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This is my honest AffiliateFix Dojo review about the dojo premium membership of AffiliateFix Forum. You will get many online courses and premium membership sites where you can learn all about affiliate marketing. Most of them are crash course with limited valued information; high valued price and most of the time has recurring plans.

What actually is DOJO?

Dojo is the private affiliate marketing forum which is actually a sub forum of AffiliateFix Forum. Dojo has one of best guides, case-studies, tools, scripts, methods and a lot more valuable materials available out there online. The contents are of very high quality and they are not some random contents which you will find on any regular blogs. When I say it, I mean it. Did I forget to mention that it’s a one-time payment program? Oh yeah, you heard it right, it’s one-time payment for lifetime membership. Check out the video below and have a glimpse of the AffiliateFix Dojo.

What makes DOJO different?

You guys may have heard about MTTB Course or other premium membership. Not saying that they are bad, but my point is that every course or program has up-sells in their systems back-end. So what makes DOJO stand out of the rest, it’s a one-time payment lifetime membership and there is no catch in that line. In addition to that you will get a lifetime membership to affkit with no additional cost. Affkit specializes in scripts and tools which any affiliate marketers must have in order to be successful at what they are doing. That’s something which makes DOJO stand out of the rest.

DOJO features highlight

  • Premium Quality Guides
  • Premium Quality Tutorials
  • Top Class Case-Studies (with in-depth details)
  • Premium Quality Landing Page Templates
  • Expediting CPA Network Applications
  • Top Quality Affikit Tools & Scripts
  • Top Notch Support

Does Dojo really help and is it really worth it?

Let’s get started with myself. Not long ago, I left SEO and was looking for an alternative vertical to work on. Then I’ve joined the Affiliatefix forum casually, gone through some guides and journals and got very motivated. I was determined to start my own affiliate marketing journal and did it. At first I failed at mobile marketing and then switched to just web offers. You can read all about my progress in my Affiliatefix Journal. But after joining DOJO, I got all the help I needed like getting super quick approval on CPA networks and tools and templates to make my journal one of the successful one at Affiliatefix forum. Now it has got a gold star . Just another thing to mention, I really got all the help I needed from the admin of the forum and he has motivated me all the way personally.

So now, coming back to the main question: Yes, DOJO really helps and it’s really worth every single penny. It’s my best ever online investment I’ve made so far and I’ve gained a lot more than I can explain. I’vee personally posted couple of guides and case-studies inside DOJO myself, so I can vouch for it. If you are desperate to be successful at affiliate marketing then simply go for it, as it just costs $147.00  and you won’t regret your decision.

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