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What is CommerceHQ?

Commerce HQ is more than just a website builder; it is a full-on support system for all your online business needs. In truth, it offers everything you might need during the website creation process; all you need to have on your end are your ideas, products and offerings, and a few people to help you do the work. If you are curious as to what this “everything” consists of, stick around and make sure to go through the whole video (and this blog!) to know more about them.


How does CommerceHQ work?

Commerce HQ does work quite a bit like Shopify but it has some improved solutions that can be built up over time. CommerceHQ was originally designed with the main focus to build stores that would be instantly marketable. Shopify does have some tools on board that can improve marketing efforts but the full focus of a CommerceHQ store is to have the marketability from day one.

The apps which are integrated into the system are all geared towards traffic generation as well as converting quick sales. The creators read a series of Shopify reviews and wanted to build a platform where users could increase their ad costs while easily garnering more traffic.

CommerceHQ Key Features. 

commercehq reviews

Commerce HQ has some seriously cool features that attracted me to use the platform.

When I first used it, it had half of what it does now and they are continuously working on adding new features to make this e-commerce platform better and better. 

Here are the key features.


Currently 17 apps and counting. These range from things like currency converter, checkout timers, promo bars, recent purchase notifications and many more.

The 17 apps that are built-in should not be confused with features. 

There’s so much more you can do without adding the apps. So overall there are many things you can do with this easy to use platform.

That brings me on to the next thing I like.


I think it’s super important that any platform should be beginner-friendly as most people are setting up their store for the first time. 

This platform is so user-friendly that I think anyone can use it (including non-techys).

I’ve created a full tutorial showing how to set up a store from start to finish.

I will say this though so I’m completely transparent,

The visual store builder is a little tricky to use and I advise you to stick with the prebuilt themes by CHQ rather than try to build a new theme from scratch with their drag and drop builder.

I’m sure in the future it will get easier to use but the premade themes offered by CHQ are so amazing and all you need. 


I like the fact that with CommerceHQ you know the cost and it will never be more.

With Shopify, for example, you have to pay for things like apps, card processing fees, pro themes and with CHQ you don’t pay anything above the $99 a month.

The flat rate makes it nice and easy.  


I was so impressed with how geared towards conversion CHQ was. It makes total sense as the owners Jon and Vlad are high-level eCom marketers.

They know what improves conversions and they’ve built that right into the platform. 

As soon as I started using the platform I loved all the apps and features which massively helped with my conversion rate.   

If you’re new to eCom, you need all the help you get, the way CHQ is built it gives you the advantage of having a conversion-optimized store.

I personally love this platform that’s why I did this CommerceHQ review and I’m sure you will too if you try it out.

The pros and cons of commerceHQ


  • Many built in apps
  • Lower fees
  • Faster startup
  • Custom coding options
  • Free SSL cert and hosting
  • Easy setup (Start a store in 6 min)
  • Accordian style checkout
  • 100’s of free apps
  • High converting tools


  • CommerceHQ is currently built using a ticket system. There is no Phone support like Shopify
  • No support through a mobile app
  • Only supports a few currencies.

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