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What is FindNiche and how does it work?

FindNiche is a free niche analytics tool for Shopify and Aliexpress. It can help us find winning and popular products, not popular but high margin niches. At the same time, provide analysis reports of trending stores and new competitors.

Its advantage lies in the huge amount of data, you can find almost all products on Aliexpress, and can query the data performance of each product. For products that perform particularly well and have large profits, FindNiche will provide more detailed data analysis to help us select dropshipping niches.

In addition, there is another feature that is very attractive to me-Top Shopify. You can search for the Shopify stores of the competitors you want here and link directly to the homepages of these stores. Learn about competitors’ store operations and advertising strategies.


The database of FindNiche contains more than two million Aliexpress products with a massive 11000 niches and more than 700,000 Shopify stores.

FindNiche’s data volume is relatively advanced among similar products. The data of products is updated every hour.

findniche review

The dropshipping niches provided by FindNiche cover almost all categories:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Cellphone & Telecommunications
  • Computer & Office
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Home & Garden
  • Luggage & Bags
  • Shoes
  • Mother & Kids
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Beauty & Health
  • Watches
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Weddings & Events
  • Novelty & Special Use
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Lights & Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Electronic Components & Supplies
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Home Improvement
  • Security & Protection
  • Tools
  • Hair Extensions & Wigs
  • Apparel Accessories
  • Underwear & Sleepwear

Search and filter


Dropshipping Niches on FindNiche can be sort by:

  • Keywords or URL from Aliexpress
  • Categories
  • Top Countries
  • Ships From
  • Total Orders
  • Today Orders
  • 3 Days Orders
  • 7 Days Orders
  • 30 Days Orders
  • Growth in 7 Days
  • Growth in 30 Days
  • 30 Days Profits
  • 7 Days Profits
  • Price
  • The number of wishlist
  • Votes
  • IF there is a Video
  • Whether to support PayPal
  • Whether to support Fast Shipping
  • Is it Top Brands
  • New Recommend

Dropshipping niches tracking

FindNiche is more detailed and in-depth on product data analysis. From the following two product details page images, we can see that the dropshipping niches tracking data include this info:

  • product name
  • image
  • Video
  • Category
  • Is it Top Brands
  • Founded Date
  • Price
  • Profit
  • Growth Rate
  • The number os added to wishlist
  • Total number of orders
  • Votes
  • Link to Aliexpress
  • Show more like this
  • Quick view of recent orders and wishlists
  • Product Performance
  • Matched Store Sellers
  • Top Countries



FindNiche’s various functions are free to use, but its advanced members have more access rights. FindNiche is currently in the free promotion stage. As long as you invite friends to use FindNiche together, you can get free members with more permissions.

findniche review

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