: Use the Click URL of the tracking tools like Voluum, RedTrack.

When I see a large campaign on Adplexity, I often look at their Click URL, and then rely on that link to find other campaigns where they are running ads.

Find out what other campaigns they're running.

This way is very good, use Click URL to find out how a Super affiliate is doing.

1. After finding a profitable campaign, you will go to the landing page to see what their Click URL is.

Usually they will put the Click URL in the CTA call-to-action. 

In case they are Super affiliate and want to protect the campaign, they can hide the link with javascript code. In that case, this method cannot be applied.

And I found a link is:

2. On Adplexity, click BY ADVERTISER in the top menu, on the left menu full time: From the beginning of the year until now.

Then paste the link in, add the text: "https: //" to the beginning.

3. Then, sort the results according to the ads that received the most traffic.

And so we found the best affiliate campaigns for this affiliate. These are push advertising campaigns.

Adplexity is divided into many tools, you can do the same thing Adplexity mobile, Adplexity desktop, or Adplexity Native ...


For this, I use Adplexity Push.

Placement, also known as setpoint, each traffic source has different calling methods.

Let's say you run some traffic, and find a profitable placement. And you want to learn more about those placements.

What are others advertising on those placements? Did you miss anything?

Using Adplexity, we will find out.

1. Find a placement name on the traffic source. I found a placement called "".

2. On the Adplexity tool, choose BY PUBLISHER from the menu above and enter a placement name in the search box.

And that's it. Now you can see those advertising ideas on that placement. People are advertising what's on this placement, it's all showing up.

You can also sort and filter the information for easy analysis.


For this approach I use Adplexity Native.

It is similar to Push, but differs in that you can check website URLs or Zone / Source / Site / Widget IDs - because many traffic sources often hide website URLs of publishers.

Let's say we want to see what other advertisers are promoting on

Log in Adplexity Native, select BY PUBLISHER from the top menu, enter the domain name - eg Click search, then sort by the ads that get the most traffic.

Immediately, you will see the ads get the most traffic, after review, you will know what they are advertising.

You can also sort by time. For example, during the Virus epidemic, games and entertainment were being advertised quite a bit.

And products that help people deal with their work-from-home challenges are selling well.

As another example, let's say we ran traffic and found a potential placement, with an ID of 680530.

We'll find out what other affiliates are promoting on this placement, maybe we'll get some ideas.

Using Adplexity Native, select BY PLACEMENT from the menu above. Enter Placement ID in the search box and sort in the order of receiving the most traffic: "received most traffic".

You will see that Viral style articles are quite popular. You can dig deeper, click on ads to see what people are advertising.


Hope this article helped you understand how to use Adplexity. Spy is an important step in affiliate marketing.

Using Adplexity, you will save a lot of time and effort.

The Adplexity tool is a powerful tool that helps you view advertisements of other advertisers in formats: Native, Push, Ecom, Display.



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