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What is Driftrock?

Driftrock,Driftrock review

Driftrock is a tool that helps businesses grow and improve their online presence on two of the most popular social media channels – Facebook and Instagram. The software is designed to assist companies create ads that are optimized for Facebook and Instagram, but it also depicts important advertising strategies by leveraging both 1st and 3rd-party data.

The software promises users with what they describe as “unfair advantage” on campaigns, stemming from the use of their cutting edge platform that gathers and analyzes real-world data like the weather, and first party data like CRM or EPOS data to reach out to and engage their target audiences at the most critical moment. For the functionalities it offers, Driftrock is a fairly priced system, where each client obtains a quote tailored to meet his needs and expectations.

Overview of Driftrock Benefits

Driftrock,Driftrock review

Facebook and Instagram have become an advertising battleground for many companies as millions of people log in to these social media channels on a daily basis. The question is, how can your company, your products, and your services standout in these social media hubs when you have thousands of competitions also vying for the same attention from your target audiences? The answer is Driftrock.

Driftrock helps you beat the competition and make your Facebook ads stand out from the rest of crowd. Using cutting edge technology that gives you the “unfair advantage”, Driftrock helps business by improving their Facebook lead ads conversion rate. The system automatically pushes all leads to your CRM platforms and sends auto-responses, resulting in more leads getting converted.

The software also allows you to extend your CRM capabilities to your Facebook account. Users can sync the data in their CRM to Facebook customer audiences every three hours, helping them target the most qualified Facebook users who have the highest probability of having desire or interest in your brand, product, or service, thus improving the chance for conversion.

With cutting edge technology, Driftrock is able to create powerful trigger ads that are based on the weather, current TV ads, sports results, and other data feed. With such capability, you can easily reach out and market to your target audiences at the perfect moment, effectively increasing the probability of conversion.

Driftrock is trusted by many international brands and companies across multiple industries. These brands include Coca Cola, BMW, and Intercom.

Overview of Driftrock Features

  • Facebook Ad Generator

Driftrock,Driftrock review

Facebook Ad Generator helps you create your Facebook Ads by giving you easy-to-follow instructions and settings to make your online marketing campaign a success. With its simple drag and drop design, it will make creating Facebook ads easier than ever before!

Here are some of the features of this service that will help you create Facebook ads easily:

– Select Image, Headline, Text and Destination fields to create your Facebook Ad.

– You can also select your gender, age range and location (Country). There is an option to even select your time zone. This will make sure that your ad reaches the right audience.

– Facebook Ad Generator supports country-specific campaigns, so you can even target countries like US, UK or others with ease using this tool. Just select "Only people living in one or more specific countries" option and enter the names of the countries you want to reach.

  • Automated Facebook Custom Audiences

Automated Facebook Custom Audiences are a powerful tool that can help you reach your target audience with laser-precision. With it, you can purchase Facebook advertising campaigns that are targeted only to the people who meet your specific requirements.

What are some of the benefits of this? Well, with an automated Facebook Custom Audience, you will be able to save time and money by eliminating waste from your marketing process. You will also be able to make informed decisions on which demographic is most likely to convert on your offer or service. Finally, automated Facebook Custom Audiences will enable you to tailor pricing for each campaign based on how much traffic is desired for this campaign.

  • Trigger Ads

Driftrock,Driftrock review

What are Trigger Ads on Youtube? They are ads that appear on side of the screen without any sound. These ads were designed to make people feel like their privacy is being violated if they are using headphones, which many people do for extra immersion. The idea behind it is to make viewers more aware of their surroundings and therefore less likely to be distracted. These advertisements are usually paired with louder videos that have the sound switched on in order to grab the viewer’s attention.

But what's funny about it is that some people find them intrusive! It seems like nobody knows how they feel because one person might be offended, while another is drawn in by curiosity, and yet another doesn't even notice they exist at all.

  • Sync Facebook Lead Ads With CRM

If you run a business, then there is no denying that social media marketing has become one of the most effective tools for reaching customers. With that said, now is the perfect time to focus on your lead generation strategy by using Facebook Lead Ads to generate revenue through your marketing efforts. However, if you're not already using Facebook Lead Ads as part of your overall lead generation strategy, it might be worth trying out.

The way it works is simple: After you create an ad and publish it on Facebook, users can click on the “Leads” button within the ad and select which campaign they’d like to join so they can start receiving updates from that advertising channel.

  • Syncing Custom Audiences

Driftrock,Driftrock review

The best website to use to set up clear syncing between your personal email address and your marketing list for easy interaction is called Mailchimp. To learn more about how this site works, visit the following link:

Our goal with this website is to assist you in setting up Email Lists that will let you track email subscribers who are on your mailing list on social media platforms like Facebook. Getting these subscribers in sync allows you to see what posts they are interacting with at any given time, which message resonated the most with them, and what they are interested in reading more of.

How Much Does Driftrock Cost?

Driftrock’s SMB and enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Contact the company to obtain more details, and ask for your quote.

Driftrock Conclusion

Driftrock,Driftrock review

Facebook Custom Crowds is an amazing promotion focusing on alternative for Facebook sponsors. It permits you to transfer your supporter records to make designated promotions Facebook, or secure new clients like those you as of now have on your rundowns. 

With Driftrock Stream, you can naturally synchronize your Mission Screen client records with Facebook to target promotions at existing email information exchanges, to make multi-contact missions and increment perceivability of your advertising efforts. 

With Driftrock Stream's incorporation with Mission Screen, you can quit fooling around physically transferring CSV's and on second thought, center around scaling the quantity of crowds you oversee, by focusing on tens, or many distinctive client sections on Facebook. As Driftrock Stream matches up your rundowns and Facebook's Custom Crowds like clockwork, your promoting will remain interminably significant. 

In case you're new to Custom Crowds, relax – Driftrock Stream will direct you through making your first Custom Crowd. Whenever you've finished your first sync with Mission Screen, essentially sign into your Facebook Promotions account and make your first mission. An hour after your first Driftrock Stream sync, Facebook will have your new crowd prepared to use in the Focusing on part of Facebook Promotions.

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