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Dropshipping has become big business in recent years. People have labelled it as a get rich quick scheme, while others are looking at it as an affordable way to start their own business. Whatever the reason, many companies have sprouted up to help these budding entrepreneurs run their business. One of the main competitors is Dropified.

When you’re building a Shopify drop ship store, order fulfillment is always on the back of your mind. Processing a few orders per day is fine but what happens when your store starts generating hundreds or thousands of sales per day? Fortunately there is a powerful app that integrates with Shopify that solves this called Dropified.

A large percentage of drop shippers are using Aliexpress to ship their products directly to consumers, never sighting the goods they are actually selling. This allows them to list and sell millions of different products without investing a single penny in inventory. Focusing on Facebook Ads, a winning campaign could bring thousands of sales within hours or days and manually processing these orders would take forever. You could hire a virtual assistant but this requires training and placing your trust in someone to not screw up.

This is where Dropified comes in, integrating with your store and your Aliexpress account you can automatically process orders you’ve received with your supplier. You merely have to click the mouse once to auto complete an order. When the supplier ships the product/s to your customer and uploads a tracking number, Dropified will automatically update your customer.

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Dropified App Operation 

  • Add products in 1-click: Just click once on a Dropshipping product and it will instantly be sent to your own Shopify, and it will already be ready to be edited.
  • Access to a database of 10,000 products: for Dropshippers selling in the United States, 10,000 products are available in the catalogue.
  • Finding products effortlessly: When you are looking for specific products, Dropified saves you time by displaying only the products you want in Dropshipping App, thanks to the “ePacket” option.
  • Product folders (boards): Dropified allows you to organize hundreds of products by offering you the possibility to store them in different product category folders. It is therefore impossible to lose products along the way, even long after!
  • Manage all your shops in the same place: Now, only one platform is needed to manage multiple Shopify stores. Everything is centralized in the same place.
  •  Automatic calculation of the selling price: Thanks to Dropified, the selling price of the selected products is automatically calculated by entering your own criteria.
  • Easy-to-follow introductory tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials are available as soon as you register.
  • More Product Catalogs: With Dropified, you can work with 30 different merchant sites (Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, Alibaba, ebay, Groupon Goods, Etsy, ToysRus, etc.).
  • Image Extractor: One of the interesting features of Dropified App is that it scans the Dropshipping product page and extracts each image of the product concerned, including those in the description.
  • Advanced parameter setting of the variants: For each variant of the same product, different suppliers and delivery conditions can be chosen.
  • Place your orders in 1-click: No more tedious and time-consuming copy/paste! Customer information is automatically transferred with a single click.
  • Unlimited number of sub-users: Dropified can be managed by multiple people on the same account. It is the main user who distributes the roles to everyone as he or she sees fit.
  • Automatic tracking: No need to worry about order tracking, Dropified App does it for you!
  • 3 ordering modes: You can place an order either Step by Step, 1-click or 1-click with choice of delivery mode.
  • Easy Customer Updates : The process is streamlined by Dropified, which simplifies and speeds up customer management.
  • Integrated image editor: No more Photoshop and tedious image downloading! Dropified allows you to directly modify the selected images.
  • Stop unavailable products! When a product becomes unavailable, Dropified sends a notification directly. A considerable gain in time and confidence!
  • Alerts when a supplier changes a price: On the same principle, Dropified sends an alert if a price has been changed recently.

Dropified Key Features

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  • Automatic Product Updates

One way that Dropified helps smooth the process is through its automated price and availability updates. Keeping track of the prices and inventory changes with your suppliers is an onerous and tedious task, and this feature helps alleviate some of that pressure.
Dropshipping necessitates nearly constant contact with suppliers. On top of that, you need to communicate with many of them at the same time.

Dropified solves this issue by making sure that every price change from a supplier is reflected on your own product page. It also handles this for product availability updates. So if a supplier removes an item from their stock, you can receive a notification and the product will be hidden from your customers.

