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One of the very best ways of making a living in this present era is earning through the internet. If you are not earning through the world wide web, you are really in the Victorian era, neglecting the most potent tool to make a good amount of money.

There are lots of people that are maximizing the power of the modern internet facility to earn a large sum of money and cater for their needs before affecting their day to day job; occasionally they create a passive income through the net that’s paying them what their occupation couldn’t afford. 

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The most fascinating part of the world wide web is that there are a number of ways by which you can make a good deal of money. One of these ways is to establish an online store; you can earn money by setting up an online store which wouldn’t give you a good deal of stress just like the physical shop. You can sell your merchandise on the Shopify store, Amazon, eBay, and others.

Among the most booming business in the world this century is via the e-commerce. You may have trouble setting up a Shopify shop, but git pissed off after getting stuck along the line, thereby killing your dream of owning an online store.

You may have been told that setting up a Shopify shop and selling your products on Shopify is simple. Yes! It isn’t a tough task at all, but there are a few aspects that, if believed, will enhance your sales massively and you thereby earn more income. One of the factor is to get a winning Shopify store.

A daunting task that is generally faced by e-commerce shop owners is to find a winning product on Shopify; it is sometimes difficult and time-consuming as lots of men and women are competing with different categories of products with every edging out each other in quality and price. So it Is very important for a Shopify store owner to find a winning product which you can sell in your Shopify store to get a enormous sales and generate enormous revenue.
Have you ever been stressed out while locating a winning product for your Shopify company and end up with a bad one? Have you your store not been generating earnings as you have wished for? Have you been thinking of a way of improving your sales through the selling of winning products on your Shopify shop?

We’ll have shown you how you can see the best and winning products which you may sell to boost your internet store in this competitive world of Shopify. Sometimes while surfing through the internet, you will run into lots of tools which are said to be a way of getting you winning products, but most times these tools end up to be unreal and mediocre, some doesn’t even worth giving a try.

ecomhunt, ecom hunt, econhunt, ecom hunter

What is Ecom Hunt?

Ecomhunt was founded by Mordechai Arba, a renowned eCommerce entrepreneur. He currently runs multiple online stores, and they are performing incredibly well. He used his experience in online marketing and extensive research to create this incredible website. Mordechai decided to develop this platform after he found out that many eCommerce businesses were failing. He wanted to make it easy for people to start an eCommerce business with a high chance of succeeding.

The definition given according to Ecom search is that ”Ecom hunt is the curation of the best of the product and the newest of these, that shows up in the market on a daily basis.” To simply say, Ecom hunter is one of the very legitimate ways to search for hot and winning products on your Shopify shop on a daily basis. It allows you to hunt for the best selling product, hot product and will let you capitalise on new products with a high sales percentage that can be sold in your Shopify store to boost your sales and provides you with a very high volume of sales.

Using Ecomhunt will manually add a winning product to your online store on a day to day basis, this will allow you to spend less time on poor products and wasting your money on products that are immaterial.

Ecom hunt will do the most laborious work of searching for winning products which can be found on online stores, find products that are fast selling in shops such as AliExpress. Among the standard measures taken by Ecom hunt that sets it apart from others is that Ecom hunter will show you all the details and information about the best selling products including the ads, your opponents strategy and how your competitors are working out the item.

With Ecom hunt, you’ll be able to find enough information about the best selling product to market on your Shopify shop. With this, Ecom search will permit you to save a whole lot of money, time and energy in manually searching for winning products that can help improve your sales and output in the e-commerce market.

After finding the winning product and best selling products through the Ecom search, all you will need to do is to pick these products, invest your money and begin adding the products for your Shopify shop which will, in turn, attract customers to your store and increase your earnings and revenue, boom! Your bank account increases in figures.

