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AdCash Advertising Network Reviews

Today I have a very interesting article to share with you. A lot of my readers come back to Stream SEO because we write a lot of guides, reviews and case studies about monetization methods for your traffic. But today we’re going to review Adcash – one of the top networks that have been in the industry for over 12 years and a ton of publishers use them to make huge amounts of money. Plus, they have just released their referral program – refer new publishers to Adcash and earn 5% of their lifetime earnings. 

Recently I was contacted by one of their managers and I decided to work with them as a publisher to check out their system and give my opinion about it. So, let’s start with the Adcash review! 

Adcash was founded in 2007 by a small group of entrepreneurs in Tallinn, Estonia. They have grown to a team of 100 across 3 different countries. They offer many tools and features to make monetization easy. Their multilingual account managers are always hands-on and help you make the most of their platform and unlock exclusive features tailored to your needs. 

Adcash offers monetization solutions for publishers of any size or any country.  They have worldwide campaigns across 196 countries, allowing you to monetize your traffic pretty much everywhere in the world. This is important as many publishers have trouble finding a good monetization for their tier 3 traffic websites. Also, both mobile and desktop traffic can be monetized with Adcash.

adcash review

How Adcash Works?

Once you sign up for the site and get admitted you can start monetizing the website which you submitted with their various amount of offers and revenue models. Their revenue models consist of Cost per click (CPC), Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost per action (CPA), and Cost per lead (CPL). Their offers span over 200 countries and 1000s of campaigns to choose from those companies. Monetizing your site is as easy as talking to their affiliate managers to help you choose the right ad for your site or choosing an ad yourself and installing the code on your site.

Adcash for Advertisers


The Adcash advertising platform enables you to reach anywhere and anyone across the world by managing desktop, mobile, in app and video campaigns in a user friendly manner. The advertising platform helps you to target relevant audiences by going digital. Some features are:

  • Geotargeting: This feature helps you to target people in every corner of the city and parts of town in any country.
  • Device Targeting: This allows to you target specific list of devices.
  • Language Targeting: It doesn’t matter which language a website is up of. You can select the language of the sites where you want your campaign to be displayed.
  • Browser Targeting: From a wide range of browsers you can choose any one including, IE, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Keyword targeting: Target a comprehensive list of keywords pertaining to sites that contain only keywords relevant to your campaign.
  • OS Targeting: Target any mobile and desktop operating systems including Windows and Linux.
  • Retargeting: Those who have already visited your site can be retargeted again by using pixels technology.
  • Frequency Capping: This ensures that your ads are not over exposed to your audiences.
  • Weekly Distribution: You can select the number of days on which you want your campaign to be displayed.
  • Pricing: The Adcash platform for advertisers starts from as low as $100. Anyone from small businesses to brand agencies can use their digital advertising to promote their products.
  • Instant reporting: You can monitor your campaigns on real time basis and make intuitive decisions
  • Different Ads model: Paying is easy depending upon your campaign like Cost per click (CPC), Cost per mile (CPM), Cost per View (CPV), Cost per action (CPA) and Cost per lead (CPL). This means you can pay on a single click to every time a lead is generated by your campaign.
  • Superior Support: The dedicated team of experts is ready to make the platform easy to use and support you in resolving all your issues.

Features of Adcash Advertisers

adcash advertising network review

Adcash is an amazing platform for ad networks with an intuitive dashboard that helps you analyze and monetize the campaigns.

You can run these monetized traffic ads by running a set up which takes 3 minutes. It allows you to run various ads such as Pop-Under, Native Ads, Push Notifications, Interstitials, and Display Ads.

Campaign Creation

Creating and setting up the campaign takes up less than 3 minutes and you don’t need any rocket science for that.

The dashboard process is quite intuitive. You can easily target your desired ad networks and begin with the ad setup.

Goal Tracking

This feature lets you set a creative URL and goal tracking for your campaign. When creating a creative URL, pay attention to the ClickID because this is the tracking code for your tracker.

To create the URL, go the “Event Tracking” and choose the “Create Goal”.

Campaign Tracking

Adcash lets you track your campaigns and goals.

  • Check for the daily spending of the ad campaigns. This feature reflects how much you have actually spent including the other factors.
  • The statistics for the ad including the factors such as creative SSP and format.
  • Request reports being delivered directly to your email.
  • Reporting API.

Advantages of AdCash Advertising Platform

what is adcash

  • It has an easy to use and simple user interface unlike many other ad networks.
  • It provides you with the gradual targeting abilities and it searches for the right publishers to help you reach more audience.
  • You can experiment with with various locations, CPC, CPM for your advertisements so as to reach the highest possible rate of optimization.
  • You can access the dashboard via mobile, tablets and laptop to check daily updates and stats.
  • It provides you with eight different languages as it is used among 200 countries. Hence, you can show ads in multiple countries without an issue.
  • The support system is quite effective, unlike many ad networks, where you cannot really connect with a one on one person to solve your issues. If you have any kind of confusion, you can expect faster help.

AdCash Reviews: Pros & Cons

AdCash Pros

  • Mobile and Desktop site similarity
  • Live reporting
  • International environment
  • Dedicated record director
  • Many diverse promotion designs for locales
  • Fast learning curve

AdCash Cons

  • Site must meet all requirements for promotions
  • Higher payouts for US locales as it were
  • They use the same technology, sell the same products and, important to mention here also have the same technological issues they have often. It’s Groundhog Day in Adcash – Same problems, no solutions.


Adcash Conclusions

There you have it. Adcash is a great option to monetize your traffic if you are in the right niche. You can use banners or native ads in case you run blogs, or interstitial and push notifications if the majority of your traffic comes from mobile devices.

Or you can always get back to the classic pop ads if you want maximum performance and other ad types don’t work for you. Since Adcash has inventory in 196 countries available to monetize and they have a ton of payment options Adcash is a great network to work with and start making money online!

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