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What is Feedback Genius?

Feedback Genius is a cloud based service from Seller Labs that allows you to setup an automated email series for each of your products. Each of the emails in your series will then get dripped out to each of your customers following a schedule you specify.

With Feedback Genius, I’ve created a 3 email sequence that’s been able to help me generate over 5000 reviews on my most popular product on Amazon. This one product averages of 800-1000 sales a day.

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What you can do with Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius Sending automatic emails with a seller feedback request

The main function of Feedback Genius is to send customers email updates about their orders. This way, they will know exactly when they can expect to get the product. While doing so, Feedback Genius review allows you to insert a customer feedback link, so they can leave you a positive review.

Feedback Genius Sending reminder emails

If there is no response to the first letter, Feedback Genius sends a reminder email to give you another chance to connect with your customer and get that positive review.

Feedback Genius Sending email notifications

Feedback Genius has the ability to send notifications if you get feedback scores 3 or below. It’s not one of my favorite features. While the reports give valuable information, it’s lacking as they are not product-focused.

Feedback Genius Requesting product feedback for a particular ASIN or SKU

In addition to monitoring your seller reviews, you can also use Feedback Genius in order to send product feedback requests for certain ASINs or SKUs. You can get alerts for any negative feedback as well.

Feedback Genius Customizing content and e-mail quantity

E-mails need to be unique to each user. I appreciate Feedback Genius’ customizable content. You can easily tweak and personalize it before you send it to your customers. You can also decide how often and how many e-mails you want to send at a specific time during a specific day.

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Feedback Genius Features

The Feedback Genius review is also excellent for an exceptionally large selection of features provided. Each feature enables the merchant to personalize or automate different features and options. Some of the best features offered are defined below.

Feedback Genius Automation Between Buyer and Seller:

Feedback Genius offers merchants the ability to automate their client email flow. The feedback will be received by the merchant in autopilot. The feature enables the merchant to save valuable time, while eliminating the need to send manual messages ever again. The seller will be notified automatically when negative feedback or poor product reviews are received. Through the use of Feedback Genius, the merchant can determine the best areas of opportunity for improving their business.

Merchants have the option of responding directly to customers to handle complaints. In some cases, the customer will change any negative reviews provided the merchant remains compliant.

Feedback Genius Blacklisting Buyers:

The blacklist buyers feature prevent emails from being sent to customers who have opted out of receiving emails. The merchant can prevent emails from being sent to anyone who has unsubscribed.

The Software Uses Tracking Details to Send Emails at the Ideal Time: Feedback Genius has integrated with numerous couriers including USPS, FedEx and UPS to ensure the tracking information is correct. Once the customer’s order has been delivered, the software will send an email request for feedback to the customer.

Feedback Genius Supporting Images and Attachments:

Feeback Genius improves the experience of every customer by attaching PDFs and images for each email.

Review Notification in Real-Time: As soon as a review is made, the software will notify the merchant in real-time. The merchant is then able to reply to each customer. The feature is beneficial for both seller account reviews and product reviews.

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Feedback Genius Monitoring Negative Feedback from Customers:

As soon as a seller receives negative feedback, the best option is to respond immediately. Feedback Genius enables the seller to put in an email address and a cell phone number. The moment a negative review posts, the merchant is notified automatically. The customer service of the merchant improves because of the fast response. In most instances, the result is building loyalty for both the products and the brand in addition to resolving any negative comments.

Feedback Genius Support for High-Volume Merchants:

Feedback Genius supports high-volume sellers by sending emails according to the preferences of the seller.

Feedback Genius A/B Testing:

A/B testing is extremely important for the overall success of all Amazon merchants. The seller can create two separate versions of an email. By tracking the emails, the merchant can determine which one has performed best. The A/B testing tool enables the merchant to save whichever template was the most effective. The merchant is able to test new ideas on a regular basis and learn what is effective and what is not. As time passes, the merchant’s emails will improve naturally.

