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What Is is an advertising intelligence platform that can help users in the in-depth analysis of advertising trends with the detailed graphical representation of the fluctuations in an organized manner.

The massive database of SpyPro is fetched from 69 top publishing networks across 45 countries.

This database contains the data of over 770M ad creatives, which is an assurance and a proof to the fact that Spyro really provides an in-depth analysis. 

Filters are available in every module of the tool to make it easier for the users to extract required useful data from this collection of big data. 

SpyPro Review And Features

spypro io

Ad Creatives

To find the ideas for ad creatives from the competitors, all you need to do is to search for your keyword and press enter to see the magic.

As mentioned earlier, you can refine your search for the ad creatives by clicking on the filters for category, networks, language, ad format, theme, countries, type of ad creative, supporting operating system, and time. 

With the right use of these filters, one can easily make a strategy that can help in laser-targeting of the audience with the ad creatives that work.

Moreover, if you don’t put the category yourself, the artificial intelligence of the tool can detect it from your searched keyword and do the job for you.

Also, users can see the top charts for ad creatives and top trending new products that are ranked based on many factors, particularly in the ascending order of the impressions they are getting.

Ad Intelligence

This section helps in analyzing the advertisements of the competitors or industry leaders so that one can refine and maintain their own advertisement quality.

General top charts and the top charts of new trending ads are available based on the popularity. 

Similarly, the analysis of advertisers, ad publishers, and ad platforms with very detailed graphical representation can be performed using the tool.

As in the below screenshot from the dashboard, the selected publishing network is Admob; You can observe how detailed the analysis is.

App Analytics

The app analytics section of SpyPro helps the advertisers in accessing a great deal of information about the top mobile applications in the industry.

The segment can also be used to search for the apps using the keywords. Thus one can have an idea of the competitor’s app performance in real-time.

There are two segments in the module -app charts and app search. The app charts show the tables of the applications ranked based on the number of downloads for each app.

However, the tool allows the users to change this ranking factor to either revenue or reviews as well. 

For better comprehension, there is one separate column for free, paid, and grossing apps. Filters are available for the type of app store, the category of the listed apps, and the target countries.

Apart from these things, one can also sort the applications in the charts based on their Rise, Drop, and specific date range.

ECommerce Analytics

In this time of crisis, when most of the businesses are fighting for survival, there is undoubtedly a need for the tool that can intelligently help in eCom product and niche hunting.

The multidimensional focus of SocialPeta surely leaves no room for the betterment of a business. 

Dropshipping is one of the very best businesses that are active nowadays as most of the people are shifting to some sustainable income sources with little investment.

In the case of dropshipping, the investment required is less. 

With the module of eCom analytics, you can find winning products and niches for dropshipping using Aliexpress and competitor’s Shopify stores.

Anyone who is experienced with eCommerce business model or dropshipping can tell how much it can save time, energy, and money if you can find winning products and the best competitors.

The module consists of two subsections -Aliexpress products and Shopify products.

The gigantic database of SocialPeta’s eCom module contains the data of over 4M Aliexpress products and thousands of related Shopify stores. 

To find a winning product or store, all one has to do is to put his keyword or Aliexpress Products URL, and the tool can handle the rest!

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