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What is Amzpecty?

Amzpecty is a web browser extension and a web app that automates the process of discovering the amount of stock available on Amazon, based on the competitor stock levels queries. It works from Amazon Seller Central and search results, providing Amazon sellers a unique arsenal of data toolset that can be used to make informed business decisions. Pricing packages include five options as well as a custom package for businesses with over 300 products.

This site offers tools to easily track Amazon competitor stock, quantity, inventory, prices, Shipping Fees and variations. The user can check the stock of specific sellers and can filter by item condition and FBA/MFN. Results including seller names, FBA status, price, shipping cost, and quantity are presented in downloadable documents, and this data can be integrated into user’s internal systems for data analytic purposes.

Variations Analysis and Product Variations Viewer allows the user to discover and keep track of the product variations. Amazon Profit Calculator is a highly configurable tool that aids the user in profit calculations. Sales Trend, Estimated Quantity Sold, Price Trend tracking and Daily Product Snapshots keep the user updated on daily developments with regard to the sales operations.


How Amzpecty work?

Amzpecty Product Discovery

On Amzpecty, merchants can verify their product ideas based on actual Amazon marketplace data. Amzpecty provides actionable insights by analyzing sales trends, estimated units sold, and the price evolution of a particular product on Amazon.

However, when it comes to exploring niche product categories and market opportunities, Algopix is widely considered a suitable option among Amzpecty alternatives.

The Algopix Product Discovery Tool helps merchants to validate their product ideas through an intuitive keyword search.

Based on the search terms, Algopix generates active product listings across 16 international Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces. Attached to the listings overview, Algopix displays crucial product listing information on the price level, sales volume, and brand name.

Amzpecty Analyze profit margins

Amzpecty helps FBA and FBM sellers to analyze potential profit margins by estimating fulfillment fees and providing insight into current price levels.

Undoubtedly within this field, Algopix can be considered an adequate Amzpecty alternative.

Algopix leverages cutting-edge algorithms that calculate marketplace fees, shipping expenses, and price levels for a particular product to generate data-driven and accurate insights into potential profit margins across Amazon, eBay, and Walmart – in real-time

amzpecty extension

AMZPecty features

Presents 5 different features. Let’s break them down:

Amzpecty Instant product data search

An alternative to the 999 trick will shows:

  • available quantity per item
  • the product seller (name and seller rating)
  • price
  • shipping fees
  • condition
  • condition note
  • upc
  • sales rank
  • ASIN
  • Minimum and maximum price (and average)
  • and more

Amzpecty Amazon profit calculator

Add your cost and estimate feeds for both Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Merchant and get your estimated profit and loss. Works in bulk products or individual products.

chrome plugins amzpecty

Amzpecty Seller central product notes

A notes tool in your Amazon Seller Central manage inventory page which will allow you to write and view notes directly on your dashboard.

Amzpecty Daily product snapshots

A daily snapshot including:

  • sales trend per seller and up to 60 days
  • estimated quantity sold
  • price movements and trends (not just the Buy Box, but individual sellers as well)

Amzpecty Product variations viewer

If you browse Amazon and click on any product that has variations available, the extension will show a tab named “view variations with amzpecty”. Each variant comes with Buy Box, Reviews and Dimensions

The tab will display:

  • Stock Variants
  • Positive Reviews
  • Critical Reviews
  • Product images
  • Buy Box Seller
  • Buy Box Price
  • Buy Box Quantity
  • Number of Sellers or Number of Offers
  • Variation Attributes
  • Review Count
  • Most Recent Review Date
  • Product Dimension
  • Product weight

get amzpecty extention

Amzpecty Multi marketplace and multi language

AMZPecty, it works on every Amazon marketplace:

  • Amazon USA
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon India
  • Amazon China
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Mexico
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Turkey (FBA Calculator not included)

Amzpecty is also in customers native native languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese and Turkish.

Amzpecty Prісіng and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

All plans include the following Premium features -Unlimited usage of Chrome Extension -Total estimated quantity -Show all offers' available quantity -Show price + shipping total -Show min, max, and average price -Show product UPC -Show customer rating and review -Show seller rating -Download data (CSV / Excel) -Calculate FBA profit -Instant product notes -Inspect storefront products' stock levels -Fast email support "Starter" $9.99/month -Daily product snapshots WebApp for 3 ASINS -3 requests for the product variations viewer "Pro Basic" $19.99/month -Daily product snapshots WebApp for 20 ASINS -10 requests for the product variations viewer "Pro Advanced" $59.99/month -Daily product snapshots WebApp for 100 ASINS -Unlimited requests for the product variations viewer "Enterprise Basic" $79.99/month -Daily product snapshots WebApp for 150 ASINS -Unlimited requests for the product variations viewer "Enterprise Advanced" $129.99/month -Daily product snapshots WebApp for 300 ASINS -Unlimited requests for the product variations viewer *Contact for Custom Pricing if you have over 300 products

amzpecty pro basic

Summary of amzpecty

Not only does AmzPecty offer 1-click access to the competition’s quantities, it also provides competitor names, FBA flag, price, shipping, and the total of price and shipping combined. Complete your inspections from Amazon’s search results or on Seller Central Manage Inventory; no need to copy-paste and open new tabs. When checking the stocks of specific sellers, you can even filter by item condition (New, Used, etc.) and/or seller type (FBA or MFN). AmzPecty calculates your FBA profit, giving you the best price to earn higher net profit and margin. Use the Product Variation Viewer to easily check product variations. Each variant comes with Buy Box, Reviews, and Dimensions information. Use Daily Product Snapshots to easily determine estimated Amazon available quantity, quantity sold, and price trends over time. AmzPecty has a unique feature that allows you to quickly write notes on your products on Seller Central Manage Inventory. Use Instant Product Notes to showcase something about a particular find or save key information to go over later.

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