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Amztracker Group Buy Account

Amztracker Group Buy Account

AMZ Tracker is a software designed to help Amazon sellers improve their business rankings. Its features include product promotion, sales tracking, negative review alerts, competitor analysis, and more. Get AMZTracker group buy account now!

AMZ Tracker is a software designed to help Amazon sellers improve their business rankings. Its features include product promotion, sales tracking

AMZ Tracker Features

Check out the list below of some of AMZ Tracker’s features:

  • Sales tracking and product promotions
  • Negative review alerts
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research tool
  • Promo voucher sends
  • On-page analyzer
  • Concurrent users


Offensive Strategy

amz tracker offensive strategy


This section is for tools that allow you to be aggressive in the marketplace – set around things like optimization, promotions and competitor analysis.

Let’s see how they do individually:

Keyword Trackingamz tracker keyword tracking

We’re sure you’re familiar with the function and purpose of a keyword tracker.

AMZ’s offering uses clean and tidy graphs like the one shown above to display how your product’s ranks have changed over time for different keywords.

It does a good job of alerting you when a competitor makes a major change that increases their rank so that you can learn from the change and maybe even implement it yourself.

amz rank tracker

It’s shallow compared to in-depth rank software like KeyworX but this is to be expected, and as part of an overall package, this does the job well regardless.

AMZ Tracker was one of the first Amazon tools to allow sellers to track their Best Seller Rank and it was a leader in the field for this reason.

Nowadays, plenty of other tools offer this functionality and AMZ Tracker’s hasn’t developed much, making it a lot less unique than it used to be.

It still does the job though and is an effective way to increase your Best Seller Rank.

Conversion Rate Optimization

amz tracker conversions

This feature analyses your listings and provides a simple list of recommended improvements as shown.

It can also be used to analyse competitor’s listings to get quick insights on anything they might be doing better than you.

You can check each listing against a keyword to see how well/whether it ranks for that keyword, allowing you to include it in your listing more if you aren’t ranking well enough for it.

While this is a pretty cool tool that has its place in the overall package, there are plenty of other similar options out there, some of which are free, so we definitely wouldn’t look at this as a reason to sign up for AMZ Tracker in itself.

Super URLs

amz tracker super urls


While other products offer Super URLs these days including AMZShark, AMZ Tracker actually pioneered the idea, and it is a cool one.

Super URLs work by simply adding your chosen keywords to the URL so that it appears to the Amazon algorithm  as if the customer has searched those keywords before purchasing your product, therefore increasing your products rank for that keyword.

Nowadays, however, it seems Amazon has nuked Super URLs just like they did to incentivized reviews, and it’s debatable whether you will actually get any ranking improvements from using this in 2019.

In fact, Amazon’s TOS directly states that “Any attempt to manipulate the Search and Browse experience is prohibited”, so you are potentially risking your seller account even if it does work.

If you want our professional advice on this tool, don’t bother with it.

Those are the main tools for Offensive Strategy though, so let’s move on to the defensive options:

Defensive Strategy

amz tracker defensive strategy

This section is for tools focused around defending your business – so the order of the day is competitor research, review management and other ways of preventing damage to your brand caused by people other than yourself.

Let’s take a look at some:

Alerts for Negative Reviews & Listing Hijacks


These features simply provide immediate automated alerts for things you should be aware of, allowing you to react without delay.

A “listing hijack” is when another seller takes over the Buy Box and starts selling on your listing, either by reselling products bought from you, selling counterfeit versions of your product or simply by winning the Buy Box from you if the product in question is sold by multiple sellers.

Just like losing a first place position, losing the Buy Box can drastically reduce your sales, so you need to be able to react immediately, and the alerts make this easy.

In the same way, the negative review alerts make it easy to respond quickly to every negative review and can help you to keep your star rating as high as possible.

Recon Strategy

amz tracker recon strategy


This section is all about strategy and data – in order to make the right moves for your business, you need to know everything else that’s going on in the market, and these tools aim to make that possible.

Keyword Research Tool (& Deepwords)

amz tracker keyword research


The keyword research tool suggests related keywords to the generic keyword you enter, so it can be helpful for longtail keywords and finding search terms you wouldn’t otherwise think of.

The Deepword tool is very similar but also provides search traffic estimates and related categories which helps find ideas for new traffic sources.

amz tracker keyword research

It’s a well-designed tool with fairly accurate data but we did see some strange keywords come up that seemed to be taken from Google as opposed to Amazon, and with so many of these tools around these days for a lot cheaper, AMZ Tracker’s offering is nothing major to write home about.

Competitor Analysis

amz tracker competitor analysis

This is actually very similar to the conversion rate optimization tool but allows you to run an analysis of your competitor’s listings in order to learn from beneficial changes they’ve made or to take advantage of harmful ones.

It also keeps track of competitor’s stock levels and sales but is less accurate than more recent tools that do the same such as JungleScout.

You get daily breakdowns of the stock levels and estimated sales of your competitors:

It even gives you running averages that you can break down into variants to see which version of a product sells best.

amztracker competitor research

The Unicorn Smasher Pro Chrome Extension

unicorn smasher review

While Unicorn Smasher is created by the team behind AMZ Tracker and is included in the subscription, it is also associated with CashCowPro, and since it’s a Chrome Extension that works independently, you could technically use it alongside any Amazon seller tool you like.

It’s a great tool that allows you to get metrics on products, rankings and competitors while you browse Amazon, meaning you don’t have to keep switching tabs and checking different things to get a complete picture.

unicorn smasher screenshot

While it works independently to AMZ Finder, they do work better together and the combination of Unicorn Smasher, the Sales Tracker and On-Page Analyzer tool make competitor research a walk in the park and this helps a lot when it comes to the question of AMZ Tracker being good value.

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