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Shopify Apps are basically just third party websites that have access to your store once you give them permission.

When you "install" an app, you are really just giving that app permission to access your store through shopify's API. In simple terms, an API allows two applications two talk to each other, so in this case, the third-party app can talk to your shopify store. You can revoke this permission (uninstall) the app at any time and the app will no longer have access to your store.

In terms of how much you can trust these apps there are two basic concepts. The first one is user reviews, if the app has glowing reviews then it's a pretty safe bet that the app will not harm your store in any way. The second thing to look for is on the install page itself. It will tell you exactly what type of access the app is looking to have for your store (i.e. updating products, shopify stock price, aliexpress tracking). 

Shopify Apps can significantly slow down your store. When 10 apps are installed, there are at least 10 requests made to different servers around the world. Uninstalling apps are very quick and easy and should be at most two or three clicks. Do not be afraid to try them.

Let’s list some of our most useful Shopify apps that have either helped grow your store or bring more money in:

1 - Oberlo: if you're dropshipping this will be your ally to fulfil your orders.

2 - Cross-selling - by cross selling is just a must for any business as it can really increase your sales. 

3 - Sales Pop: - SOCIAL PROOF. It's all about the herd effect, people get teased to buy stuff once they see someone has done it before.

4 - DSERS: Ordering with Oberlo can be long and tedious. Faster alternatives exist, including DSers, a new Shopify plugin with a lot of potential. 

shopify stock price

When you are looking to import Aliexpress products from Shopify, Aliexpress tracking to do dropshipping, unfortunately there are not many solutions.

Over time, some applications have emerged with their advantages and disadvantages. To name the most famous, Dropified, which allows, among other things, to place an order in 1 click.

A feature that many appreciate, including me!

That said, the basic price of $47 per month for a single store is not affordable for everyone, even if the number of features of Dropified makes it a very complete plugin.

Oberlo remains the most affordable solution to create an online store with Shopify on a small budget. But, a newcomer has arrived, DSers!

Tired of not finding the Right Products? Let me take care of it for you!

DSers is just like Oberlo, a shopify apps and a chrome extension to quickly import products from Aliexpress and sell them online. It is one of the official dropshipping partner of Aliexpress. It allows you to do what order management tools like Oberlo or Dropified nor CJ dropshipping have left behind.

This Shopify app promises to save you 97% of your time spent ordering products. If you use Oberlo, you know how tedious this process is when you have a lot of orders to place with Aliexpress…


The most important features is that make processing Bulk & multiple orders (100’s) in a very short time, within minutes! If you have been using the above app you know how tedious is that process when you have a lot of orders to fulfill with Aliexpress.

This order management App is able to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify, including the whole description, setting up shipping methods and
Tracking shipping status. Those are Huge time saver of using this order management app and a major plus for anyone who hates outsourcing to a VA, you don ‘t want to hire someone to spy on your own Shopify Store?} Also the developer is aiming to add new feature time by time. Pretty good ehh!


DSers works in a very similar way to Oberlo. The configuration will be barely more advanced.
Once in SHOPIFY, after downloading the app, setting up the account is quite easy and quick however the instructions available on the site could have been better in my opinion.

In order to be able to process so many orders at once the app need to link to your Alixpress account and whitelist it so you can start benefiting using their official API and the limitation that a standard Alixpress account come with. If you dont know already Alixpress has a new Dropshipping Centre dedicated area which provide a better way of handling your dropship business with them; It seems Dsers is one of the 2 companies accredited so far to use their API( Shopmaster is the other one).

Here’s a few features that really blew me away:

— Place and Pay multiple orders at once (or at least by 90 orders at time)
This always been crucial for bulk order /csv multiple orders saving time! And it does a good job

— Oberlo Integration:
You can Sync your Oberlo Listings with a click of button.

— Drop shipping App center integration with API:
Among 3 tabs I like the Product Analysis tab where, by giving a product URL, it will show Sales occurred last 2 weeks plus more..


You can configure DSers to choose your default delivery method, manage notifications, specify price rules or send a default message for the supplier.

Here is an example that you can use:

Besides the fact that it looks a lot like Oberlo, there are features that make this former product importer outdated.

The promise to save you time when ordering is largely fulfilled. DSers allows all marketers and online shop owners to prepare up to 100 orders per day, then to order them all on Aliexpress in 1 click!

So there are hours and hours saved for you or your service provider to whom you have delegated the task.

A saving also of money that you can invest to improve your branding or launch advertising campaigns for example.


DSers provides you with the possibility to work with several suppliers for the products you want. By doing so, you completely eliminate the risk of stock shortages!

In addition, the team has some very good ideas to implement in future versions such as the upcoming addition of a feature to find the cheapest supplier.

Finally, the application also allows you to import products to order from other shops. This is useful if you have several shops on several sales platforms.


At this point, you may be wondering how you will migrate from one technology to another. Well, once again, the team thought of you…

You can synchronize all your products on Oberlo and even Dropified directly on DSers.

To do this, simply go to the My Product section of Oberlo and a new button will appear thanks to the Chrome extension you have installed, just above your product catalog:

So if you have a single-product store, it’s no problem, but if you have several tens and hundreds of products, it would have been a problem.

Recently, the developers have been working on a good project for DSers, the new professional version of this plugin.

This brand new version is still in beta and already offers features much requested by current users of the application, including cashback, product bundles and much more.

The problem is that access to the pro version is very limited and is based on codes that members randomly get.

shopify apps

Now, we want to share with you about some reviews from dropshiper used dsers apps:

  • Love it, way faster than oberlo and totally free no matter how many orders your fulfilling.
  • One downside if an order doesn't go through due to a customer using non English Dsers doesn't tell you what the issue is and it stays unfilled until you figure out what's wrong...
  • DSers looks great and sounds great from what I hear, but then again I don't hear many people talking about it.
  • The DSers app has a feature that can quickly place all of the orders again in the event that a security issue causes a whole bunch of bulk orders to be cancelled together
  • Been using DSers, best I’ve used so far and it’s AE one made app

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