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What is APPlyzer?

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

APPlyzer is a complete App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools for Web-Based has a simple interface and is easy to use. APPlyzer provides end-to-end solutions for Windows operating systems and is compatible with Desktop. APPlyzer App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools helps with Insights,ASO Intelligence,API Access and Email Alert. It also assists in Ratings & Reviews,Data Import/Export and Keyword Spy. This App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools for Web-Based, Mobile App Marketing Tool is easy to use and requires no technical skills. It helps make your app popular local and international. It will help you identifying the best keywords to increase your conversion rate. It helps you to understand your different competitors and their strategies.

What are the Features of APPlyzer?

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

  • Top1000+ Rankings

APPlyzer offers insights in your apps daily and hourly ranking performance for all global app stores. Get Top1000 rankings for iOS, Top600 for Google Play, Top200 for Mac apps and Top200 for AppleTV.

Keywords an Categories
With this feature you can get insights about the top keywords and categories that drive your downloads and revenue. Analyze the most important keywords that drive App Store rankings, discover related keywords and monitor keyword rankings over time.

  • SEO Factors

With the SEO Factors assessment you can understand the factors that drive rankings for your keywords. Discover related keywords and monitor keyword rankings over time.

  • Downloads Ranks

This feature will help you understand the top countries where your apps are downloaded, top keywords driving downloads and the most popular versions of your apps.

  • App Store Analysis

Get insights on the app store audience for both iOS and Google Play. Understand which countries, devices and app versions are most important for your business. Get information about trends (number of new users, average revenue per user by country).

  • Youtube Audience Insights

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

With this feature you can learn more about YouTube Audience Insights to promote your apps with great videos. Get insights on gender breakdowns, age groups and audience retention rates ranking
APPlyzer shows detailed daily and hourly ranking data for all app stores. Get insights for all countries, regions or even specific countries. Check how changes in your marketing activities impact your downloads ranking performance.

  • Revenue Ranke Analytics

In this feature you can see how your revenue is distributed per country, region and specific countries. See which countries bring you the most revenues. Discover top revenue generators and opportunities for growth.

  • Rankings Peformance Analysis

Get detailed information about your global top ranking performance. Discover how changes in your marketing efforts impact downloads ranking performance. Know where the bottlenecks are for an increase in rankings, see your top keywords and understand which keywords bring you the most revenues.

  • Keyword History Analytics & Export

Get detailed information about keyword rankings history over time enabling you to identify trends, spot competitors and get useful reports to evaluate your campaigns. Track keywords by their organic performance or revenue. Get overview of all keywords over time with AdWords AdWords insights showing general monthly trends, month-to-month changes in terms of revenue or organic search traffic, country-specific trends and other relevant information to track the performance of individual keyword campaigns.rformance
With the Rankings Performance dashboard you can understand daily and hourly ranking performance for all app stores. Get Top1000 rankings for iOS, Top600 for Google Play, Top200 for Mac apps and Top200 for AppleTV. See weekly rankings performance curve over time as well as rankings deviation from average downloads rank performance.
In this feature you can see daily, weekly and monthly ranking performances from all app stores for different categories including Top 1000, Top 100 Downloads ,Top 200 Downloads ,Top 200 Paid Apps & Top 200 Free Apps .king
APPlyzer offers insights in your apps daily and hourly revenue ranking performance for all global app stores.
Find out what is ranking your app in search results and how to optimize your app title and keywords for each global store. Improve your app store SEO by optimizing the in-app content (product name, in-app titles) and in-app icon to make sure they match the store listing. Find out which countries are driving downloads, revenue and ratings.d Search
Create great impact with the knowledge of relevant keywords for your apps global search results. Compare your search rankings against your competitors and find relevant keywords for iOS, Google Play, macOS and AppleTV.

  • Ranking History

Follow your apps ranking history with interactive and customizable charts. Find out in which country interest for your app which campaigns generated impact.

  • Reviews

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

Rea useful insights about your apps reviews performance from all global app stores. Get information from the most relevant countries and understand how well your app is rated in top countries. Understand what keywords and phrases users use in their reviews and how popular the keyword is across the app stores. Identify top reviewers and their preferred devices.
Create a high number of user ratings with this tool for iOS, Google Play, macOS and AppleTV enabling you to review your apps rankings performance in different countries
Get valuable insights about your apps keywords performance in top countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Brazil. Watch general trends over time or compare against competitors to see if they are following the same trends. Find out which competitors rank better than you in specific country.d and and understand your customers feedback by auto-translating app reviews from over 100 languages.

  • Email and Slack-Alerts

Stay informed about significant ranking changes with hourly and daily Email and Slack alerts. Get notifications about changes in your apps rank performance.

  • App Store Ranker - Google Play

App Store Ranker is a handy tool to track App Store rankings performance and identify opportunities for growth. It will help you understand the ranking performance and the factors that drive ranking for your keywords. You can use it to monitor keyword rankings over time and get valuable insights on what drives rankings on each major app store. With this tool you will get detailed information about your keywords ranking performance, search volumes and downloads ranks across all app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store or Mac App Store.

How does APPlyzer work?

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

APPlyzer is primarily used for Insights,ASO Intelligence,API Access,Email Alert,Ratings & Reviews,Data Import/Export and Keyword Spy. It has an intuitive interface and is simple to use. Specially designed for marketers and app developers, it helps you with all your app-development needs. It has a built-in keyword spy tool that can be used for organic ranking and keyword research.

APPlyzer is one of the most popular app review sites to date. It collaborates with over 900+ different news outlets and blogs which makes it extremely valuable for discovering what the media is saying about your app.
The accessible API allows app developers to integrate the app intelligence tool with their own apps. 
APPlyzer is used by many major app development companies such as Apptopia, TopSmart, B Apps, AppWorkStudios, and more. 
The backend data is integrated with Google Analytics for tracking usage behavior on all apps. Also, they have an RSS feed that displays the latest app news including new rankings, ratings and reviews.
Users can provide feedback on both their own apps or those they discover using APPlyzer's API.

How to use APPlyzer?

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

Get started with APPlyzer in 5 simple steps:
Step 1: Get APPlyzer installation key
Step 2: Install APPlyzer on your device (on-premise)/ Directly login through the official website
Step 3: Sign up & create your accoun
Step 4: Add users & assign permission
Step 5: Get started with APPlyzer

What is the price of APPlyzer?

APPlyzer,APPlyzer review

APPlyzer price starts at Rs.0.00. APPlyzer comes with multiple pricing plans and caters to a diverse customer base.

The price molds to the person, not the application. The more data you process, the lower your price becomes.

Most startuups have a limited budget and face the challenges of finding the right tools and services for their needs.

Gone are the days where software is sold in its native package; we want to make sure we’re not charging our customers on a per core basis.

We don’t believe in flat rates, but instead, we like the idea of paying for what you use. We say: pay as you go!

Introducing Pay-For-What-You-Use Pricing Model that benefits both startups and enterprises come with a steep price tag and a lengthy list of features. But this may not be ideal for everyone; we intentionally focus on one thing: simplicity. To prove our dedication to customer simplicity, we’ve created an app that emulates Apple’s iOS device: simple yet efficient for daily use and sustainable in its simplicity at the same time. Our pricing model reflects this idea by providing different packages tailored to individual needs; this allows us to adapt quickly and stay relevant today while maintaining our core value of providing customers with affordable solutions.ay vary based on factors like customization, additional features required, number of users, and the deployment type. For more details, please request a call back from our product experts.

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