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Freepik group buy account - Search engine of free vector designs reviews

Freepik group buy account - Search engine of free vector designs reviews

Freepik group buy account reviews: freepik icons, freepik logo, freepik vector, freepik background, freepik premium app, freepik pricing and coupon code

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Freepik Reviews: What is Freepik

Freepik is an infographic software that provides a search engine of free vector designs. Freepik provides users with high quality designs that feature graphic resources and exclusive illustrations that enable you to add your content that can be used in both commercial and personal projects.

Freepik continues to add hundreds of its illustrations, free photos, and vectors making it to rank high in images and vectors free searching. Freepik is also a freemium business, therefore, making it to offer free vectors.

Freepik provides also provides you with access to their exclusive content in the premium membership. Freepik facilitates continuous production by providing users with continuous content that offers the best quality not only in PSD illustrations but also vector illustrations and photos. Freepik provides you with an excellent platform for browsing easily with no interruptions from online advertisements. With Freepik, you have an excellent platform for using their content to create and sell your products to your clients.

Freepik also provides the premium users with an extended download limit, which is from thirty downloads per day to one hundred. Premium users also have an excellent platform for accessing exclusive resources and new premium content.

At less than $10 per month, it’s a great deal for designers that use more than a couple of assets a month. Plus, once you log in there are no ads on the site. The premium library includes more than 3 million resources (vectors, photos and PSD files).

Freepik is a trusted resource and has been offering high-quality design resources since 2010.


How does Freepik work?

Freepik system will find new websites to store photos and vectors for free. Images can be sorted by quality for easy access. When you use Freepik, the output will lead to the original address of the image. The author of the graphic will get credit and link to their website

Freepik Flaticon - Vector Icon Packs

Flaticon, part of the Freepik family, is a database of vector icon packs. The database claims to be the largest available featuring free icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

Icon sets include everything from fill color elements to line-drawn styles, and feature all types of designs in a number of categories.

The Services allow Users to:

  • Search for content that may result in Flaticon Content and download such Flaticon Content.
  • Search for content that may result in Sponsored Content, where available.
  • Upload Collaborators Content for its storage, publishing and offer in the Website or through the Services when possible, in the terms and following the procedure set out by the Company from time to time.

The really cool part of Flaticon is that you can actually customize icons to better suit your design needs. The site includes an icon editor, where you can adjust the size, position, and colors of any icon set you like. (Just do it once and the whole set adjusts to match!)

Popular icon designs include social media elements, multimedia icons, essential shape collections, and industry-based icons. Flaticon includes more than 1.6 million premium vector icons to work with and use in projects.

Icons and the icon editor are free. You just have to provide credit. Upgrade to a premium plan for less than $10 per month and all downloads are royalty-free.

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Freepik Tutpad - Studying Digital Design

Tutpad is a Freepik tool you might not know about – or expect from a digital asset provider. The site is a hub for learning about digital design with free courses and tutorials. There are plenty of learning paths in animation, graphic design, illustration, photography, typography, 3D, UI/UX, and flat design concepts.

The advantages of using a tool like Tutpad to further your design skills is that you can work through courses and tutorials at your own pace and whenever it’s convenient for you. Watch videos or work through creating design assets from a tutorial from any location where you have a computer and internet connection.

There are opportunities for almost everyone, with options for beginners to intermediate and advanced learning modules. Plus, there’s a sense of accomplishment when you finish with a certificate of completion for each course.

Popular tutorials include creating a liquid smoke animation, learning to illustrate a pop-art portrait and creating a glitch photo effect. Popular courses in include learning about gradients, drawing landscapes and creating animated ads.

Courses and tutorials are free. All you have to do is sign up, pick one and follow along.

Freepik Slidesgo - Presentation Templates

Slidesgo, another tool from the Freepik Company, is a collection of free presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

While this database isn’t as large as some of the other Freepik tools, it’s still impressive. And the best part is that every option comes in both formats, whereas as most presentation templates only come in one or the other.

You can modify templates and change content. Every template is designed to help you better create – and finish – presentations. Browse template options by recent or popular downloads until you see a design concept that works with your presentation content and style. Then download and start working.

Fun options to try include Organic Forms, Agency Travel, and Geometric Gradient. Each features a trending style.

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Freepik Download Limitations

  • If you are not registered in Freepik, you are entitled to 5 downloads per day and the download limit gets restored at 23:59:59 GMT +02.
  • As a free registered user, you are allowed to download 30 resources per day.
  • If you are a premium user, this number increases to 100 downloads per day.

Freepik Premium Plans Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Freepik’s Premium plan currently costs $9,99 charged monthly or $7,50 per month charged annually. Becoming a premium user means that:

  • You get access to Freepik’s huge base of premium resources,
  • You have an ad-free experience on the website,
  • You don’t have to credit the authors.

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Now that you know a little more about Freepik’s family of design tools, bookmark the sites for next time you need a little design help. These tools really are the ideal of “freemium” and with vast libraries with plenty of options, there’s probably something that can work for your projects.

You don’t have to limit yourself to using only one source for vector graphics on the web. Both platforms Freepik vs Vecteezy provide amazing resources for free and enrich their catalogs of assets daily. We, personally admire both websites’ missions to contribute to the web with beautiful vector designs.

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