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What is OGAds?

OGAds is a Mobile & Desktop affiliate network that helps affiliates, webmasters, and developers monetize their mobile and desktop traffic by promoting iOS & Android apps and content surveys and downloads for desktop.

OGads provides the top mobile content locker in the industry. Exclusive high paying apps and weekly burst campaign are a norm for our mobile content locker.

Our content locker is the go to tool for top social media publishers in OGads. If you promote on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, or any other social media site watch your earnings soar with OGads.

Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and more OGads will bring you a variety of social media offers that you may well have already seen! Now YOU can earn money with huge payouts starting from $11 to $75 PER conversion!


How Does It Work?

Well by definition like what I've mentioned above, they are an aff network focusing on mobile and desktop traffic. Like many other CPA sites they allow publishers to lock their contents and URLs with surveys before their viewer can access the main content they want to get into or read. So basically, surveys are from advertisers. Not only that, because they are also in focus with mobile like Android and iOS they are also offering installs which is far more easier to complete than desktop offers like surveys, email submits, pin submits. That's their difference from the others.

Features of OGAds

Here are some of the prime features of OGAds:

  • It comes with more than one thousand exclusive and unique offers which include casino, health, motivation, fitness, social media accounts, sports, etc.
  • It offers real-time statistics
  • It provides a hundred percent fill rate
  • The platform assures timely payments to the publishers.
  • It comes with a plethora of customized locker themes
  • It is completely customizable

ogads method

OGAds: How or Can I Make Money?

Ofcourse, each and everytime someone unlocks your content, you get paid because surveys are from advertisers and you  get paid per action of the viewer, like if they submit email, pin, or answer survey, install apps, then you get compensated. The only problem you just need to tuckle is the fact that you need good traffic source in order to deliver viewers that will unlock your links. Some do whitehat, mostly blackhat. You can try PPC ads like Adwords, Bing Ads or Sgearch Engine Optimization marketin. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and specially, Instagram is quite effective too these days.

OGAds Payment Methods

The minimum payment threshold here happens to be $50 and you will be able to select between different modes of payment including PayPal, bank transfer, checks, and Payoneer. The payments are going to be made every month and in case you generate in excess of $500 every week, it will also be possible for you to claim your weekly remuneration.

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The Advantages of OGAds

OGAds Fantastic interface

The interface happens to be simple-to-use, sleek, contemporary, and anyone can use it whatsoever. It is a fact that you might become obsessed on OGADs to such an extent that you would never like to go back to your outdated CPA network.

OGAds Quick approval

It is very simple to get approved at OGADs network. In fact, the approval time is usually 24 hours and one will get the approval notification by means of email.

OGAds Amazing support

OGADs network offers fantastic support for all its clients. In fact, it will be possible to get a reply to any query within just a couple of hours. In case you’d like to enjoy a faster reply, it will be sensible to get in touch with the affiliate manager at Skype. It will be possible to find out the Skype ID of the account manager after logging into your account at Skype.

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OGAds Fresh offers on a daily basis

Fresh and high-paying offers are being added by OGADs on a regular basis.

OGAds High-paying offers

Unlike most of the other similar networks, OGADs offers the highest revenue per install. The reason for this is that they are able to contact with the advertisers directly while other similar networks make use of some other network for procuring the offers which result in the curtailment of their publishers’ revenue.

OGAds Extensive range of tools

OGADs has the distinction of providing several awesome tools such as content locker, Mobile Rewards, Mobile Locker, Mobile Video Locker, Smart Link, as well as Offer API. You are free to select any tool as per your promotion method.

OGAds Landing pages are high converting

A wide array of landing pages is being provided by the network to select from. All these landing pages are extremely attractive that can increase the conversion rate for the publishers significantly.

OGAds Quick payments for the publishers

On most occasions, it will be possible to receive the payments on a net 30 basis although you may likewise switch to net 7 simply by getting in touch with the account manager by means of email or Skype after starting to generate some revenues.

ogads blackhatworld

OGAds High rate of conversion

It has been observed that in most cases the conversion rate is approximately 40%. However, the users are going to get around 10% conversion rate at other similar CPA networks out there and the publishers can get up to 20% conversion rate. However, it is much higher when it comes to the OGADs network.

The Disadvantages of OGAds

OGAds Approval required

It will be imperative to apply and also become approved prior to becoming a publisher on this network. In fact, OGADs will not allow any low-quality user, and therefore it is important to be meticulous while submitting an application. Ensure that you’re able to convince the authorities out there so as to get accepted.

OGAds $100 needed for accessing the chat room

The reason for this is apparently unknown. The low earners will not be allowed by OGADs to gain access to the chat feature.

ogads landig page preview


OGAds is ideal for apps hosted on both Android and iOS platforms. Many successful affiliate marketers use social media and free splash pages to maximize earnings. The publishers who had tried this mobile affiliate network can share their experiences below. You can send payment proof here. Hope this OGAds review help publishers to get started.

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