  • Zapier Integration

In case Zapier sounds unfamiliar to you, it is an app that allows you to connect a wide variety of tools, apps, and software, especially those that you use on a daily basis for conducting your personal tasks or business. An example would be connecting your online store with your software that handles customer service or social media profiles.

Zapier integrates very easily with Dropified, which ensures that you have a wide opportunity base to improve your productivity and efficiency when it comes to operating your web store. For instance, if you would want to make accounting easier through connecting your favorite accounting apps or software. Once you do this, Dropified handles the rest by keeping track of orders made on your store, and making it easier to account for the income you are generating in a specific period.

Dropified offers an easy integration with Zapier, which creates a number of ways to improve productivity and efficiently run your online store.
For example, you may want to connect Dropified with your accounting software. Dropified automatically tracks your sales, but when its linked to your accounting software, you’ll save yourself some work when it comes time to do your taxes.

  • Dropified Chrome Extension

Dropified’s Chrome extension is perhaps one of its most valuable assets. This feature allows you to import products from a number of different suppliers including AliExpress. Then, with a single click, you can import products to your WooCommerce, Shopify, or Commerce HQ stores.

  • AliExpress Integration

AliExpress is great because it is a major store that many people buy from. However, one of its best aspects is linking valid suppliers to merchants searching for stock, and these suppliers are mostly within Asian countries such as China. Ostensibly, it links merchants with various suppliers, mostly those located in China and surrounding countries.

With Dropified, you can automatically link up to AliExpress’ website. There, you can select products, migrate the details into your own store, and produce the product information. When a customer places an order from your store, the order goes to the AliExpress supplier, and the order is in the process of being fulfilled. The only disadvantage here will be the shipping times, though this will also depend on where the customer lives. This further streamlines the fulfillment process. It is important to note though that this can lead to extended shipping times, given that many of the products come from Asia.

  • One Click Product Import

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Once you’ve found the products you want to sell, you need to begin migrating the information over to your store. Fortunately, the Dropified One Click Product Import feature makes this quite simple. With this feature, you’re able to add the product images and descriptions directly to the store. The fact that you can avoid manually saving each individual image and then adding it to the product on your own site is a big time saver.

  • ePackets Focus

Because many of the items are being shipped from Chia, if not all, the process will require international shipping considerations. The problem here is that international shipping can become quite expensive really quickly, as well as being time consuming, and the lack of tracking information if you are using certain companies to deliver the products.
Dropified will solve this through using the method of ePackets, which will ensure the shipping cost remains low, make the shipping time faster, and have tracking information. This is quite the improvement from other shipping companies like FedEx or USPS.

semrush, sem rush, semrush free, semrush pricing

  • Built-In Image Editor

This tool helps dropshippers modify images. It’s useful for removing logos or editing color schemes to match your store’s design.
This helps you avoid using sometimes expensive Photoshop software. Instead, you can crop or resize images with the help of Dropified’s in-app photo editing tool.

  • Dynamic Product Description Templates

This feature helps you avoid manually typing the information for each product you’re selling. This is perfect if you have general information that you use for every piece of merchandise. Things like guarantees or calls to action (CTA).
This feature allows you to create a template that will dynamically add elements of your choosing like price, product title, and more.

  • Profit Dashboard

Many ecommerce platforms offer statistics and reports of varying degrees of quality. It’s an effective way to see your profits and understand just how much money you’re making (or losing). Unfortunately, many Shopify and WooCommerce apps seem to lack this basic feature. Dropified App is not one of them. This is only available to Premier members at the moment, but if your business is successful, this is a very powerful tool to have in your toolbox.

This will help you avoid promoting products that aren’t selling, while ensuring the ones that are being shipped are sold at the right price. The company says that it asked more than 50 of its power sellers about profitability. Those marketers said they wanted a faster way to see an accurate snapshot of their sales data. That led the company to develop its Product Dashboard. These summaries can be filtered by day or month in order to provide you with data that is immediately useful and that doesn’t require the gathering and crunching of numbers.

