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Created by Adrien Menard, a former SEO consultant for the APosition agency, Botify is a powerful SaaS crawler and log analyzer. The tool was talked about a lot when launched in 2014, often in a positive way, even if some well-known SEOs, like Aurélien Berrut, have expressed their scepticism when we compare Botify to classic tools like Screaming Frog.
Botify Analytics is the most powerful SEO optimization crawler on the market.

The first “pillar” of SEO, the good technical construction of the website, is fundamental if we want it to be correctly taken into account by search engines.

The first brick of the Botify suite, Botify Analytics, is a crawler that crawls your entire site as crawlers do. During the crawl, Botify Analytics collects hundreds of metrics on each of the pages it discovers.

Once analyzed, these millions of data items are the subject of a comprehensive report that reveals a wealth of information, allowing identifying blocking points and optimization projects. The report is built around all the priorities of an SEO manager: SEO compliance, internal linking, content quality, performance etc.

All this information is available with a global vision, a vision by segment (you can “divide” your site by page templates, and business logic: product categories, brands, price ranges, etc.) and at the URL link.


Botify Analytics is the only log analyzer dedicated to SEO

If Botify Analytics allows you to simulate the theoretical behaviour of crawlers by crawling your site, Botify Log Analyzer allows you to analyze the real behaviour.

Botify Log Analyzer analyzes HTTP server logs and uses the only reliable way to study robot behaviour comprehensively. On each page browsed by a robot, it requests the server to record this call in a log file. By the way, the server will record precious information: date and time of the call requested URL, return code, user-agent, referer, etc.

Therefore, log files will make it possible to count very reliably the volume of pages crawled by robots and “human” visits from search engines.

With this information, Botify Log Analyzer will allow you to monitor every day:

  • Crawl volume by page type
  • The crawl volume according to the HTTP code (301 redirects well crawled by Google? Validation of production release? Generation of server errors? Etc ...
  • The appearance of new pages and their crawl by search engines
  • More advanced scenarios: crawl ratio? After how many days will a non-crawled URL “go out of the index” by Google? Etc...

Botify Keywords allows SEOs to know the search keywords driving traffic to their site.

Botify Keywords is the latest innovation launched by Botify. Botify Keywords uses the Google Search Console API and links all Ranking data to the data model of other Botify applications.

For the first time, SEOs have access to the exhaustiveness of keywords generating their organic audience. The tool is potent and allows users to discover search trends. When is the first research done on Christmas and sales? Holidays?

The integration of Botify Keywords is a major innovation insofar as it is the first time that a technical SEO platform integrates the notion of keywords. SEOs now have the entire process of positioning a URL: from the construction of the page (Botify Analytics) to its crawl and indexing by Google (Botify Log Analyzer) and its ranking (Botify Keywords).

Two strengths: the Explorer URL and the filters and queries features

Botify was designed to give both macro views of a site's performance (all reports and charts) and micro thanks to the URL Explorer. The "URL Explorer" menu is a very complete and efficient URL segmentation tool. We can cross hundreds of segmentation criteria (AND / OR), and the results always appear almost instantaneously, even on a site of several tens of thousands of URLs.

It is, of course, possible to customize the columns of the table before a complete CSV export.

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