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AMZ Tracker Pro group buy account - Reviews, what is amz tracker, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

AMZ Tracker Pro group buy account - Reviews, what is amz tracker, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

AMZ Tracker Pro group buy account - Reviews, what is amz tracker, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

AMZ Tracker Pro Reviews

Amazon is certainly the best marketplace in the E-commerce industry at the moment. It is blooming day by day and a number of sellers are joining in with the Amazon marketplace as a seller. The reason why there are a number of sellers with Amazon is that of its user-friendly approach towards the sellers and buyers.

There are a number of tools and platforms to boost the sales for Amazon sellers. AMZ tracker is one of the most robust tools currently. It offers the best tools to sell your products online and grow your presence in the market.

AMZ Tracker is an awesome Amazon FBA seller tool that raises the ranks of the seller by using different strategies. It is a suitable tool for tracking the seller’s progress. I have given a detailed review of the AMZ Tracker tool for the Amazon FBA Sellers. I will share latest  AMZ Tracker Discount Coupon and AMZ Tracker Review.

amz tracker

What is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker provides Amazon merchants with sales strategy tips, competitor analysis, keyword research and more to enable the management of conversions and product promotions. The original AMZTracker review was excellent because this was the first online platform available. Between 2015 and 2016, AMZTracker made a tremendous difference for merchants with a wide variety of new tools. Towards the end of 2016, Amazon changed the rules regarding incentivized reviews.

Features of AMZ Tracker Pro

Keyword Tracker

The feature lets you define keywords for your products that describe your product specifications in short. According to the plan you subscribe, you are limited to a specific number of keywords. These prove important for the rankings of your products.

Product Tracking

The Amazon sellers can track their products as compared to their competitors’ products. The sellers need to select the products they wish to track based on Best Seller Rankings, sales estimations, revenue estimations, and many other aspects that prove to increase the profit margin. Hence by making a comparison, the sellers can make the necessary improvisations in their products.

Review club of AMZ Tracker

The AMZ Tracker Review Club is the most vital features of selling products. Use of the review club along with the tool you have planned for promoting and selling your products proves to be very beneficial. This club allows you to track you products and also helps in promoting them in a much efficient way. If you are reviewed negatively, the negative review gets tracked and it alerts you about it. The negative review alert helps you to track the reviews and hence improvise in your products, but this may not prove to be much useful to you.

Negative review alerts

When any of the customers of sellers on Amazon give a negative review to their products, the sellers are notified of it and hence they can convert their unsatisfied customers into 5 star rating customers. The feature gets the information of all the product reviews less than 4 star rating, with which the sellers can sort the reviews with respect to the date of reviews. Based on this the Amazon sellers can make a priority list as to which customer should be contacted first.

Super URL

Super URL is a link that is used to direct the social media users towards the Amazon products of the seller. The sellers need to define the link and select as to where these can be used, i.e., Facebook, Gmail, etc. For example, a Facebook or Gmail user can visit the Amazon products by clicking on the link or ad available on their Facebook or Gamil window, which proves helpful for the Amazon sellers to raise their product rankings.

amz tracker review

AMZ Tracker Pro Reviews: Pros & Cons

Pros of AMZ Tracker

  • You can track product data in real time - Both yours and competitors
  • Up to date information with regards to pricing, products, estimation of sales and product reviews
  • Its a Service on Demand System and works with all Amazon sites - So if you break into other markets you can start to look up other competitors!
  • The listing improvement tips can help you increase your ranking by simply improving your images, or finding more reviews.
  • You can instantly set up coupons and push them to another marketplace too potentially improve your rankings and social proof. 

Cons of AMZ Tracker

  • The marketplace is becoming competitive, with products like AMZ Scout and AMZ Shark (Though AMZ Shark are currently looking a bit lacklustre). 
  • A lot of users have complained about the high pricing (see more on that below) but after looking at other services, their pricing is around on par. 

amz tracker coupon

AMZ Tracker Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

The AMZ Tracker service is available for 7 days in which you can enjoy a free trial of the software as to how it works and what all is flexible to you.

AMZ Tracker provides you with three different packages as below:

  1. Basic Plan:$33.3 per month for beginner level. Keyword limit – 110 words.
  2. Professional Plan: $66.7 for a month if you apply for a yearly package or $100 per month for a monthly package. Keyword limit – 500 words.
  3. God Mode: $133.3 per month for yearly package and $200 for a monthly package. Keyword limit – 1500 words.
  4. Legend:$266.7 per month for yearly package and $400 for the monthly package. Keyword limit – 3000 words.

what is amz tracker

Conclusion of  AMZ Tracker Pro

AMZ Tracker is the right tracking tool for your business needs and so it does well with the tracking. It gives you the glimpse of how to look the product for the ranking and analysis. It gives an overall estimation of sales and revenue with the product review and the product rankings.

It is much more than this tool can do and not just limited to this. It even alerts your hijack of the listings. It even sends you the notification if the customer gives you less than 4 stars.

AMZ Tracker that works on Amazon could be for the best because it is compatible with all the website of Amazon with its all web-based software. More so, it assists sellers to know their shortcoming and above all know the area where they need to improve their products and improve profits.

This was my detailed review of the AMZ Tracker tool for the Amazon FBA sellers. Use this awesome tool and start making your presence in the Amazon marketplace.

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