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Terapeak Pro App group buy account - Reviews, what is Terapeak, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

Terapeak Pro App group buy account - Reviews, what is Terapeak, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

Terapeak Pro App group buy account - Reviews, what is Terapeak, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

Terapeak Research on eBay, Amazon Pro App Reviews

I’ve been using the paid version of Terapeak since early 2018 as a tool to conduct research on eBay, but with this review, will test drive it for Amazon.

Product research and niche selecting is one critical step in the journey as a successful FBA seller. It separates yourself from those who ‘jump right in’ when compared to those who take the time to validate the potential of a product.

I’ve used a range of software packages in the past and still right now in the present. I’ll even to do Terapeak vs JungleScout comparison right here, as well as SaleHoo.

Not only that, but have 2 Amazon brands and (previously) a successful eBay account. As eBay wasn’t giving me the freedom I desired (though the income was excellent), it has recently been pushed to the side through liquidation.

Let’s unpack Terapeak and see what’s on offer

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What is Terapeak?

Terapeak is the leader in ecommerce market analytics, dedicated to helping online merchants grow their business and become more profitable. Terapeak consider it their job to distil and make sense of big data sets, so they can provide their customers with market insights that can be used to discover new and emerging opportunities on eBay and Amazon. Terapeak deliver market intelligence that is both meaningful and actionable.

Let’s take a closer look at some sales strategies and see how to use Terapeak to maximize your profits.

Terapeak Pro App Features

  • Category selector. Narrow your search by category and view only transactions that occur in a specific eBay category.
  • Type-ahead component. Recommended keyword and category suggestions, based on the most frequent seller searches corresponding to the keywords you enter.
  • Data visualization for items sold and at what prices. Spot and analyze trends for items sold and at what prices over time.
  • Data visualization for market share. Easily identify your top competitors’ market share and calculate average item prices.

terapeak research

Benefits Of Using TeraPeak: Detailed TeraPeak Pro Review

Hot Research

List the categories that currently have a tendency and sell very well. Trends are ranked by their sales rate and rated as hot, very hot and very hot.

Hot Search gives you four ways to rate different sales trends. The options are:


Provides data on the best trend category, sales area, sales rate, and current category.


Data on the most popular items for DVDs, music, games, and books.

Best-selling products

That goes without saying.

Best Selling Title

This option provides data on the keywords that achieve the most conversions. This is a very good option for optimizing your ads for SEO. It’s best to use this option if you want to analyze the trend sales data and see if there are good opportunities to grab and make sales.

Category Search

Provides detailed data for each category in terms of sales volumes, sales rates, listings, lists sold, and other metrics. The different color spots you can see in the picture below are called heat maps.

Thermal Maps represent the subcategories from the highest to the lowest power in one of the six measurements you want to measure.

Then you can deepen each subcategory. For example, if you click on the sporting goods category, you will find more than 30 subcategories, each of which has its own heat map.

That way, you’ll get really advanced data to help you analyze whether it’s worth selling a particular product. However, you can only retrieve sales information that is less than 30 days old. With the product search, you can analyze the value of sales data over a period of 3 months.

That’s why I prefer the product search because it offers a much broader timeline for analyzing and displaying sales trends. This will give you a better idea of the relevance of selling a product on eBay.

Bulk search

This is another great option for research and analysis. You can enter multiple keywords (up to 10 search terms) and retrieve data about these products. The data you receive is the average price, the number of registrations, the average shipping price, and the direct sales rate. Then you can deepen by applying filters and reducing your results.

By applying the filters, you can adjust the price range, the condition of the items, and the eBay site to search.

You can also download the data in CSV or XLS format for later analysis.

terapeak ebay

How much does terapeak cost? Terapeak Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Terapeak has three plans, they are as follows:

  • Research – The main plan, this where you will have access to everything described in this review. The payment is billed annually at £13.72 per month. In my opinion, this is the best option.
  • My Sales Pro – I didn’t go into this plan because it is for those who are selling on eBay, Amazon or Shopify that want to link their accounts and get historical sales data. Also billed annually at £10.97 per month.
  • SEO Pro – This is included in the research plan, but if you just want SEO data for listing and how to rank high in eBay search and other search engines, SEO pro will provide you with that data. £3.82 per month billed annually.
  • 3 Year Data- add on – This plan gives you 3 years of sales data of any product,to purchase this you have to have purchased either the Research or My Sales Pro. This is billed annually at £27.47 per month 

Terapeak offers a 7- day free trial for any of the plans, there are no limitations and you get to access all the features within that trial period.

I would have preferred a 2-week trial period as I think this gives enough time to fully test all the features and see if you are getting any sales improvement.

what is terapeak

Final Terapeak Review

It’s hard to argue about the type of data that Terapeak provides you with, so the only real way prove if it works or not lies with the individual. Are you able to take this raw data and turn it into something that either makes you more money, or reduces your expenses on goods that don’t sell, or helps you learn new strategies by watching what successful sellers do? If you’re able to process this information and turn it into actionable items, you’ll probably get a lot of benefit from Terapeak.

However, there is a chance that you could get overwhelmed by all of the information, and your mind can get lost in all the data. This can lead to paralysis of analysis, and you could spend several hours with nothing to show for it if you just get frustrated and for your hands up in desperation, or get lots of ideas without focusing on one take action on.

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