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Dropship Rabbit Review

Considering Dropship Rabbit for your e-commerce business? Read our in-depth Dropship Rabbit review to discover its strengths, weaknesses and more.

In the world of e-commerce, finding the right tools and resources can be the key to success. One such tool that has garnered attention in recent years is Dropship Rabbit. This review aims to shed light on the platform's features, benefits, and drawbacks to help entrepreneurs and businesses decide whether Dropship Rabbit fits their dropshipping endeavors.

About Dropship Rabbit

Dropship Rabbit, a powerful e-commerce platform

Get to Know 'Dropship Rabbit': Your Ultimate E-commerce Solution

Dropship Rabbit is an application that offers a comprehensive selection of popular products from various dropshipping stores. They assert they possess the most extensive repository of dropshipping items, totalling 97 million products. Additionally, Dropship Rabbit provides access to information on 250,000 dropshipping shops. 

This resource can greatly assist dropshipping store owners in streamlining their product research efforts, ultimately saving them time and money. To commence this Dropship Rabbit review, let's examine its functionalities.

Dropship Rabbit Key Features

Dropship Rabbit for e-commerce entrepreneurs

Unlock Success with Dropship Rabbit: Exploring its Key Features

Free Winning Product:

Dropship Rabbit offers a selection of free winning products for drop shippers. They provide product pictures, selling prices, and potential profit margins for these products. However, it's important to note that the winning products offered are quite old, dating back to 2017. 

TikTok ads are recommended as the primary advertising strategy to succeed with these products.

Product Resources:

Dropship Rabbit provides a range of resources for the winning products they offer. These resources include links to AliExpress products and competitor stores, as well as Facebook pages and TikTok ads related to the products. 

They also offer detailed product descriptions, ad copy, and video ads. These resources may need to be more effective for generating sales in the current dropshipping landscape.

Data Points:

In addition to the product resources, Dropship Rabbit offers data points such as Google Trends and Targeting Audience information for Facebook ads. These insights can help drop shippers make informed decisions about product selection and advertising strategies.

Facebook Ad Spy:

Dropship Rabbit provides a Facebook Ad Spy tool, a database of over 600 trending products and their corresponding Facebook ads. While the products in this database may not be exceptionally unique, it can be a useful resource, especially for dropshipping newcomers looking for potential winning products.

TikTok Ad Spy:

Dropship Rabbit offers a TikTok ad spy tool but has a limited database with only 30 TikTok video ads. More extensive ad spy tools may be required to use TikTok ads for dropshipping effectively. This tool may be helpful for those specifically interested in TikTok advertising.

Ad Spy Pro:

Ad Spy Pro is Dropship Rabbit's paid ad spy tool for Facebook ads. It offers search features for specific keywords and basic sorting and filtering options. Dropshippers can use this tool to find viral video ads and best-selling products. However, the review notes that some filtering options may not work as expected, which can be a drawback.

Winning Products Database:

Dropship Rabbit features a winning product database, similar to other dropshipping toolkits. They claim to include "last week's best-seller top 50," but the review suggests that this claim may not hold, as some of the products in the database have low sales numbers. 

Many of these "trending" products are recognised from previous years, potentially making them too saturated for beginners to sell without investing in custom video ads.


Dropship Rabbit offers tutorials to assist drop shippers in their business endeavours. Free plan users can access Facebook tutorials related to Customer Feedback. 

Premium members gain access to additional Facebook tutorials, including the Facebook Ads Beginner's Guide and Facebook Ads for Dropshipping tutorials. While these tutorials are available, the review suggests better resources may be available on platforms like YouTube.

Dropship Rabbit Pricing

Dropship Rabbit is an e-commerce tool

Crunching Numbers: Understanding Dropship Rabbit Pricing

Dropship Rabbit offers two straightforward pricing plans for its users, with the option to save money by opting for annual payments:

Standard Membership:

Monthly Price: $15

Annual Price: $90 (Saving money compared to the monthly option)

Features included in the Standard Membership plan:

  • New 2023 – Tik Tok Ad: Stay ahead of the game by leveraging Tik Tok advertising.

  • New 2023 – Ad spy pro: Access advanced ad spying tools for competitive insights.

  • New 2023 – Tik Tok Spy: Spy on Tik Tok trends and strategies.

  • Profitable Product Opportunities: Most products available have a profit margin of over 20%.

  • New Suppliers: Benefit from new suppliers like CJDropshipping and Banggood, offering express delivery options for the US and UK.

  • Google Trends: Use Google Trends data to make informed decisions.

  • Trending and Winning Products: Access daily updates on trending and winning products.

  • Best Seller Rankings: Stay updated with the top 50 best-selling products from the previous week.

  • Product Optimization: Receive assistance with product titles, images, and descriptions.

  • Supplier Selection: Gain insights into selected manufacturers and best suppliers.

  • Engaging Content: Utilize animated gifs in your product descriptions.

  • Ready Ad Text: Save time with pre-made ad text.

  • Targeted Audience: Identify and target the right audience for your products.

Premium Membership:

  • Monthly Price: $20

  • Annual Price: $120 (A cost-effective choice when paid annually)

Both plans offer valuable tools and resources to assist dropshippers in finding profitable products, optimising their listings, and reaching their target audience effectively. Users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget, with the option to save by selecting the annual payment option.

