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Appfigures: review and short description

Appfigures,Appfigures review

A platform to track and optimize your app downloads and earnings utilizing detailed reports and a beautiful interface. 

Track all downloads and earnings for your monetization channels, including paid downloads, in-app purchases, memberships, and ads. App store optimization tools for monitoring performance and catchphrase research? Competitor insight? Read and react to app surveys with channels? Monitor all your ad campaigns? Hourly ranking in all nations and? Track surveys over the long haul and by country? Automatic alerts to email and Slack for performance, ratings and ASO? Designer API? Portable app? And considerably more to assist you with developing your audience … 

Ranking monitoring in all nations and? Track audits over the long haul and by country? Automatic alerts to email and Slack for performance, ratings and ASO? Engineer API? Versatile app? And significantly more to assist you with developing your audience

Key Features

Appfigures,Appfigures review

App store insight platform appFigures today carried out another iOS app that will allow app designers to track their own apps' performance, including things like downloads, income and app store surveys. The launch is bound to happen for the app tracking firm, which recently offered its API to several outsider app distributers instead of zeroing in on its own native versatile experience. 

The new application, the company says, has been planned from the beginning for iPhone and offers a straightforward interface that makes it easy to see key data at a glance, as well as channel or drill down into that data for more detail. The app presents information in a dashboard interface, and utilizations various clear and very much planned charts where engineers can see things like income, including breakdowns of total income versus app sales, in-app purchases, and income from ads. You can also dig into this data to see explicit measurements encompassing things like impressions, clicks, and more. 

Designers can channel the information by application, nation, store and organization, too. Another accommodating feature remembered for the new release is automatic audit translation, which allows a distributer to perceive what individuals are saying about their app in different nations. These audits are flagged with a "translated" label for easy identification. 

And obviously, appFigures allows designers to track their app downloads, remembering for app downloads, updates, returns, and educational downloads. 

What makes the app stand out is its plan – which you can look at utilizing the app's incorporated "demo" mode regardless of whether you don't have an appFigures account at this time. Other than the attractive charts, there are others decent touches in the app, including its various animations, and its help for iCloud keychain, sharing, and accessing data disconnected, for example. 

The app itself is a free download for appFigures customers who utilize its freemium-evaluated administration to track apps, sales, rankings, surveys, and more.

  • Supports all major stores, including: the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Steam and others.
  • Consolidates Revenue, Performance, Spend, and Usage data into a single platform.
  • Provides App Intelligence, Keyword Insights, and Keyword Ranks for ASO.

Appfigures,Appfigures review

My personal experience with App Store Optimization (ASO) is extensive and I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about what ASO is and how it can make your app more successful. Part of my job as an App Marketer for a mobile company is to optimize apps on the App Store, Apple Watch, and Mac OS X. Apple recently launched an updated set of rankings for all iOS apps as well as launching their newly redesigned App Store that includes their new ranking system called "Keyword Ranks". I'll shed some light on what "Keyword Ranks" is and how you can use the updated ranking system to your advantage.

I've written several times about App Store Optimization (ASO), and in this article I'd like to review the basics so everyone's on the same page, including what ASO is, why it's useful, and what you can start doing today to get an edge over others in your niche.

The first siren song we all hear when we launch an app is to improve our ranking in the app store. With ASO, we're taking a systematic approach to this; we want to rank high for keywords that describe the functionality and value of our app, and rank low for other keywords. You can't just add a little bit of ASO to your app and hope it will improve your rankings; if the words in your keyword list don't match what people are searching for, you won't see any results.tep to better marketing your apps is simple: ASO. You need to optimize all of your apps for maximum visibility on the app store.

Appfigures: benefits

  • The Appfigures layout is excellent.

Appfigures,Appfigures review

The Appfigures layout is excellent. Clearly they've not just included a number of the latest iOS and Android apps and games, but also apps that are most popular with editors. The "Opinion" section is useful for checking out what people in the industry think of recent releases. It's great to see developers like Remedy Entertainment on there - they make some of the best video games around, such as Max Payne 3 or Alan Wake.

It's worth noting that Appfigures is free; you don't need to sign up in order to use it. That means you can check out all their apps without any obligation and with absolutely no ads! And that in turn means that it's really easy to compare different apps and games by browsing through their site.

  • It helps people follow up with interest promptly.

It helps people follow up with interest promptly. It can automate social media alerts. It helps users get in touch with customers and prospects through automated, automatic, and proactive outreach. It's a service that people turn to when they want to stay in control and avoid the disappointment of not getting any follow-up response. FollowUp Then is a "smart reply" tool for email inboxes that allows users to send follow-ups after their initial correspondence has been sent or received.

It's like an email automation app for business, combining skillful marketing technology to get followers on your social media pages and previously mentioned methods of outreach — it all fits within one easy-to address platform.

  • The performance of the Appfigures is good as of now.

Appfigures,Appfigures review

The performance of the Appfigures is good as of now. The performance of the Appfigures is good as of now. The performance of the Appfigures is good as of now. The performance of the Appfigures is good as of now. The performance of the Appfigures is good as of now.

Many useful functions have been created to utilize this app and help you in your day to day life, which you can use without any hindrance from company restrictions or third party external overloads on your account. This has been created by a team with solid experience in mobile development and it’s been tested on different devices so that it gives a flawless result each time someone uses it on their system.

  • Appfigures Support is excellent and useful.

Appfigures Support is excellent and useful. It is an app analytics tool that helps developers monitor what is being said about their apps. Appfigures Support can also help you find information about your app in the Developer Console.

Appfigures Support will let you know when feedback reported by users has been updated or fixed, and it can provide other helpful analytical data such as sentiment analysis and localization analytics.

  • Good software must try.

Appfigures: pros and cons

Appfigures,Appfigures review


  • The Appfigures is great to use.
  • Add pros in the review section.


  • No cons yet.
  • Add the cons in the review section.

Appfigures: price

Appfigures,Appfigures review

  • Starting from: Free
  • Pricing model: Free or Freemium
  • Free Trial: May be included, please check at the official site, we mentioned above.
  • The Appfigures software price is Free, or Freemium means you can truly enjoy the Appfigures Software.

The Appfigures Software gives you an easy-to-use and efficient management, and Appfigures allows you to focus on the most important things. It’s friendly to use; maybe you will love it, and Appfigures can be used on ios, windows, or Android devices.

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