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Minea Group Buy Account

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Ahrefs Agency Account Group Buy - cheap ahrefs pricing

Lite: Free / 250 credits

Starter 49€/month . 10.000 credits

Premium 99€/month . 100.000 credits

GroupBuyExpert.Com is selling Minea group buy account for just $30/month with 20.000 credits, the account plan is Premium.


What is Minera 

Minea is a research and product intelligence platform that enables e-commerce marketers to generate insights into their competitor's products, market trends, and health of the retail industry. Minea is a new and innovative tool that will change the way you research and analyse your competitors on the market. Content has become key in this industry, but how can you create something that's different when everyone else is doing the same things? minea will help you research your competitors in a way that doesn't just show you what they're doing. You can see where their audience is coming from, how they're targeting audiences. Minea will turn hours of painstaking work into a minute or less of insightful and actionable work. Stop wasting time and money and utilizing guesswork - Minea will put the answers right at your fingertips.

How to Get Started with The Best AI Powered Product Research Tool

How do you find the next best-selling product on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to sell on your own? Minea is the tool that helps you find what to sell by doing the work for you. With its powerful & easy-to-use interface, Minea uncovers what's working today so you can get in on the action. Find out which products are among the most profitable social media posts and which ads are getting the most sale.

Minea is a powerful product research tool that helps you spy winning Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat ads and products. Imagine being able to spy on your competitors' campaigns from all angles. You can even get insider info from your friends to find out which products they love the most—even BEFORE they buy them!

Get started with Minea, the best AI powered product research tool. Create a project and start exploring thousands of products that match your criteria. Minea has a much better understanding of products than any human.


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