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What is Conversific?

Conversific is a new kind of analytics tool for Shopify & WooCommerce that help you optimize your traffic and conversion, gather better data and grow online sales. The 4 pillars of Conversific Reports - see all your important metrics in one place; Benchmarks - compare your performance against peers in the industry; Insights - tailored recommendations based on your data; Analytics - product & customers


Conversific is an eCommerce analytics solution that provides SMBs with performance reports, industry-specific benchmarks, as well as product and customer analysis. Conversific’s reports are designed to identify revenue opportunities, optimize visitor traffic and conversion, in addition to providing actionable insights and recommendations.

Conversific offers businesses a comprehensive view of their eCommerce analytics by pulling data from the company website, various marketing channels, and Google Analytics. Users can examine all of their compiled data directly from the Conversific dashboard.

Conversific’s eCommerce reports include product performance overviews, traffic acquisition strategies, as well as customer conversion opportunities. Users can review one-page summary reports with contextualized data, complete with industry benchmarks and customer insights. Conversific’s customer personas allow companies to create targeted product campaigns for each client segment. Conversific’s benchmarking tools allow companies to compare their eCommerce growth and performance with other industry leaders.

Conversific also provides users with actionable data and recommendations about top products, marketing channels, and customer segments. Other key features include abandoned shopping cart strategies, personalized to-do lists, and marketing optimization.

Conversific Features


  • Performance Metrics
  • Ad hoc Analysis
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Dashboard
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategic Planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Trend / Problem Indicators
  • Predictive Analytics

Conversific Pricing


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