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What is ASellerTool? is a subscription wireless lookup service that allows you to check book values using a cell phone or other similar Internet connected device. You can also check the going prices for CD's and DVD's by entering their ISBN's. 

They also give subseribers a re-pricing tool as a bonus in their subscription. This re- pricing tool is beneficial if you are an bookseller. 

Recently, A Seller Tool has been adding more information to their website to help online booksellers better understand the use of scanners for barcode reading and links to other websites where these tools are available. 

This is the service I personally use.


How ASellerTool Works?

Using ASellerTool is as simple as installing their PC Downloader, grabbing the latest database, and putting it on your PDA or Smartphone. ASellerTool will even rent the PDA to you if you don’t have the proper setup. In fact, ASellerTool will send a Windows laptop to you at no charge if you need one (you’ll need to pay shipping and place a deposit on the equipment, but the deposit is refunded when the laptop is returned). They update the database every day, so it would be advantageous to you to download every day, or at least every day that you plan to go scouting.

What’s included in the ASellerTool Subscription?

  • PDA Scanning App: This is the main feature of the ASellerTool book scanning subscription. This is the main PDA application to search and scan for inventory (books, media, and just about anything else). You will have to download the database to the SD or PDA every few days to keep the pricing info current.
  • iPhone Book Scanner Apps: With that $30 a month, you also get an application for your iPhone or Android device. This is a live lookup system. It shows you live prices that are current on the Amazon website.
  • Inventory Lister: You also get a Windows application that helps you quickly and efficiently list all of your inventory on Amazon. This application speeds up the process of listing your inventory on Amazon because it has several different presets that allow you to grade your items quickly and efficiently. For example, you just press a button to add info about a book’s condition (worn out cover, torn cover, etc.). They have default presets already set up for you, but you can also build your custom presets.

asellertool login

Things you will need to start scanning with ASellerTool

  • ASellerTool Subscription and APP: You will need to setup an account and install the application on your PDA. I also sell full PDA units with everything installed and ready to go if you were not technically savvy, or if you didn’t want to spend the time figuring out how to set it up.
  • PDA: You will need a PDA like a Dell Axim for example.
  • Laser Scanner: You will need a laser scanner like a socket scan scanner that plugs into the PDA (CF scanner, or SD scanner). You can also get a Bluetooth scanner to connect wirelessly.


  • Less than a second to return results after scanning
  • No cell service needed for database scanning
  • Economical. No contract needed. Cancel anytime
  • Works with all Amazon categories
  • Use with PDA, iPhone, or Android
  • Can be used with only a smartphone and no additional equipment


  • Data is only as accurate as the last time it was updated (requires active participation by user)
  • Only the lowest price is shown (Amazon MWS Limitation for software providers)

asellertool support

ASellerTool Review of Monthly and Setup Costs

My Asellertool review wouldn’t be a good review without discussing price! So here is the breakdown of cost:

ASellerTool Cost:

  • Initial Setup (1 Time) cost: $200-$599 initial setup for PDA, or $0 if you already have an iPhone/ android
  • Monthly Cost:
  • $9.95 / mo for Lite Plan (includes live lookup, listing software, online arbitrage)
  • $35 / mo for Professional Plan (Includes Local Database Search, Live Lookup, listing software, online Arbitrage)

If you sign up through my affiliate link here, you will receive a $15 credit from Asellertool.

asellertool scoutly


ASellerTool Is one of my favorite book scanning applications available. It comes with a lot of features including the inventory listing application and the FBA iPhone scanner app. it also is only $30 a month which is very cheap compared to many the other competing services. Overall AsellerTool has been my go to scanning app for scouting out books, media and other items to resell on Amazon and Amazon FBA.

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