Quick Rundown Of Dropship Rabbit

Brief overview of Dropship Rabbit, an e-commerce solution

A Quick Overview of Dropship Rabbit: Making E-commerce Simple

Pros of Dropship Rabbit:

  • Large Product Database: Dropship Rabbit offers a vast product database with trending items from various categories, including health and beauty, gadgets, home and kitchen, and more. This variety appeals to a wide range of merchants.

  • Comprehensive Resources: The platform provides valuable knowledge and resources for success in the dropshipping industry, including well-thought-out content on thriving online businesses and profiting from Facebook Ads.

  • High-Profit Margins: Dropship Rabbit boasts high-profit margins, ensuring that even the smallest earnings per item sold start at $20. With this, sellers have the potential to earn substantial daily income.

Cons of Dropship Rabbit:

  • No Free Plan: Dropship Rabbit does not offer a free plan, limiting the options for potential new members. It only provides two paid plans, Standard at $14.99 monthly and Premium at $19.99 monthly. This lack of a free option may deter those looking to test the platform without immediate financial commitment.

  • Restricted capabilities: Dropship Rabbit lacks certain essential features for effectively managing a dropshipping venture. It does not provide a product sourcing tool or a customer support system.

  • Not universally suitable: Dropship Rabbit may only be suitable for some. If you are not at ease with utilising online tools or unwilling to invest in a monthly membership fee, Dropship Rabbit might not align with your needs.

Other Options Besides Dropshipping Rabbit

While Dropship Rabbit is a commendable dropshipping program with various advantages, it's important to note that it's not my only recommendation. Apart from these excellent choices, there are several other outstanding alternatives that I wouldn't hesitate to endorse. 


Ecomhunt is presented as a commendable alternative to Dropship Rabbit. It offers a range of advantages, such as more extensive search options and a user-friendly sorting interface. Users can sort products based on price (low or high), popularity, and purchase date. This flexibility can be particularly valuable for drop shippers looking to fine-tune their product selection process. 


Pexgle sets itself apart from Dropship Rabbit by allowing users to sell products they've personally discovered and analyzed. In contrast, Dropship Rabbit restricts users to trading in products pre-selected and evaluated by the program. This difference in approach can significantly impact a drop shipper's strategy. 

Pexgle's method yields a higher success rate, empowering users to bring their insights and market knowledge into their product selection. This level of customisation and control can be a compelling reason for drop shippers to consider Pexgle as an alternative.


Shopify for e-commerce businesses

Seamless Integration: Dropship Rabbit and Shopify

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that offers a comprehensive set of features for online store owners. It is not solely a dropshipping tool but includes a dedicated dropshipping feature known as "Shopify Fulfillment." 

This feature enables users to set up online stores and sell products without the need to hold inventory. Shopify offers customisation options for store design, various payment gateways, and integrations with popular shipping and fulfilment services. 

It is a versatile choice for entrepreneurs looking to start an e-commerce business, including those interested in dropshipping.

For more explanation on whether it suits your business, check out our Shopify review now!


Oberlo is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Shopify platform. It simplifies the dropshipping process by allowing users to import products from various suppliers and have them shipped directly to customers.

Oberlo offers features like an automated order fulfilment system and shipment tracking, streamlining the entire process for Shopify users. It's convenient for those who prefer the Shopify ecosystem and want to leverage its extensive resources for their dropshipping ventures.


Spocket is another alternative to Dropship Rabbit, offering a robust dropshipping platform that connects users with a network of suppliers. Like other options, Spocket enables online sellers to operate without the need to maintain inventory. 

It provides features such as product customisation, automated order fulfilment, and shipment tracking. Spocket also includes marketing tools, such as creating discount codes and email campaigns, which can help entrepreneurs promote and grow their dropshipping businesses effectively.


How does Dropship Rabbit work?

Dropship Rabbit provides users access to a database of potential dropshipping products. Users can search for products, view supplier information, and import product details directly into their online stores.

How do I find products using Dropship Rabbit?

You can search for products by entering keywords, niches, or categories in the search bar. Dropship Rabbit will then provide you with a list of relevant products that you can consider for your dropshipping store.

Can I customize product listings before importing them into my store?

Many dropshipping tools, including Dropship Rabbit, allow you to customise product listings before importing them. You can edit titles, descriptions, prices, and images to fit your brand and target audience.

Does Dropship Rabbit offer supplier information?

Yes, Dropship Rabbit often provides information about suppliers for its listed products. This includes the supplier's name, contact information, and pricing.

What payment methods are accepted for Dropship Rabbit's paid plans?

Payment methods may vary, but typically, you can pay for Dropship Rabbit's paid plans using credit/debit cards or online payment gateways like PayPal.


In conclusion, Dropship Rabbit offers unique features and services for those venturing into the world of dropshipping. Its user-friendly platform, product sourcing capabilities, and potential for scalability make it an attractive option for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. 

However, like any tool, it has its limitations, including pricing considerations and competition in the market. Ultimately, the decision to use Dropship Rabbit should be based on individual business needs and goals, and this review serves as a valuable starting point for that evaluation.

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