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Netflix Group Buy Account

Netflix Group Buy Account Premium 4K and HD for 12 months subscription

  • Highest quality audio available
  • 4 Screens you can watch on at the same time
  • Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows

Being the greatest streaming service to watch films and TV shows through the Internet connection, Netflix has appeared for a while. Whether you live in the UK or Asia regions, you can use Netflix group buy account to keep up with your favorite TV shows or enjoy newly released movies. As an affordable service to maintain watching many types of entertainment pieces, it is a smart way to choose Netflix.

What is netflix group buy account ?

Netflix is launching several wonderful movies and TV shows around the world. Netflix group buy is one of the best ways to get a subscription for every month or year. Group buy Netflix is the sharing account for a group of users who enjoy movies and TV programs with a low plan for one user.

There is no doubt that everyone loves the content displayed on Netflix. Netflix group buy account is a smart solution for those who would like to discover American or European cultural pieces and learn English at the same time.

Netflix group buy account include

  • Netflix 12 Months Subscription & Warranty: 4K UltraHD w/ 4 Screens
  • Premium Unlimited Streaming in HD and Ultra HD
  • You get a 100% guarantee! in case of problems, we are here to support you. 
  • High Quality account with a 12 months warranty (1 year) *WORKS WORLDWIDE (It will work with any country)
  • Highest quality audio available
  • 4 Screens you can watch on at the same time
  • Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows
  • You can watch Netflix on any of these devices: Smart TV or Blu-ray player
  • Phone or Tablet, Desktop or Laptop, XBOX, tv, PlayStation, Wii, Roku

Benefits of choosing Netflix group buy account 

There are some reasons to limit subscribing to Netflix; there are still several reasons for the hottest streaming service (around the world). Netflix today is not the same as 5 years ago, which could be the last time you take into account subscribing. From its wide variety of original content to several plans, here are a couple of benefits when subscribing to a Netflix group buy account.

Good deal

While you cannot get a free Netflix trial, the basic plan for a Netflix group buy account costs only 30 USD. Consider the amount of available content and Netflix series – meaning that you are allowed to access a massive amount of content for a reasonable price tag. Moreover, you can unlock the whole library of high-resolution films to relish wherever you want.

No advertisement

When watching films or programs on Netflix, advertising cannot disturb you. Non-copyrighted movie websites usually depend on traffic and advertisement to continue their sites. Thus, users feel annoyed with advertising and decide to subscribe to the Netflix group to watch films.

Diverse movies and TV shows

When watching films or programs on Netflix, advertising cannot disturb you. Non-copyrighted movie websites usually depend on traffic and advertisement to continue their sites. Thus, users feel annoyed with advertising and decide to subscribe to the Netflix group to watch films.


You can watch movies or programs on Netflix through different devices.

Discover and learn international content

Netflix always updates new films and TV shows every day or every week. Movies come from sources around the world. Relying on the cultural tastes, the library of Netflix will be different. Netflix often adds hot films, reality TV shows, and their series. They even make a craze among the young generation such as Elite Black Mirror, Girl From Nowhere, etc

Flexible plan(s)

By using group buy Netflix, you can watch movies or programs on Netflix through different devices, giving you flexibility for a wide range of favorites and schedules.

Discover and learn international content

While watching, you will explore cultural pieces and languages from all over the world. Whether you are a fan of K-dramas or enjoy Hollywood movies, Netflix provides bizarre access to regionally-produced content. If you want to watch US or UK content, Netflix still offers you different ranges of content.

Flexible plan(s)

You are willing to spend 20-30 USD for premium experiences or you need to save a few bucks by selecting the basic plan, Netflix always provides eclectic plans at different price points. Additionally, Netflix does not limit the number of smart devices on which you possibly install and use the platform. Instead, they only prevent the number of screens you could watch Netflix on simultaneously.

