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90 digital data grabber

DataGrabber Backstory

It’s that old story where you need something, you can’t find it and you resort to building it yourself…
We needed a really powerful tool that can query SEMRUSH and Majestic through their api’s and no one had such a thing.

It’s a tool we use everyday for things like bulk analysis of domains through SEMRUSH, Majestic best back links from multiple domains as a whole load of other things which make DataGrabber really valuable.

In short, this tool allows us to do some very heavy lifting with some amazing data.

There are two versions,

  • the earlier desktop only version, which can only work on Excel 2013/PC. It’s fairly stable and usable. Local Excel (slower)
  • The latest version of data grabber, which can work on Excel 2003 upwards/Mac & PC. It’s robust and reliable, but depending on server load can vary in output time. Excel / Server (usually faster)


90 digital data grabber

Majestic provides link data from sites:

  • link profile, backlink history, anchor text, top backlinks and top pages
  • Best back links for link discovery
  • Domain history for link growth and many other metrics
  • Top pages for link prospecting (best back links on a domain)
  • Fast reports.

SEMRUSH provides keyword and ranking data:

  • Domain info for checking rankings for a domain either per country or in the whole database
  • Ranks for URL to see a particular page on a domain ranks instead of querying the whole domain
  • Ranks for domain to discover what common keywords one site has with another group of sites

Google Scraper

  • Scrape Google in multiple ways and export to Excel
  • Get up to 1,000 results per keyword
  • Scrape in any language or location
  • Set randomised minimum and maximum intervals between scrapes to prevent Google from blocking your IP address

Share of Search tool aggregates SERPs data to show you a whole ranking landscape in one page.

  • Discover which sites are the most successful for a particular keyword group
  • See what other sites rank on a set of phrases and view their relative share of search and the specific phrases and pages they rank for
  • Source the original data through Google Keyword Planner, download the data, multiply search volume by cost per click and re-order, bring into datagrabber and run share of search
  • Alternatively click ‘Search Volume’ to get data direct from SEMRUSH and then run share of search
  • Set min pause and max pause randomiser to keep your IP unblocked
  • Query for share of search any time

Title Tag Tool

  • Upload a list of up to 1500 urls and get their title tags!
  • Upload a list of up to 1500 and we use an algo to find what language the page is.

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