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Adult advertising is one of the most lucrative niches in the affiliate world if you know what you are doing. There are tons of adult offers from various affiliate networks; you are sure to find one for every niche. But since adult offers are highly profitable, they are also, without a doubt, extremely competitive.

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Whether you are a beginner itching to get a piece of the adult niche pie, or you are a seasoned affiliate wanting to gain more insight on your ads, then subscribing to the adult spy tool AdPeriscope might just be perfect for you.


With Adperiscope, you can set your ad campaigns in 56 countries. It works on 8 Ad networks and supports 152 mobile carriers. The tool offers you next level banner searching using keywords. There are two types of search option: a simple one and an advanced one. The advanced one is specially designed for the pro tech guys. The tool is promising enough to crush your competition by providing access over a large number of banner database. You will also be able to spy on hidden campaigns. Moreover, you are allowed to download landing pages from any ad campaign and deploy it on your server. Its high quality alert system notifies you whenever your competitor launches an ad campaign. All you have to do is check out the best running campaigns and design your ad campaign in such a manner with a touch of innovation and creativity. No doubt, you have to work hard, this tool only makes your work easier and time efficient. However, Adperiscope ad spy tool is a paid service like its competitors but the pricing is more reasonable than others. Up next, we will discuss some of the features in details.

Features of Adperiscope ad spy tool:

  1. Promises to bring more ROI –

Adperiscope works on 8 Ad networks, 56 countries over 152 mobile carriers. Simply, this ad spy tool is charging up the potential of a higher rate of interest.

  1. To the point data extraction –

With this tool, you will get only the data that you are looking for. It offers a wide range of filters. You will be able to filter your ad campaign search not only through countries or device types or mobile carriers but also through ad networks, banner dimensions, 3rd party trackers, languages and much more.  The advanced filtering option does not end here. With this too, you will be allowed to isolate affiliate offers from other affiliate networks. This is done by using powerful filter option.

  1. Sorting –

Once you filter your search, the next thing you have to do is sorting. Here, you will be able to sort your filtered ad campaign search in terms of advertisement strength, advertisement duration, number of days run, alexa ranking of landing page and date seen.

  1. Search option –

You already know that Adperiscope comes with two types of search options; a simple one and an advanced one. In the simple search option, all you have to do is enter a keyword. The tool will scan its database and show the result to whichever banner names match with your search input. On the other hand, the advanced search option uses Boolean query builder for a more refined and filtered search.

  1. Complete data –

You will never ever again have to settle with partial data in hand because this wonderful tool will give you a complete picture of your entire ad campaign along with its competitors.

  1. List of Publishers –

This tool checks a database of around 10 thousand publishers and shows you which publishers are offering a higher rate of interest to the online advertisers.

  1. Landing page –

For a given campaign, readily available full sized screenshots will be provided to you along with landing pages.

  1. List of “creative” –

 From here, you can get all the “creatives” that are used in the past or is currently being used by ad publishers in top online advertisement campaign.

  1. Advanced alert options –

This ad spy tool not only spies on native online advertisements for you but also alerts you with notification as soon as a campaign gets launched by one of your competitors.

  1. Landing Page download and landing page deploy tool –

When you spy on ad campaigns, you are allowed to download a landing page in your PC. However, that’s for newcomers and intermediate level advertisers. If you are a pro technical guy then you can also use the deploy tool. It lets you download a landing page and then allows you to edit, optimize and re-upload it. So here, in the latter case, you won’t even have to download a landing page in your system.

  1. Mark favorites –

When you mark an ad campaign which you spied on as “Favorite”, it is saved so you will be able to check it in details later on when you have time.

  1. Pricing –

As far as the pricing of this ad spy tool is concerned, it is the cheapest option currently available in the market. It comes at the rate of $ 89.99 per month per user.

Now, you can get Adperiscope account from for just $15

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