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Ahrefs promotion code

Ahrefs promotion code ultimate guide, tips and tricks

Looking to boost your SEO game without breaking the bank? You've come to the right place. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Ahrefs promotion codes. Ahrefs is a powerhouse in the SEO world, offering tools that help you analyze backlinks, conduct keyword research, and track rankings. But did you know you can save money using promotion codes? Read on to uncover tips and tricks from Groupbuyexpert will help you get the best deals and make the most of Ahrefs’ features.

About Ahrefs promotion code

Ahrefs promotion code meaning

What is Ahrefs promotion code?

Ahrefs is a leading SEO toolset used by digital marketers to enhance their online presence. It offers various features like keyword research, backlink analysis, content exploration, and site audits. This comprehensive tool helps businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic.

What is an Ahrefs Promotion Code?

An Ahrefs promotion code is a special discount or offer code that can be applied during the purchase process to reduce the cost of Ahrefs subscriptions. These codes are often provided during special promotions, events, or through affiliate partners.

Where to find Ahrefs promotion codes

Ahrefs promotion codes can be found through various channels:

  • Official Website: Sometimes, the Ahrefs discount code is directly on their site.

  • Email Newsletters: Subscribing to Ahrefs' email list might provide access to exclusive promotions.

  • Affiliate Websites: Many marketing blogs and websites share promotion codes for Ahrefs.

  • Social Media: Following Ahrefs on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn can sometimes reveal special deals.

How to Use an Ahrefs Promotion Code

Using an Ahrefs promotion code is straightforward:

  • Select Plan: Choose the Ahrefs subscription plan that suits your needs.

  • Enter Code: During checkout, there will be an option to enter a promotion code.

  • Apply Code: Enter the code and apply it. The discount should reflect immediately.

  • Complete Purchase: Proceed with the payment at the discounted rate.

What's today's best Ahrefs coupon?

Today's top coupon gives you a 25% discount. Another highly effective code, "MEMORIAL," consistently offers a 60% discount. 

Additionally, there's a deal that allows you to save 16% on your purchase. Remember, these codes and discounts can change frequently, so it's a good idea to check for the latest offers. 

Ahrefs doesn't usually run one-off discounts or seasonal specials, but they do offer almost 20% off on annual billing. 

How can I get a Ahrefs discount?

Ahrefs promotion code - ways to get

How to get to Ahrefs promotion code? doesn't provide one-time discounts or seasonal offers. However, you can save money by opting for an annual subscription or using their free tools. An annual plan costs the same as 10 months but grants you 12 months of access, giving you 2 months free and about a 20% discount compared to the monthly rate. 

For more details, we are updating and guide you to get more Ahrefs discount coupon codes up to 75% right here! Check it out!

Additionally, Ahrefs offers limited free access to Site Explorer and Site Audit via Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. You also should be aware that Ahrefs doesn't have promotional or discount codes; any you find online are not genuine.

How often does Ahrefs release discount codes?

Ahrefs promotion code release time

Times to release Ahrefs promotion code does not provide one-time discounts or seasonal deals, including holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Instead, they offer nearly 20% off for annual subscriptions. No promotional or discount codes are provided by Ahrefs. Any such codes found on other websites are not genuine.

However, a new Ahrefs coupon code is typically found every 5 days. On average, 0.6 discount codes per month have been discovered over the past year. Keep in mind that the frequency of these promotions can change, so it's wise to check their official channels regularly for the latest updates.

Money saving tips and hacks for Ahrefs

Common ways to save Ahrefs promotion code

How to save your money with Ahrefs promotion code?

Utilizing Ahrefs Coupons

When shopping at Ahrefs, always look out for coupons. Even if your desired items are already on sale, applying a coupon can further reduce your costs. Combining multiple coupons, if allowed, can maximize your savings.

Stacking Discount Codes

While many stores don't allow stacking coupons, it's worth trying at Ahrefs. Attempt to apply more than one discount code during checkout to see if they can be used together for additional savings.

For more details, check out this video below:

Employee Discounts

Ahrefs employees may enjoy discounts on products purchased from the company. The specifics of these discounts typically adhere to the company's employee policies, providing an opportunity for significant savings.

Military Discounts

Verify if Ahrefs offers military discounts by checking their official policy on their website. If available, these discounts can provide a meaningful reduction in costs for military personnel and their families.

Student Discounts

Check Ahrefs' policy regarding student discounts. Depending on their offerings, students may be eligible for discounts on services or products, making it beneficial to review their terms for potential savings opportunities.

Group buy tool

If you are looking for an effective way to save money when using the Ahrefs, consider the Ahrefs group buy service. Besides hunting for discount codes or discounts, Ahrefs group buying allows many people to share the cost of purchasing a service package, helping you save significantly.

The Ahrefs group buy service offers a great opportunity for you to experience powerful Ahrefs features at a lower cost. By joining a group purchase, you only pay a fraction of the original price of the plan, but still enjoy the full benefits of Ahrefs. This is especially useful for individuals, small businesses, or those who are just starting out with SEO and don't want to invest too much in tools from the beginning.


Top savings opportunities with Ahrefs coupon codes today?

Save big on Ahrefs Lite & Standard Plans with up to 50% off using current coupon codes. Additionally, get 10% off the Ahrefs Keyword Tool. 

Ahrefs also offers nearly 20% off all annual billing for their products and plans. Keep in mind, these discounts can change, so check for the latest deals to maximize your savings!

How many coupons does Ahrefs offer today?

Currently, has seven active coupon codes available. These codes can save you up to 20% on a variety of plans and services. 

Ahrefs does not typically offer one-off discounts or seasonal specials, so consider annual billing or utilizing their free tool for consistent savings. Enjoy your savings!

Is there a legitimate Ahrefs promo code?

Ahrefs confirms through their Help Center that they do not provide promotional or discount codes. Any codes found on other sites are not genuine. While Ahrefs does offer nearly 20% off for annual subscriptions or lifetime deal in 2024, they do not offer one-time discounts or seasonal deals.

This information comes directly from Ahrefs' official website, indicating that any promo code for Ahrefs from other sources is not valid.


Ahrefs is an essential tool for anyone serious about SEO, and using promotion codes is a smart way to get more value for your money. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these tips and tricks on Ahrefs promotion code can help you unlock powerful features without straining your budget. Keep an eye out for the latest offers, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the savings. Happy optimizing!

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