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What is EReprice?

EReprice is a United Kingdom software company that was founded in 2015, and offers a software title called EReprice. eReprice is an Amazon inventory repricing software helping Amazon retailers to increase sales and profits with safe and fast repricing capabilities as well as Intelligent Repricing Rules to match and increase prices against FBA and non-FBA sellers. Other tools to increase profitability like in-built Win Buy-Box Strategies, repricing & sales history, advanced filtering are provided with global integration of marketplaces within a user-friendly, mobile-responsive interface accessible from any device. ePrice assures up-to-date repricing with detailed analysis of various data, including the buy box percentage, number of sales and product performance, which assists the user in gaining valuable insights for making informed decisions.


How EReprice work?

The software has a detailed dashboard that allows you to analyze a variety of statistics, from your Buy Box percentage and number of sales to a detailed breakdown of any one product's performance. You can see what is selling, how many times it has been repriced and refine your strategies based on this data.

You can set rules for your products that automatically control things like stock, profit margins and more by using strategies that increase profitability and Buy Box ownership. Repricing outside of the rules you set is impossible. There are two ways the software reprices. The first is to reprice hourly for the basic plan. For all other plans the tool reprices continuously, although sometimes it takes Amazon around 5-15 minutes to make the changes appear.

The program is available on PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, windows, iOS or Android devices. You can have multiple users on your account. Training is available via documentation, webinars and live online. eReprice covers the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Europe and Japan Marketplaces.

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The key features of EReprice are:

  • Global selling and pricing
  • Secure and safe since repricing will always be within the rules you’ve set
  • Intelligent and advanced repricing
  • Fast repricing
  • UK-based support team
  • Intuitive and responsive user interface
  • Advanced filtering and analytics
  • Multiple users

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EReprice Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

EReprice has four price plans, and all of them come with UK-based support, storage of logs, and repricing. These are the packages:

  • Basic plan (£15/month): This plan allows you to track 5,000 SKUs in one marketplace.
  • Plus plan  (£35/month): The Plus plan lets you monitor up to 10,000 SKUs in one marketplace.
  • Premium plan (£80/month): With the premium plan, you can track up to 35,000 SKUs in an unlimited number of marketplaces.
  • Enterprise plan (quote-based): If you need to track an unlimited number of product listings, contact EReprise sales team to get a quote.

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