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What is AliDropship?

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin, created by Yaros. The plugin is designed to help dropshippers streamline and automate their day-to-day tasks, to allow them to focus on the bigger picture.

It helps with choosing, importing, organizing, and managing inventory, through to placing orders in a semi-automated way… All of which with minimal effort and time.


What Services Does AliDropship Offer, and Which Should I Choose?

To get it straight, AliDropship’s plugin is at the core of every product that AliDropship provides.

However, there are some different options available, depending on your needs and whether you want a DIY solution of a Done-For-You solution.

It can be somewhat confusing to know exactly what solution is ideal for you, and therefore we’ve done our best to provide each of the products, alongside who we personally think it’s best suited for.

  • AliDropship Plugin – For those who want to create their own site from scratch. AliDropship have some free, compatible e-commerce themes and so you can then begin adding your own products – This is ideal for those who want to learn by doing, keep costs low, whilst getting this awesome plugin.

alidropship plugin

  • AliDropship Custom Stores – For those who want to have a bespoke store created for them, by a highly experienced account manager, who does all of the work (consulting you at every point), including niche research, competitor analysis, product selection & importing and graphics/content for the site. Not only this, but you’ll have lifetime support and updates on your AliDropship Custom Store purchase – This is ideal for someone who wants to watch and learn from the experts, and let them handle the job of creating you a store.
  • AliDropship Premium Stores – For these who want to get an exact copy of a store that AliDropship owns, including all of the products, and the exact ads and marketing strategy that they are currently using to make the store profitable. It will include a different logo and then you’ll be fully operational – This is ideal for those who want an exact formula to follow, but without the expense of purchasing an established store which is already earning.
  • AliDropship Established Stores – For those who want to purchase an existing store, which is already making a certain amount of $$$ per week. The advantage of this is you can get a fully profitable business, without the need for you to do much work; And it gives you the opportunity to see under the hood of a dropshipping store which is winning – This is ideal for those who have some investable income, and want to purchase a fully working and earning store immediately.

alidropship chrome extension

How Does AliDropship Work?

The AliDropship plugin has many features, which I will explain in further detail below, however, the short summary is that it simplifies the process of importing droshipping products into your WordPress store and fulfilling them with the simple click of a button

Although AliDropship is known for its fantastic dropshipping plugin, they have developed other apps that have been designed to further enhance the performance of your dropshipping business. These include plugins for social media marketing, Google advertising, Facebook advertising and recently they released a new plugin that will help you identify the most trending products on AliExpres.

To further show that they are fully invested in their customer’s success, they provide an extensive range of guides and resources on how to start and run a successful dropshipping business.

This is a legitimate company and one of my top recommendations to start an online business with.

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Pros of AliDropship

  • Import products from AliExpress into your site in one click
  • Import AliExpress product reviews
  • Choose customizable, mobile-friendly themes
  • Integrate dropshipping with your WooCommerce store
  • Built-in marketing features to send email and create coupons
  • Automate pricing based on your custom rules
  • Access product tracking and analytics from your dashboard
  • Access free support
  • Automate the plugin updates
  • Add unlimited products

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Cons of AliDropship

  • WordPress can be hard for beginners
  • Not many themes available. They also lack design flexibility because most of the settings are locked (header and menu position, layout, etc.)
  • Some features are paid: for instance, a popup for recent sales ($29) or product reviews from your own customers (both cost $29).
  • 1-click import only works on Google Chrome

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AliDropship Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, AliDropship doesn’t offer a free trial. You can see a demo, but you do not have the option to take the AliDropship plugin for a ride before you commit to paying the full $89.

It’s a one-off fee, which gives users access to all of the features and more discussed above. It doesn’t include any hosting or domain fees. If you’re serious about running a dropshipping business – AliDropship is a great option, as it’s the most affordable option out there. The competition charges a monthly fee, that quickly adds up.

how to get coupon code for package alidropship


So is the AliDropship plugin worth the hype? Yes. It comes with an incredible entourage of features, designed to help create, run, and grow your dropshipping business. From the seamless integration to the thoughtful pricing automation, there are features to help those with the least amount of digital experience. The direct access to thousands of products on AliExpress and the 100% control over your store and site is an appealing bid for the number one stop in the dropshipping race. Sure, there’s no trial, but you don’t need one. Because as soon as you start dropshipping with AliDropship, you’ll never want to switch.

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