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About Ryte

Ryte provides holistic monitoring, analysis and optimization of digital assets. It is a search engine optimization tool that identifies bugs and errors in search engines, enabling enterprises to improve their website code quality in order to raise usability and compatibility. It helps businesses and agencies optimize their website with its state-of-the-art software products.


The Ryte Suite provides users with the 3 essential tools needed to create a more sustainable website: Website Success, Content Success, and Search Success. Website Success scans your website's health, analyzes the results, and shows users what needs to be fixed based on clear recommendations. Content Success assists users at each stage of the content creation process. Search Success monitors important keywords, analyzes more data than the Google Search Console, and helps to optimize the site’s performance by uncovering new ranking possibilities. with BotLogs it ensures efficient crawler management and improves website’s performance: easy, daily, real-time bot analysis for SEOs.


Website Success

All the keyword research, backlinks accumulation, content strategy, and similar factors won’t even come into play if you don’t have a stable website, that is indexable by search engines.

First of all, the user needs to make the website accessible for search engines. Once the user is sure that search engine crawlers have access to all necessary pages on the website, the next step would be to ensure that it’s easy for them to crawl the website.

You would also want to make sure that you present the best version of your website as the search engines have gone quite choosy these days. They don’t like a website that slows loader, has suspicious links, isn’t properly designed, etc.

The Website Success takes its own sweet time to analyze the entire website and brings out all such shortcomings on it. It will depend on the size of your website and your subscription plan as to how long it might take to generate a comprehensive report about website status.

You get the option to start with the analysis, and then you can leave the portal. Once done, they will send you an email about the completion of the process.

The suite provides and OnPage Score for the website in the overview section. The score is calculated after considering a wide range of factors related to the state of things on the website.

You might not get an impressive score for the first analysis, but the silver lining would be that you will now have information on what’s wrong with the website and how you can improve the OnPage Score.

The overview section provides a summary of website quality, content quality, and SEO. There is a score attached to all three sections, and the color-coding makes it relatively easier to identify the critical areas.

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There would be some issues on the website requiring immediate attention. The ‘critical errors’ section contains all these subjects. There is an option sort the errors using different filters, allowing one to attend specific areas first.


Indexability refers to the ability of the search engine to interpret the contents of a website and add it to its index.

Search engines depend on crawlers to find out about the pages and sites on the internet. The crawlers move from one page to another and from one site to another using links. But a crawler can’t just go on any page and index it.

The webpage or the website needs to be indexable for the crawlers to interpret what’s inside them. Indexability and crawlability have slightly different meanings in the world of SEO. However, both of them have got much to do with the visibility of the site and page to the search engine.

Those pages must be indexable that you want to appear in search engine results. The same goes for assets ad images on the website. This section of Ryte focusses on all the necessary elements of the website being accessible by search engines.

It starts by telling the webmaster about everything that’s indexable on the website. You can have a glance at the different kinds of indexable documents on the website. Not all pages on the website are supposed to be indexable. It’s better to keep those pages non-indexable that deal with sensitive content.

The next section gives a distribution of the status code of different pages on the website. It refers to what happened when the tool tried to access the pages.

We felt that Ryte could’ve done a better job explaining to users about the significance of different error codes. At the moment, it might be slightly difficult for beginners to make sense out of what’s happening in the section.

The subsequent sections, such as redirects, robot.txt, pagination, and canonical, might also be overwhelming for beginners.



There is a Content Success suite on the platform, and it is not supposed to be confused with this sub-section. This sub-section deals with metrics associated with content on the website while the suite focuses on the essence of the content.

Search engines take almost every step possible to find the most readable and relevant content for search queries. It means anything that affects the readability of the content or affects search engine rankings.

Ryte would help you take care of some of those affairs in this section. They start with titles. Search engines do not like long titles. Duplicate titles end up confusing search engines as they find it difficult to determine which one of the content pieces might be more relevant to the search query.


The performance of the website depends a lot on the optimization of digital assets. They affect page load speeds, which in turn relate to traffic volume and bounce rate.

If we talk about images, then it is not just the size. You also need to take care of alt text. Search engines do pay attention to these details. Your website will fare much well if there is a suitable image description rather than some random numbers, symbols, or vague information.



  • Provides an exhaustive and comprehensive website audit.
  • The content editor helps the user create better content with semantics in mind.
  • Provides data in a much more useful way as compared to Google Search Console.
  • Helps make sure there are no performance issues on the website.


  • Not the most intuitive platform for people without technical expertise.

Ryte Pricing



Ryte is as detailed as an SEO tool as they come. You know the tool means business when it pours a load of information over you right in the overview section. We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming for some of the users, but it’s worth the hassle to go through the data.

The Website Success suite goes deep into the performance details of the website. Not only does it contain multiple sections, but there are also multiple parts within those, as well. We don’t think anyone would even imagine going into more details than what the suite offers.

The suite covers a wide array of issues. It even monitors server uptime for the user. It would focus on the sitemap, links, assets, content, indexability, etc., as well. It might take one a while to go through the entire suite, but you can be confident of having a website free of any peculiar performance and SEO issues in the end.

Content Success suite might not be the best tool for website content creation, but it doesn’t belong to the lower tier, as well. You will find good enough suggestions and a satisfactory editor to help you create the best possible content.

Moving on to the Search Success suite, it might not add anything new to the table in terms of information, since everything is imported from Google Search Console. But it provides the user with a lot of fresh perspectives and ways to look at the information.

Ryte comes with a trial offer if you are willing to register with a credit card. We would encourage you to ahead an try out the tool yourself and find out if it suits your needs.

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