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Adaptly is a digital media services company, acquired by Accenture in December, 2018. Adaptly focuses on enabling brands to manage data-driven campaigns across including Facebook and Instagram. Adaptly centralises mission-critical capabilities such as media activation, creative optimisation, performance analytics, and data integration.

Adaptly’s API integrations augment the native capabilities of Facebook, enabling them to offer clients first-mover advantage on new and sophisticated features. Adaptly was named a Facebook Creative Platform, making us one of only a few Facebook official partners to pair creative services with media solutions and expertise.

Based out of the US, Adaptly focuses on providing ad management services across Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter.

Adaptly provides the following services:

  • SELECT ACCESS - Technology integrated with platform marketing APIs.

  • PERSONALIZED PLANNING AND STRATEGY - Tailored media plans informed by custom insights.

  • ACTIVATION AND OPTIMIZATION - Execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with a single partner.

  • ANALYSIS AND REPORTING - Reports and cross-channel spend in real-time via dashboard access.

  • EXPERTISE - Platform-certified teams sharing insights.

  • DEDICATED SUPPORT - Hands-on support from core service teams.



Proprietary performance optimisation features available through Bionic, not available through Adaptly include:

  • Universal Marketing Bridge

Exclusive cross-platform live bridge between Facebook Ads Manager and Google Marketing Platforms for  real-time unified campaign optimisation

  • Goal Pipeline for Automatic Purchase Funnel Optimisation

Prioritise bid and budgets in real-time towards the most down-stream funnel conversion events; thus maximising campaign spend efficiency.

  • Automatic Bidding

Proprietary bidding technology driven on your specific marketing objectives and conversion funnel.

  • Automatic Pausing

Algorithmic ranking and pausing of ads (either at Ad Set level or campaign level as desired)

  • Automatic Budget Management

Programmatic management of budgets of Ad Sets within a campaign, 100% compatible with Facebook’s CBO Campaign Budget Optimisation.

  • Automatic Management Style Adjustment

Dynamic campaign strategy refinement to strike the optimal balance between delivery/spend and cost per objective.

  • Data Connect

Bionic facilitates the seamless integration of first-party data both out of and in to the Facebook ad platform to assist in attribution and fine-tuning audience targeting.


Receive in-depth weekly reports highlighting meaningful data, trends, and learnings.


Working with your measurement and attribution models, Adaptly provides holistic recommendations to track everything from brand lift to in-store traffic generated from ad campaigns. We leverage a combination of platform solutions and best-in-class data partners, including Nielsen, ComScore, Axciom, Epsilon, Moat, and Oracle Data Cloud (Datalogix and BlueKai).


Review campaign performance and media spend in real-time. Toggle between accounts and marketing channels, drilling down into the most relevant data for specific date ranges. Personalize and save user views, then export them to CSV with a single click. In short, the dashboard is customizable by metrics, personalizable by user.

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