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Dropispy has one of the largest classified databases of social network ad. In fact, its database represents tens of millions of ads and is growing by thousands every day compared to The easiest way to find successful ads promoting successful products. Dropispy allows you to easily track and copy proven strategies and refine your advertising campaign for better results.

Product research with Dropispy?

DropiSpy,DropiSpy review

The main section of Dropispy is its high-quality AdSpy tool. However, this tool stands out from the competition by providing additional values and functionalities. Its advanced Products Search and Dropshipping Shops sections provide you the information you need to perfect your products and ads analysis. Keep reading! You will discover more about Dropispy’s tempting offer.

AdSpy Tool vs Winning Products?

Dropispy’s Ads section (Adspy tool) allows defining precise searches through a huge database and to identify ads promoting high potential products, i.e. winning products.

This search can be as precise as you want, indeed Dropispy has a powerful panel of filters to elaborate unique searches and find successful ads.

DropiSpy,DropiSpy review

For example, you can search for a competitor’s Ad using their Ad Text, domain, or their Name. Of course, it is possible to be more precise in your search by defining a CTA (Call to action), a reaction range (number of likes, shares, comments, love, ahah etc). You can also easily save your requests to play them again later!

The detail page of an ad is extremely comprehensive. You get a lot of data such as the evolution of the number of interactions/reactions. Information about the country, age and gender of the people who have seen the ad.

DropiSpy,DropiSpy review

You can also see all the ads that the advertiser is making right now and potentially great ads! This data is extremely interesting to find new ideas.

Product Spy vs Product Search Tool?

DropiSpy,DropiSpy review

This section lists millions of products sold by Dropshipping shops. Dropispy makes it easy to find the trendiest products. This part is not yet complete in my opinion but will be soon. It is however interesting because you can filter the products by number of likes of the ad linked to this product. Unlike the ads section, here you will instantly find winning products. You don’t have to look in the ads. It’s another approach that makes life easier for Dropshippers. This feature is very promising.

Shop Spy vs Search tool

The Shops section lists all the shops present on the database and allow to identify the best Dropshipping shops in the world according to their Alexa Rank (ranking according to the notoriety of the site). By clicking on one of the shops we get unique real-time data on it (engagement, ranks, visitors, announcements, related ads and products)

Dropispy gathers to date more than 200K shops, many of them identified as dropshipping shops. Just browse through the list and find the best shops.

Is Dropispy Free?

DropiSpy,DropiSpy review

Dropispy has the merit of having a Free plan that brings real value. Indeed, although limited, Dropispy’s free plan provides data that its competitors charge for. You can use the Adspy tool completely, but there are not the most recent ads. For more advanced use, it is recommended to subscribe to the paid plan which allows you a full use of the service.

Dropispy Review: Final Thoughts

DropiSpy,DropiSpy review

  • Database of millions of Ads updated daily.. Find winning products by spying on successful ads with social proof and real-time data.
  • Discover your competitors’ ads and copy proven strategies.
  • Advanced filters: Search ads by keywords, URL, page name. Sort ads by the destination e-commerce platform, interactions, target audience (countries, age-sex), post date creation, CTA, etc.
  • Get inspiration from the best Dropshipping shops and Winning Products!
  • The most interesting Adspy alternative in terms of value for money with a 10x cheaper subscription.
  • Available support team.
  • Free plan available to test and discover Dropispy. No credit card required!

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