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Profit Bandit benefits

  • Track data: You can monitor and record a lot of information as you are scouting.
  • Calculate profit: You can also calculate your profit per book based on the by price. You have to set this up before hand but is a very nice feature. I like the fact that you can calculate all the FBA fees, and instantly see your profit based on each book or item that you purchase.
  • Low Price Point: for only $10 a month, this is not a bad deal at all to get started selling on Amazon.

What a Local Database system is suitable for live scanning

  • Live book scanning application: The live applications offer slower scanning but to give you up-to-date pricing information.
  • Local database scanning application: the local database scanners are much quicker and efficient when scanning a lot of items.

profit bandit

In general, when scanning a lot of things you want to go to a local database scanning application because you can scan may more items in a small amount of time.

Since profit bandit is a live book scanning application ( you can also use it scan any other item with a barcode), you may be wondering why it’s better to have a PDA system or use your iPhone. A few years back to get a local database, you need a PDA. Now, you can usually use your iPhone or Android and parrot with a Bluetooth scanner. It seems that the book scouting / scanning companies are offering the ability to add local database options for the iPhone and Android applications. Before they only offered live scanning iOS and Android applications typically.

Benefit of live database apps

Live database applications like profit bandit are nice because they can have a lower monthly price. However, local database applications like Neatoscan and Asellertool are great because they offer very fast scanning.

  • The common misconception is that PDA systems only work for media and books. This is not true in many cases: it just depends on the company. Certain companies will allow you to scout toys games etc. but not everything.
  • There will be times when you need to look something up that will not work on your PDA system. In these cases, you will need the live Lookup tools
  • Local database system is also useful for places where you do not have a reliable Internet connection Wi-Fi
  • PDA systems biggest benefits are the pricing triggers and the speed at which it will return the data

Profit bandit features

Yоu never leave hоmе wіthоut уоur ѕmаrtрhоnе. Inѕtаll Profit Bаndіt оn уоur іPhоnе or Android аnd you’ll bе brіngіng уоur mоѕt valuable Amаzоn sales tооl wіth уоu tоо.

Whеthеr you’re scouting аt thrіft shops, bіg-bоx retail ѕtоrеѕ or anywhere else, Prоfіt Bаndіt wіll become thе Amаzоn аѕѕіѕtаnt уоu can’t lіvе wіthоut.

  • Scan any barcode and get your profit delivered directly to your phone
  • The profit is based on the product weight, Amazon fees, cost of goods, shipping rates and up to 15 factors
  • Extracts up-to-date pricing data from Amazon using its API
  • Will show you if you are competing against Amazon
  • You will know who has the Buy Box

profit bandit reivew


9.99$ a month


20 frее ѕсаnѕ

Profit Bandit disadvantages

  • Relies on the internet: you need a good reliable Internet connection
  • Hard on Battery: eats a lot of battery power ( you may need a backup battery for your device if you plan on scouting for a while)
  • Glitches: It’s been known that there could be glitches with the communication between Amazon and the application where it stops working, and you have to go home from scouting if that’s your worn only source to scout

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