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What is DomCop?

DomCop is a service used to find expired domains that may have great SEO value. DomCop looks at millions of domains that are expired each month and gives you important metrics on them, allowing you to find valuable domains that you can register. With this service you can narrow down the millions of expired domains in all kinds of ways, from looking at Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) from Moz (the most common method), Alexa rank, language, domain extension, domain age and more. It’s awesome the number of filters they have built in – here’s all of them:

DomCopSay you are looking for a .com domain with a DA above 25 which doesn’t have dashes or digits in it, which was in English, wasn’t known for any spammy activity, and is priced less than $500 (or any arbitrary amount). You can add all those filters in and a list pops back. There are 3 different tabs, one for Expiring domains (those that haven’t yet expired but will shortly – DomCop of course tells you how long till a domain expires), Expired domains (domains that expired within the last 10 days), and Archived domains (domains that have expired beyond 10 days ago). There is no other expired domain finding service, free or paid, that has anywhere close to the metrics that DomCop has, and if you are serious about finding great expired domains it’s mandatory that you join, in my opinion.

Beyond being an excellent product, it’s worth mentioning that the support I had at DomCop was fantastic too – the support representative (Kevin) always replied within 24 hours and was knowledgeable and took the time to solve the issue I had (an issue with paying, not related to DomCop itself but the specific payment processor they were using).

Limitations of DomCop


The one annoyance with DomCop is that they don’t include Ahrefs metrics on top of Moz metrics (not through a lack of trying — Ahrefs simply refused to let DomCop continue using its API). As I personally love Ahrefs and find its Domain Rating (DR) score to be an extremely valuable filter, this is a bit limiting. Many domains will have a good Moz score but rubbish Ahrefs DR, and most of these are ones you won’t want. Therefore, for every search I do with DomCop, if I find a domain that looks like it might be worth investigating, I always have to manually look it up on Ahrefs. Not having Ahrefs metrics therefore slows you down a lot.

I also want to stress that you really need to know what you’re doing if you are going to find great domains with DomCop. That means having an intimate knowledge of SEO and what to look for in a great domain, which is not trivial. You need to be able to separate the trash from the treasure, and that means doing research on each domain you’re thinking of buying that DomCop finds. That means looking it up on, looking into its backlinks, checking its history and everything else. There are, without questions, some real diamonds in the rough domains that you can pick up if you know how to use DomCop to its full capabilities, and that takes time and expertise.

DomCop’s power plan is currently $98/month: well worth it if you know what you’re doing, but a waste if you don’t know how to use it. And to be honest, as getting value out of expired domains and setting up a PBN is hard, I would suspect a huge portion of people using DomCop are not getting their moneys worth.

What to use if you don’t have $98/month to spare has many of the features of DomCop and is free (you just have to sign up), and I recommend using that if you don’t want to pay for DomCop. I previously asked DomCop what the differences are between and their service, and the primarily difference (beyond DomCop definitely having more features and metrics) is that DomCop has way more domains.

What Makes DomCop Better Than Others?


Searching for expired domains with great SEO value to register is now an easy process with the multiplicity of tools and services available. However, there is one notable factor that make DomCop rise above its competition.

DomCop is the only search tool and service for expired domains to make use of various SEO metric tools to provide its users with relevant and considerable number of metrics on a single page.

Other search tools don’t have access to such metric sources which is why DomCop makes great effort to make certain their users are furnished with an extensive and comprehensive list of high-quality expired domains available in the market.

DomCop gathers this information from numerous reliable third-party sources, meaning their users will always get the most accurate and timely metric information. Since manual search is eliminated, the process of searching for valuable expired domains is made easier and faster. Moreover, they give great importance to the feedback of its users, hence new features are constantly added for them to provide the best possible service.

To ensure users get accurate metric information, they regularly run updates throughout the life of a domain. Currently, DomCop updates metrics information when the domain is initially imported into the system and when metric from Moz, Alexa and Majestic are updated every week.

Although metrics from Moz and Majestic change every day, DomCop carries out updates on these metrics every seven days. Hence, you might notice some differences in the metrics information on DomCop and on Moz and Majestic.

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