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DijsuForum DiJsuniversity Group Buy Account

DijsuForum DiJsuniversity Group Buy Account

DijsuForum is an affiliate marketing forum for anyone who feels different and left out by Colin Dijs, an affilate expert. Get DijsuForum Group Buy Account from

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DijsuForum is an affiliate marketing forum for anyone who feels different and left out by Colin Dijs, an affilate expert.

DijsuForum is alternative forum to STMforumiAmAttila forum, Madsociety Forum

Colin Dijs has change the way many affiliate marketer used to see affiliate marketing for the best and they recomend anyone out there trying to make it in the online money making field to take classes with him..You will be amazed at the skills and tweaks he has to offer. Trust Colin Dijs..or this will aappen to you as its happening to alot of affiliates out there....

Colin Dijs is a well-known persona in the affiliate marketing world. He has his own affiliate university and forum, as well as a successful YouTube channel, podcast, and many other platforms. In short, if you had at least a brush with affiliate marketing, you must have heard about him.

If you want to learn CPA marketing or affiliate marketing, just go to youtube and look for Colin Dijs, he’s your guy. He has a free CPA training course and a paid membership site.


Here is the review about DijsuForum by Colin Dijs member:

1. Colin Dijs definitely knows what he is talking about! After one month of coaching I’m able to manage my own CPA business. 

He not only taught us how to set up the technical stuff, creating landing pages, ads, ad account health and and buying media on Facebook. 

He also taught us how to create our own launching system, manage the cash flow and how to talk with the important persons in this business. With his straight forward mentality and his knowledge he pushed me day by day.

2. I had the pleasure of being in Colin Dijs' April 2019 Gold Mastermind. It was an amazing experience that involved many detailed instructional videos and daily calls with Colin where he shared his deep 

CPA marketing and Facebook advertising knowledge as he dissected all the campaigns that I was running.. He walks you through the whole funnel from picking offers, proper headlines, copy, creatives, ads, landing pages, and then how to improve conversion and optimize for scaling. 

I went from never having run a Facebook ad to launching 30 campaigns in one day! At the end of the mastermind my campaigns were profitable too. It was an excellent investment that has paid for itself already

Here is profile for COLIN DIJS

  • ​26 Years Old
  • ​Lives In Amsterdam
  • ​CPA Marketing Over 2 years
  • Almost 7 Figures In Sales
  • Has Trained 1000s of Trainees

I worked on my business for 2 years for 10 hours a day and got distracted by the shiny object syndrome as I went from drop-shipping to funnel building to SEO to affiliate marketing. 

When I reconnected with an old friend from my old drop-shipping course I joined he told me about affiliate CPA marketing as he noticed on my FB timeline that I was posting about affiliate marketing. After that 3 hour call the next day I made my first CPA marketing lead gen conversions. 

He guided me for 6 months from April 2018 to October 2018 where I finally quit my call center job where I had been working for the last 2 years. Very flexible job so I could work on my business on the side, hated every minute of me working there. 

In October I hit my first 10k month, then it became 50k and 100k after the following months. The student became the teacher. Since then I've fulfilled my first life goal that was to own my own business and never work anyone else anymore.

Currently we sit at about 920k USD revenue in a year with CPA marketing business activities. 

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