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Amazeowl group buy account - Chrome extension reviews, pricing, promo code

Amazeowl group buy account - Chrome extension reviews, pricing, promo code

Amazeowl group buy account - Chrome extension reviews, pricing, promo code

Amazeowl Chrome Extension Reviews

Amazeowl is comparatively new chrome extension and is free to use whereas the desktop utility presently costs extra features. Very like AMZTracker however completely totally different in several key methods, Amazooka’s making a splash in the Amazeowl Review Amazon FBA world.

Amazeowl helps more than 4000 people start their businesses on Amazon each month. It helps look for in more than 600 million products and 11 marketplaces and all in absolute ease. Also, it helps validate and launch your winning product idea and stay a step ahead of your competition. They show you some of the most accurate statistics and information when analyzing products to sell.  

Amazeowl Extension Main Features

Amazeowl too comes with a staggering set of features:

  • Helps find promising products only by scrolling through Amazon, and when it spots high potential products, it explains the opportunity to you.
  • Their Amazon product database is updated daily and gives access to millions of more product ideas.
  • Shows the accurate data you need to understand your market, and products are ranked with a simple 5-star system to show you the ease of entry, demand and potential profit.
  • Shows daily changes your competitors make to their price, images, titles and keywords to stay on top.
  • They attract more buyers to your product with keyword monitoring to see the impact of changes.
  • How would you find a million dollar product Find a product that generates $ 3,000 per year, and you earn about $ 1,000,000 a year. There are three things to keep in mind when looking for a product: high product price, high sales speed and over weight and size. (Generally, I find a product under a pound, but in this case, step out of the box and separate us from the competition.)

amazeowl chrome extension

High Purchase Price

The higher the purchase price, the lower the sales of the cash you want. The products that sell for more money will have a big margin of profit.

As a general rule, the products sold between $ 30 and $ 100 will have a better profit margin than products ranging from $ 10 to $ 20. Why? Amazon will charge you a minimum fee, because the cost of your product. The higher priced price PPC offers a bigger margin for you to make money with ads and productivity.

High Sales Velocity

What do I mean by the high sales moment? A product that sells many times a day – I represent a product that really sells fast. Now, it is difficult to find a product with both high purchase price and high sales speed, but it is possible! The time spent in research is worth finding a product to stand up to the competition.

High Weight and Large Size

A big product is different from the competition, but you can give a different room. Most people try to sell small items on Amazon, so selling bigger products automatically keeps you in a category with fewer competitors. So, go for a larger product and separate the heck from you!

Amazeowl Chrome Extension Benefits

Amazeowl has a couple benefits of their own:

  • It is a very dedicated desktop app that saves listings directly from Amazon.
  • It helps really get into the product’s demands and competition. 
  • Also, it keeps an eye on the competition.

Amazeowl Pricing and discount with promo code

amazeowl pricing

Amazeowl’s plans are said to fit onto different user goals and are as follows:

Starter plan: free

  • Tracked niches: 1
  • Keywords monitoring: 3 keywords
  • Auto-updates: 1 niche
  • Product database: not available
  • Customer support: not available

Growth plan: $ 9,99/month

  • Tracked niches: 10
  • Keywords monitoring: 10 keywords
  • Auto-updates: 5 niches
  • Product database: 50 products / month
  • Customer support: regular

Established plan: $ 15,99/month

  • Tracked niches: 300
  • Keywords monitoring: 50 keywords
  • Auto-updates: 20 niches
  • Product database: 200 products / month
  • Customer support: high priority


  • 10 day trial with no credit card required

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