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What is BangGood?

BangGood found at is an online store that sells all sorts of commercial products, mostly electronic toys, gadgets, clothing, home appliances and accessories. Looks like they are headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Cyprus, Europe and New York, USA.  The company has been around since 2006, although we don't know who is behind the online store at this time.


What services does Banggood offer?

Banggood offer the following services to clients:

BangGood Wholesale

Banggood offers wholesale services, where customers can buy goods of various categories in wholesale. One of the advantages of buying wholesale products with banggood is that you will enjoy banggood coupon.

BangGood Dropship

Banggood dropship is one of the services offered on this platform and they will deliver on time with large warehouse full of goods. They offer quality products with exceptional services that will help you make profit with them.

BangGood Buyer to Customer services

Banggood also offers buyers to customers services, B2C, where they sale directly to customers from their platform.

BangGood Affiliate programs

Banggood also have profitable affiliate program services, where you can make money as an affiliate of Banggood and earn commission as people buy from banggood through you.

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Pros of BangGood

  • Banggood offers more than 70,000 products at extremely cheap prices. It also has a price matching program in case you find an item on another site at a lower price.
  • The company has established presences in both the U.S. and U.K. so that it can facilitate faster shipping in those regions.
  • International shipping is frequently (but not always) free which makes the overall cost that much lower.

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Cons of BangGood

  • Delivery can sometimes take as long as one month so if you're in a rush to get something this is definitely not the site for you.
  • Returns are challenging because you must ship the item back to China and pay for the shipping costs.

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BangGood Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Smartphones and tablets go for $150 on average, and their accessories barely cross the $10 mark. Laptops and office supplies start at $50. Same goes for car headlights, LED lamps and such like accessories. Cameras, electronics, TVs and the like go for anywhere between $100 and $500.

They are also huge on RC robot toys, quadcopters and other hobby electronics with the prices for these averaging $50 a piece.

Home improvement items including kitchenware, bathroom fixtures and gardening supplies can reach lows of $10 and highs of $300 depending on what you’re looking for.

BangGood’s women’s clothes go for anywhere between $5 and $100, while women’s accessories and jewelry sell for anywhere between $1 and $50. But you may find a few items below the $1 mark and also above $100. The bestselling women’s shoes are priced at $20, give or take.

Men’s clothes also sell for anywhere between $5 and $100, but you can find a few items for $200 or more. Rarely will you find men’s shoes going for less than $10 or more than $100. Men’s accessories like ties, socks, fedoras and watches generally range from $1 to $20. You can also find men’s jewelry for as little as $5. Children’s clothing also fall within the same price range.

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Now, we want to share with you about some reviews from dropshiper used Banggood apps

  • In fact, shipping is not always that shitty. I've been using Banggood for a long time and bought tons of stuff from them, basically without any problems.
  • I had 2 "major" issues because the parcel got lost or came damaged due to poor packaging, but I got it replaced or got a refund. And sometimes I had to remind them to ship my package. They tend to forget that they have to notify the buyer that they need more time, because they need to back order the product. But otherwise I find it OK. Their support is also responsive and helpful.
  • Banggood is not a scammy company but they made a terrible mistake choosing Royal Shitments as carrier for Europe. Tons of people is waiting for their packages to arrive and even Banggood acknowledged the problem. I never had any issue in the past but the handling of last order was very very bad (still haven't received part of it).
  • I've been buying from Banggood for years with no issue. The trick is to be able to make your purchase and forget about it for a while. Most of the complaints you find are from people who failed to understand that China is far, shipping is shitty and it's going to be a little while before anyone has any idea where your stuff is.
  • I've got over 500 orders from Banggood since 2013. Very rarely have I not received an order and only a few times received the wrong product. If I use their free shipping it takes ages but the 7-14 days is usually on time as long as you note the processing time - I recently ordered an Android TV box with 7 days processing whereas most products are 24hours.
  • 24 orders from banggood, each with Priority Direct Mail delivery to Finland, never problems with delivery or extra costs / customs. I totally trust Banggood.
  • Aliexpress is more like eBay where it has multiple merchants on one website, making it pretty hard to get customer service. Banggood is all coming from banggood, making customer service a little bit easier.
  • When I buy stuff from Banggood, in my experience what I bought is what I received, I pay the $5 or so for the faster shipping and items turn up in two weeks or less. When I get issues I get a replacement or a refund (with two different flight controllers - one was crazy when attempting to actually fly and received a refund no hassles, one broke after one session with a small crash and I received a replacement).
  • For me the main reason is shipping is fast and 100% reliable from Banggood to New Zealand, I get most orders within about 10 days, sometimes it seems it can take that long for an Aliexpress merchant to even get around to shipping. Also I feel like it's easier to find stuff on Banggood and I get regular discounts with coupons etc. Other than that I haven't had any actual problems with Aliexpress orders, I think most of the merchants are serious about their business and there is some buyer protection built-in I believe.
  • I am ordering for over 2 years now from Banggood and never was a package broken or got lost. I think with the orders of my friends we come above ~150 orders. I always used the standard shipping which is free. Both of my quads were ordered on BG, all parts, even the frame. Everything works fine. If you are unsure about the quality you can buy branded stuff. For example Holybro flight controllers. Sucks that you made bad experiences with BG. I think for RC stuff Banggood is great otherwise multicopter parts are hella expensive in Germany. Without Banggood I wouldnt fly quads today.
  • Banggood is fine. I order from them frequently. Just don't give them your credit card info! Use PayPal. There is always a chance of receiving counterfeit products in this hobby, but if you do banggood will usually refund you the money.
  • I've got over 300 orders from Banggood. Had refunds, replacement goods sent out or replacement parts which were damaged in transit. I always pay for tracking and insurance - goods only seem to go missing without tracking. Personally I couldn't be happier with them or their customer service.

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The Verdict

Though based on my research, is a legitimate China-based online wholesale shopping site, I would suggest you be cautious as much as you can when you shop there. Choosing a safer payment method like PayPal should be one of the great options to protect your interests. Then, before you decide to build long-term cooperative relationship with the site, you can also place a small order to test the water first.

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