Feedback Genius provides an unusual number of features to enable the merchant to place their focus on review management. The result is improving the review management and customer strategies of the merchant over time. The seller can focus on the smallest of details by using the 10 filters included with the software. Different templates can be sent to specific buyers to improve effectiveness even more. The last thing any Amazon merchant wants is to be stuck using old and often ineffective data.

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Feedback Genius The Availability to Buyers:

The Amazon merchant has the option to become available in nine different Amazon marketplaces, the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy and India.

Feedback Genius Message Analytics:

The merchant can use message analytics for tracking openings, received feedback, email views, unsubscriptions and click-throughs to be able to take the necessary action. Feedback Genius even provides basic analytics to enable the merchant to see the performance of their emails. Everything is accessible by selecting analytics from the messages tab. The merchant will then see three different graphs. The first shows how many emails were sent and the number opened as time passed.

The second graph shows the percentage of opened and unsubscribed emails in addition to the click rate as time passed. According to the reviews, the most popular of these features is the click rate percentage. The recent usage report is also available to show the merchant how many more emails they are able to send for the remainder of the month.

Feedback Genius Different Events for Triggering Emails:

Feedback Genius enables merchants to trigger emails for eight different events including refund notification and order confirmation. The merchant can help customers throughout the entire purchasing process. The first email is generally sent to notify the customer once the product has shipped. The email can include the benefits the customer will receive upon receipt of the product. The email can be effectively used to demonstrate the value of the product.

Numerous merchants have another email sent two to four days after the product has been delivered. The merchant can make certain the customer received their product within the expected time frame and ensure there are no issues such as any missing products or pieces. The FBA seller can assure the customer they will attempt to resolve any issues simply by being sent an email. Any bonus guides can be resent at this time in case they were initially missed by the customer.

Between seven and ten days after delivery, the merchant can have a final email sent to make certain the product is working as expected. This is an excellent time to request a review.

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Feedback Genius Testing Email Messages and Headlines:

The seller should regularly test all messages and headlines to help ensure open rates are good. The merchant can determine the best headline through consistent split testing. When an email series is written poorly, any increase in the Amazon review rate will most likely be poor. Engaging and original emails may increase the review rate by five or six percent. In some niches, the rate can increase by as much as 10 percent.

Feedback Genius Template Text:

Feedback Genies provides the following for the template text.

  • Ten filters for email delivery
  • Supports both images and attachments
  • The experience of the customer can be improved by attaching PDFs to every email
  • A granular send is possible with up to ten different filters

Prebuilding Email Templates:

Every merchant can select pre-designed templates for emails based on preferences and goals. All of the templates are customizable.

Additional Benefits to Using Feedback Genius

One big factor that I see only the most successful sellers capitalize on is ACTUALLY listening to the voices of your customers.

Some feedback and reviews are always going to be from customers that have unrealistic. But one of the most important things you can do as a seller is recognize legitimate criticism and take action.

Customers complain that your items are arriving broken? You probably need to change your packaging and prep. See complaints that your items don’t match the photos on the listing? Check to mare sure there is not regional or exclusive packaging; add photos of alternate packaging or take higher quality photos.

Do not dismiss negative feedback and reviews. Accept that there is likely some grain of truth to their complaint, and use that data to inform your business decisions.

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Feedback Genius Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Feedback Genius like most other feedback review and management tools is a subscription-based service. The pricing is based on the number of emails that you send in a month to the customers.

Low volume Amazon sellers can send up to 100 emails in a month for free. This is a great way to test the main features of the software.

The paid version starts at $20 per month and goes up to $250 per month. You can select an email plan that best suits your needs. You should select a plan based on the number of units sold in a month.

For instance, if you sell less than 1000 items in a month, you should select the Startup option if you want to send 2 emails per customer, and the Growth option if you want to send 3 emails per customer.

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To reiterate what i mentioned before, this review is not about building a sequence that converts into reviews; it's about the functionality and reliability of the platform. 

To me, an auto-responder is not even a question. If you're still questioning whether you should or should not use an auto-responder you are in the wrong business - especially at how low the prices are. However, i do understand if you want to choose the right one. All in all, I have had nothing but an incredibly favorable experience with feedback genius, and seller labs as a whole.

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