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Please see the full list of tools available here:

There are total 3 different plans with service:

Basic - Free plan

Pro: $99/month

Premium: $179/month

Elite: $329 /month. is selling this plan for just $50/month. It mean that you pay $50 per month to get the same elite account.

A new service has launched as a result of a closure of Magicadz with a name that calls it has some new features at no extra costs. Visto offers advanced AI-powered features and artificial intelligence-powered filters that enable anyone working in online marketing, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing to get a valuable insight into the strategies of their competition as you grow your business.

In the present day competitive market, creating profitable campaigns is harder than ever. New technologies prove this every day. In fact, 76% of people believe that over the past two years industry has changed more than it has over the previous fifty years, which summarizes the pace of change right now.

The social ads page on Facebook is a veritable jungle out there.

The easier it is to create profitable campaigns, the more efficient they become. That’s why Visto was created. With AI at its core, Visto scans thousands of ads every day, allowing advertisers to cut through the noise and discover what’s profitable.

The main features of are:

⭐Massive database - Over 5 million ads are uploaded daily and the number continues to grow. More quality data means more data-driven decisions!

⭐️ Smarter keyword search - Find what you're looking for based on the text on your ads, URLs, landing pages, and much more.

⭐️ Ad types, demographics, and language filters - We give you powerful control over how you see ads.

⭐️ Shop e-commerce stores in 1-click - Choose the top-selling e-commerce products.

⭐️ Find the most profitable ads and offers in the affiliate marketing industry with our unique affiliate marketing filters.

You can try our tool for free entirely without any limitations, because we think nothing beats just doing it yourself. Use it as a powerful research tool for your online affiliate or ecommerce business and don't forget to invite your friends and loved ones to join our group buy service.


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