Additionally, they also provide crucial data for each product that they list on their website. Some of the data they offer on their website include:

  • Product cost and recommended selling price.
  • Product Analytics: the source of the product, number of reviews, and rating, as well as the number of orders.
  • Engagement: this is the number of comments, shares, likes and the overall reaction the product has received on social media platforms.
  • Links of all online store selling that particular product.
  • Videos of the product
  • Number of online stores selling the product
  • Information on Facebook ads that marketers are using market the product
  • List of potential influencers who have a massive following that you can potentially contact to help you market the product.
  • That data you need to set up a successful Facebook advertising campaign

What makes Ecom hunt stand out and different from other products?

Their valid means of finding out winning products and their mode of supplying valuable information concerning the best selling products that provide their customers with useful ideas that help them stick out from the Shopify competition. Using their hunting tools, you will acquire invaluable information about winning tools which will help you generate more clients in your shops and also enables you to produce more earning.

Besides, you can also invest more and subscribe to the pro version to get more conversion sales, and this will enable you to have access to some features that will give you chances over others. As a professional member will have access to features like getting information about hot and winning products on Shopify, you will also be opportune to know the new products which are less known by other members of their Shopify shop. You should also be aware that for each of the features of the product that you will have access to on Ecom hunt The following statistics and information of the products will be available to you.

The Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways that will assist you in getting information about a product that you would like to select and the Facebook Ads which are already running for the item. On the Facebook Ads, you’ll have access to the links which will lead you to the shops along with the Facebook Ads that are associated with the hyperlink.

Another information which you’ll be getting together with the link is the actual video that’s currently used by the shop and all essential information on an advertisement that’s connected with the store and that product in particular.

This available information will be of greater help for you to show to your clients especially those that do not have any idea for the Advertisement copy and those who don’t have videos about the item. All these are made available through the Facebook Ads. Links to videos which can be of great significance to your store

The more significant part of the opportunities rendered by the Ecom search is that Econhunt generally offers you a purposeful products copy that you can add to your Shopify store. Without an iota of doubt, it is one of the very best tools that can assist you in getting tons of Ad copies from the manufacturer of your desired product.

After getting the necessary specifics and video links of your product through Ecom hunt, all you will need to do is to bring a few Facebook videos directly on the item page of your Shopify store, this will really help you in relating easily with your customers and permit them to have access to vital information concerning the product. To download those Facebook Ads videos, various downloading tools that are available to you on your internet may be used.

ecomhunt, ecom hunt, econhunt, ecom hunterEcomhunt Key Features

Selling /trending products

Econhunt usually lists best selling and trending products on their site each day. The reason why most eCommerce businesses fail is because of people selecting products that are not in demand. When you subscribe to pro membership, you will have access to hundreds of best selling and trending products.

The data provided will help you know which platform to use to sell the product, how to market it using Facebook ads, and much more to maximize sales.

Product Profits And Analytics

This incredible feature allows you to know the actual price you will buy a particular product from reputable stores like eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress.

It also lets you know the potential profits you will make from selling the product. This is important because it helps you plan on how much to spend on buying the product, how much spend on ads and profits you are likely to make. You will also access crucial analytics about the product, including how the product is performing on social media, the number of likes, shares, and comments. Knowing how a product performs social media will help you come up with an excellent social media marketing plan.

ecomhunt, ecom hunt, econhunt, ecom hunter

Facebook ads and targeting.

This feature also allows you to access Facebook ads that are cruelty running. Additionally, you will also face a free video that you can display on your store to market the product.
This is crucial, especially to newbies, who don’t know how to run ads or market products online. If you are an experienced marketer, then all you need to do is make a few adjustments to get even better results.

Ecomhunt Item Engagement

Ecom hunt is assimilated with a feature which lets you learn more about the participation of a product. The feature allows you to have an idea about the number of people that have already purchased the product. One unique attraction to this search tool is that you have access to the product reviews from customers who have already purchased the product and product review from the purchaser.

The benefits of using Ecomhunt account and it has additional benefits
Ecom search has given other advantages to provide their users with a excellent experience, easy access, and simplicity. To enjoy these benefits, the tool is in a software firm that is easily available for web intarsia, tutorials, winners club, blogs and other high modes that are enlisted below.