Some other key features include:

  • Store Manager: This feature lets you upload products and process orders. Most importantly, you can manage multiple stores through its dashboard.
  • Automated Order Fulfillment: Forms with stores like AliExpress are automatically filled out with all of the required shipping details. Interestingly, this even solves captchas which cuts down further on the amount of work you need to do.
  • Sync Existing Products: Import all of your various stores’ products into the app in one fell swoop.
  • Bulk Product Management: Edit price, category, weight, or other details for many items at the same time.

semrush, sem rush, semrush free, semrush pricing

Dropified Pricing
There are two plans available, which are:

  • Builder Plan (monthly fee of $47):
    • One store
    • Five users
    • Maximum of 15,000 products
    • 50 product boards
  • Premier Plan (monthly fee of $127):
    • Five stores
    • 25 users
    • Maximum of 50,000 products
    • 250 product boards
    • Zapier integration
    • Advanced dashboard for showing profits
    • All other Builder plan features
  • Both of these have the following in common:
    • 14 day free trial
    • Unlimited number of orders every month

Dropified Pros

  • Ease of use
  • The speed of import of product sheets
  • The very intuitive procedure
  • Compatibility with 30 Dropshipping sites
  • The integrated image editor
  • The limit of the risks of human error
  • The speed of product delivery
  • The readability of the software windows
  • The import of all images
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Freedom of action
  • No need to go through the back office to work on the product sheet (title, image, price, description…)
  • The possibility of saving products on the back office while waiting for configuration
  • Only one account is required to use Dropified on multiple stores
  • The processing of orders is done in a single click (but it is also possible to do it in 3 steps if you want!)
  • The integrated Captcha solver
  • The edition of several products at the same time
  • Easy access to sales notes

Dropified Cons

  • Its cost: unlike Oberlo, no free access is possible. Upon registration, you must pay either $39 per month for a basic subscription (+€22 per additional store), or $97 per month for an unlimited subscription.
  • Dropified only works on Google Chrome.
  • The products offered are often more expensive, as they come from different Dropshipping sites (other than AliExpress).
  • The Dropified application is not yet 100% in French (so it is better to master Shakespeare’s language well!).

Now, we want to share with you about some reviews from dropshiper used Dropified app

  •  I'm currently paying for for both Oberlo and Dropified because I like different features on each. 
  • Start using Dropified and sourcing products from Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and 40 additional merchants, and be above those (in your niche) who are limited to only AliExpress. Be unique and fresh. This way you can tackle a saturated niche with some ease. Start using Print On Demand to make sure that you are not yet another kid who promotes the same product that another 60 kids are promoting...
  • Oberlo to start. It’s virtually free compared to Dropified, which is like $1000 a year I think. Dropified is better though and supports multiple stores, so switch when you can afford it and have a successful store running.
  • I’ve used both services and actually love both. Oberlo does everything you’ll need at an amazing price. Dropified is overpriced but when you run a store doing $10K+ in sales per day, it’s more important to get the best software than the best bang for your buck.
  • Dropified also has great training included with the fee.
  • And what is the best shopify app for automating the process.I tried Dropified but it doesn't track inventory which is a big problem.
  • Have multiple stores or need other merchants dropified covers? Dropified, unlimited plan means unlimited stores and can import from 40+ places (but can only auto-place orders on AliExpress).
  • Dropified hands down. Connect your admitad account and get 8% cash back on all your Aliexpress purchases.


If you’re just testing the waters of dropshipping and don’t have a large budget to begin with, you may want to look elsewhere. Dropified can be expensive for startup entrepreneurs. Even at its cheapest $39 per month (with its annual payment option), it’s clear that Dropified is looking to attract larger established companies. That makes it ideal for retail shops or other pre-existing ecommerce businesses. It’s not likely to be a good fit for anyone just looking to earn some extra spending money.

Its an app that some people have criticized for having a steep learning curve, but anyone who has used and mastered the service says that it saves them time and money in the long run. It is important to note that Dropified works best when in conjunction with AliExpress. Some features are exclusive to this marketplace. You can also only sell through Shopify, WooCommerce, and CommerceHQ.

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