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What is AffiliateFuture?

AffiliateFuture is an affiliate network that works with advertisers, publishers and agencies. It helps advertisers to boost their sales by expanding their customer reach, publishers to increase their revenue by connecting them with brands and agencies to increase their clients online sales. AffiliateFuture ad platform powers ad campaigns of 600 advertisers and helps 300,000 publishers to meet their financial bottom line.

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How Does the Affiliate Future program work?

Affiliate Future operates an affiliate network, and as mentioned before it seeks to help its’ clients to expand their advertising reach by allowing them to reach new audiences.  This new audience is made up of the visitors to the affiliated websites of the publishers.

Affiliate Future connects advertisers and publishersto achieve this advertising expansion which is expected to result in increased sales for the companies who advertise, and of course commissions for the publishers as well.

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How To Sign Up To Affiliate Future

If you're ready to start learning about the Affiliate Future affiliate network, head on over to affiliatefuture to get started. You'll see information about Advertisers, Publishers, and Agencies listed on the home screen. 

If you want to utilize Affiliate Future to advertise companies products/services on your website/social sites then you'll want to sign up as a “Publisher” which in the industry is often referred to as an “affiliate partner.”

Click the button that says “Sign Up Free” under publisher to start the sign up process. 

The sign up process through Affiliate Future is simple and quick. Simply enter the region, name, email, username, and your website information. 

Then select which sectors (niche) that your website applies for and then submit the application. 

Once you have submitted your application it will be sent to the Affiliate Future team to review your account. You will be informed via email whether you are approved or declined for a publisher account. The most common reasons you may be denied is either your site does not match the sector's you signed up for, your site might not have enough content yet, or your website does not yet have enough monthly visitors. 

As a general rule of thumb, if you don't have a website yet, you should definitely start there and create your own website. That is the best way to get started into the affiliate marketing world so you can start earning money.

Once you have your website you want to make sure you've started to make enough content that your site looks legit. The first impression of your website will tell Affiliate Future right away if you're going to be eligible or not. 

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Finding Affiliate Programs on Affiliate Future

Once you've joined the Affiliate Future network, you'll now have access to all of the affiliate programs and tools that the network has to offer. The first step is looking for which affiliate programs are available within the network. 

To do this from the home page of the Affiliate Future portal, simply click on the “Programmes” dropdown on the right-hand side. After that, select the “Merchants Not Joined” and it will show you all of the affiliate programs (merchants) that you have not yet applied for.

You can even set filters on the merchants to help narrow down your search either by merchant name, the sector (type of company) and a few other filter criteria. 

From the results that will appear you'll then be able to determine based on the company name and the different company commission information if you want to apply for them. Here are a few pieces of information which are important when deciding what merchants to apply for. 

  • Commission Percentage: The commission percentage will show you what kind of permission you'll receive from sales that happen for you advertising for that company. 
  • Cookie Length: When a customer clicks your affiliate links and are redirected to a company's website, you will receive commission from the sales – but this doesn't last forever! The cookie length will show you how long that it will track sales from that customer until it runs out. If it says 30 days, you'll receive commission on the sales from that customer from the time they click the link for the next 30 days. 

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Benefits for advertisers

Advertisers will have certain benefits if they decide to use the Affiliate Future network to take their business into the realm of affiliate marketing online.  The benefits that they will gain include the following.

Access to high-quality support

Training on how to use the platform

An estimated 300,000 plus listing of publishers.  If your advertising offer is popular then this could mean a huge amount of visitors coming to your website.

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How much can you earn with Affiliate Future?

That depends on a few variables.  The first such variable is the commission that the merchant / advertiser is paying for each successful sale or lead.  You would have seen that from the merchant profile on your Affiliate Future account dashboard before you signed up with that particular merchant.

Another variable is how many sales you can generate from your marketing.  This will vary for each publisher, but variables such as these will determine how much money you make using the Affiliate Future network marketing platform.

The beauty of the affiliate marketing business model is the fact that you can start your own business online cheaply or even for free and be earning 24 / 7 / 365.  Meaning that once you have placed high-quality content on your website online as a part of your marketing efforts, then you can be earning money from that content every single day of the week.

From visitors coming from all over the world.  Seeking to find the items that you are promoting.  That is why affiliate marketers can earn thousands of dollars every month from their online businesses.

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  • Provides a lot of support for affiliates and merchants
  • Huge range of merchants
  • Guaranteed commission payments
  • Regular free events for merchants and affiliates
  • Provides training for their affiliates
  • Over 300,000 users


  • Ugly and buggy interface
  • Not lots of promotional tools available for affiliates
  • PayPal payment method not supported

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