Facebook Ads Hunter

The Ecom hunt tool is incorporated with the great feature which lets you learn more about your opponents Facebook Ads functionality, their details, and information. With this, you are able to hunt down the Facebook Ads of your competitors without stressing yourself.

Since this Facebook Ads is running along with some useful data, the Ecom search feature will make it possible for you to find the details of your opponents Facebook Ads functionality, make sure analysis of how its working and also have a more detailed information about the country your competitors are targeting during this interval, the chrome extension enables this feature to work properly.

Sometimes in life, we’ve got the necessary tools, but we don’t know how to use the tool properly to increase its potential and use the tool judiciously. With Ecom search, this is not the case, tons of Webinars and helpful tutorials will be provided to assist your E-commerce store in various ways.

When you subscribe for the Ecom search tool, you’ll be provided with a detailed video to serve as a self-training section and a Webinars which will assist first-time clients and beginners about how best to use this tool to boost their online business.

Although sometimes you will notice that not all accessible Webinars and tutorials are available for the free users, a lot of sections of the tutorials and Webinars are available for the pro members only.

This is because it’s just like additional benefits to expert when you pay for the Econhunt software, and you’re getting tutorials added training and Webinars at no cost. From a sincere viewpoint, it is best advisable to subscribe to the pro version to enable you to get access to such opportunities and benefit most from it.

Ecomhunt Membership Plan And Ecomhunt Pricing

Ecomhunt has two membership plans: free membership and pro membership plan.

The free membership plan has limited access to the website features. For instance, you will only access two products daily but with minimal insights. Free membership also limits the number of new products that you can access daily.
If you want to access all crucial data that this site offers, then you have to upgrade to a pro membership plan. Here, you will have full access to everything that Ecomhunt offers, including access to all new products listed plus valuable data about them. Pro Membership Plan costs $29/month, but the company has currently slashed the price to only $20/month. However, this offer is limited and will end soon.

ecomhunt, ecom hunt, econhunt, ecom hunter


Without mincing words, I will highly recommend anyone who would like to use the Ecom search software to go for the pro version to have access to the entire selection of information, details of the Advertising, tutorials and Webinars. Another added benefit of subscribing to the pro version is you will be provided access to the Ad Hunter expansion which is a vital tool which helps you to collect all the information regarding your competitors Facebook Ads Campaigns.

If you wish to improve your company and your online store, should you would like to know the most winning and best-selling products which can help you generate plenty of customers and improve your revenue and earnings conversion, then Ecom hunt is the best tool to use in attaining your goals. What the outstanding services of this awesome tool will provide for you is impressive, works like magic and rare to find in other tools.

What set Ecom search apart is that it gives you additional benefits like video tutorials, Webinars that makes you optimize the tool economically and one noticeable attribute of this tool is that it has an affordable price and it is extremely affordable.

Besides obtaining a hunting tool in Ecom search, you’ll be offered with Facebook Ads insights, products links, products videos, and user participation all along with a sensible review and other information that assist you In analyzing your products strength. You enjoy several providers in a row.

Lastly, I will highly recommend that you need to go for the pro version of Ecom hunt whenever you’re subscribing as this will grant you access to unlimited winning merchandise and lots of promising bestselling products. You can feel free to share your thoughts about this fantastic tool named Ecom hunt in the comment section.

At the end of this article, we leave some reviews from Ecomhunt expert

  • You really have to get the premium plan in order to benefit from them. The paid plan gives you access to products that are hot right now, as opposed to the unpaid version that gives you products that have been relevant for a while. I suggest buying the plan, it pays for itself after a couple sales. Think of it as more of a compiler for product analytics. It doesn’t promise that certain products should sell well, it just shows you the statistics and you need to decide for yourself.
  • EComhunt was the first platform to provide campaigns in such a format and was duplicated by many other platforms later on. We do use eComhunt to keep an eye on products.
  • I already have the premium version. Well let’s say you use it to find what’s hot but don’t use the same exact audience and the same ads would help. You find products that are selling well and I stead of using the same product you find another one that resembles but it will have additional qualities let’s say

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