Why should you use the Netflix group buy account at

You will receive an account to access and view after payment, for the whole time of use. You can click on any film on the screen and enjoy it. We usually offer 24-hour customer support, so you could contact us if you get any problems. Own Netflix group buy from us, you always relish high-quality videos and a year of warranty in the subscription. The price subscription will be 6 USD (per month).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I only need to pay one time ?.
Yes. Just a one-time payment for one year.
2. When will I receive my account?
You will receive it in maximum 12 hours, after clear payment. Usually, I deliver it in less than 2 hours
3. Is this private Netflix account?
Yes and No. Let us explain: 
Yes - because this is private account bought from us. We bought netflix account directly from and then we resell the account for our members, that why this account is cheap. We are not selling stolen or hacked Netflix account. Stolen or hacked netflix account is "shared" with many public members and will be blocked by Netflix or the ower of account.
No - Because we are group buy service, we sell this netflix account to our members. It mean that the netflix account is not private to use for any member.
4. How many members are using the same Netflix account?
There are maximum 8 members are using the same Netflix account in the same time. 
5.Can i create my own profiles ?
Yes ! You can create your own profiles also you can watch on 4 devices at the same time. This is group buy, so if account have full 5 profiles, you should creat guess profile and choose the language in your country. If one of 5 current profiles have the same language with your country, you can use this current profile
6. Can I make changes to the account?
No. You cannot make any changes( include email + password + payment ) 
7.Can i use the account in my country ? 
You can watch TV Show and Movies instantly in over 190 countries But Netflix is not yet available in China ,though the company continues to explore options for providing the service.It also is not available in Crimea,North Korea and Syria (but you can watch it if you connect through a VPN )
8. What warranty is the one you offer?
1-year warranty - We will replace netflix account if something happens, within 1 year from the date of purchase.
If you do not agree with the rules above, PLEASE DO NOT BUY!

Guide to buy Netflix group buy account at

Step 1: go to our website (

Step 2: find and click the red button “Buy it Now”

Step 3: pay the monthly plan by your Paypal account

Step 4: After payment, you product will active

Step 5: check your email to get the Netflix link account and access it
We recommend that you should not share the account with anyone else than your family members or close friends living in your house. By default, Netflix permits you to use group buy Netflix (up to 5 persons and 4 simultaneous connections). Therefore, you should stick with their regulations and avoid cheating the system. By doing these, your account will be safe and you could have fun with Netflix.

The benefit if you use Netflix group buy account in

When you purchase a Netflix Premium Account from, you'll get many benefits and conveniences without paying the high prices you'd find when buying directly from the Netflix homepage. With the price of 119,000 VND for 1 month of use, you save a lot compared to the price of a Netflix account at the Netflix homepage.

With, You will have unlimited access to exclusive content, blockbuster movies, popular series, reality shows, documentaries, advanced features such as watching movies in high quality, supporting resolutions 4K resolution and more.

Why many people like use Netflix group buy account?

Attractive price: Compared to spending nearly 300,000 VND to own a Netflix account, users will only need to spend an amount equal to 1/5 or even less to enjoy a huge movie store with full subtitles.

No advertising: Non-copyrighted pirated movie sites often rely on traffic and advertising to maintain the website. So many users decide to subscribe to Netflix so as not to be disturbed by ads while watching movies.

Copyrighted, quality, and attractive movie stock: Depending on the market, Netflix's movie source will be different. Hot series and reality TV shows will always be added periodically by Netflix. Besides, Netflix also produces its own movies and reality TV shows and creates a craze among young people such as Girl From No Where, Elite, Black Mirror....

Viewable on many different screens: Cheap Netflix accounts are often subscribed to Premium or Standard packages or higher. This means that users can experience Netflix on all devices, from TVs, computers, tablets to phones.

Final Words

Live TV streaming services like Netflix give similar experiences to cable TV without permanent contracts and high prices. They usually offer a wide-ranging selection of networks that reach specific users by providing a shared account feature (or what we often call Netflix group buy). By doing these, the TV streaming services and users do not waste the package of hundreds of channels full of content that you will never watch. 

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